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A way to make your marriage feel like your honeymoon all over again, with just a few minutes a day!

Here’s how the marriage club will help you and your spouse!

  • Successfully navigate the many hats you and your partner wear. You can find a balance that allows for much-needed quality time with your spouse!
  • We’ll help you PUT THAT PHONE DOWN and give your marriage that time and attention instead!
  • Reconnect and rekindle that spark [in and out of the bedroom], so it’ll feel like your honeymoon all over again!
  • Guidance through inevitable arguments. Learn the right way to disagree without the hurt feelings, resentment and harm typical marital fights can cause!
  • Put the FUN back in your marriage, so smiling and laughing are common-place again!
  • Plan for the marriage you WANT using concrete, attainable actions that will move you closer to that dream team partnership!

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The Marriage club digs deep into the most common marriage problems, such as…

Married with Kids:

Make time for your marriage & prioritize each other after children come along.

Keeping the Spark:

Get back those butterflies that you used to feel for each other.


Break down the barriers that keep you apart in your intimate life!


Learn how to talk with your spouse so you both feel heard and appreciated.


Finances, Empty Nesters, Long Distance, His Needs & Her Needs, And So Much More!


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That’s right, we are so confident that the Marriage Club will tranform your marriage, we will let you try it risk free for 10 days, no strings attached, at no cost.

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With your subscription, you will get exclusive access to:

FIND ANSWERS TO ALL your marriage questions

With access to the best experts in the field of marriage and help from The Dating Divas (who have over 200 years of combined marriage experience!), you’ll be able to get all of your marriage-related questions answered!


Not every marriage is the same, so each month you can select a specific track that targets the areas in which you need the most help. That way, you can improve your marriage with what you need most!


Having a great marriage takes work, and we want to recognize you for that by earning badges and awards as you complete each marriage course.


We will send you a new product from our Diva Store every month. It’s our way of rewarding you for being a VIP member of The Marriage Club!


A bonus PDF featuring a step-by-step “Getting Started” guide to make the most of your free 10-day trial!


Ready to Join the marriage club?

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  • The site was created with your convenience in mind! We’re making it EASY and FUN for you to stay intentional about your marriage and keep that spark alive! Plus, it was designed so that BOTH husband and wife can enjoy utilizing the resources and information. You’ll build your marriage as a TEAM!
  • We polled thousands of couples to determine the MAIN thing their marriage needed and then created this site to address exactly that. We’re giving you resources to help tackle all those big issues most couples face!
  • These are self-lead marriage tracks that you can immerse yourself in whenever you’re ready. The timeline is up to you… the topic you want to focus on is your choice, too!
  • We GIVE you ideas that you can implement immediately for immediate results!
  • You can work on tracks with your spouse to strengthen weaknesses in your relationship and become proactive in ensuring your marital success. 
  • We have a huge scope of re-sources (that will continue to grow) which address topics such as: pornography, infidelity, long-distance relationships, intimacy struggles, combined families, meeting his needs/her needs, and more!

Frequenty Asked Questions

Is the Dating Divas Marriage Club only for struggling marriages?

No! The Marriage Club is designed to build and maintain solid, happy, healthy marriages. If your marriage is already awesome, this club will help you maintain and build upon that. If you’re struggling to find that elusive marriage of your dreams, this club is right for you too! We have found that when couples intentionally work on improving their marriages, the sky’s the limit! As a bonus – not only with The Marriage Club improve your MARRIAGE, it will improve YOU too!

Can I cancel whenever?

Yes. You can cancel at any time. However, once your membership is canceled, you will no longer have access to any of the resources, content, and courses that you utilized throughout your membership.

How long will I have access to my Resource Library?

You will have access to your Resource Library as long as you remain a member of The Dating Divas Marriage Club.

What is the benefit of joining?

The biggest benefits of The Dating Divas Marriage Club are the resources that will give you all the tools you need to strengthen, improve, or mend your relationship! Knowledge truly IS power – and we will give you the power to build the marriage of your dreams!

Is there a refund policy?

Because all the resources from The Dating Divas Marriage Club are digital and cannot be returned, we do not issue refunds. You have a 10-day free trial to evaluate the membership and contact us to cancel, with no obligation or cost. After 10 days you will be charged for your first month’s payment. Recurrent payments will continue on the same day each month following.

Can I do this on my own, or is it only for couples?

You can absolutely do this on your own! If your spouse isn’t able to join in with you, use The Dating Divas Marriage Club as an educational resource to become a better spouse and a better person on your own. You’ll be working to improve YOU, and in that process, you’ll improve your marriage too!

We’re busy people and don’t have much time extra time. Will this still be beneficial for us if we don’t have a lot of time to devote to this?

The Dating Divas Marriage Club was designed for couples just like YOU! We’ve made it easy to make your marriage a priority. You can go at your own pace, utilize our quick and easy romance ideas, plan a date night on the fly, or use the His and Hers checklists for fast ways to romance your spouse.

Want to join but have a question you need to be answered?

Feel free to contact our Marriage Club Member Service Specialist, CJ, at to get all your questions answered.


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