May 20, 2013

Dream Date By Design



Are you ready to find out about the Perfect Date your spouse has been DREAMING about?!? We have created the perfect survey to get down to the bottom of what they really want to do with you this weekend!!

My amazing husband was the inspiration behind this post. We were chatting the other day and out of the blue he starts describing the perfect date with me. He had EVERY SINGLE DETAIL figured out from what we would eat, where we would be, what I would be wearing… everything. I know I could have guessed SOME of the things he would like for this date but I don’t think I would have been able to plan this Dream Date of his without him describing it all to me.



This got the wheels in my head turning, I needed a short survey to give to my husband every few months to find out what his ideal Dream Date would be. His perfect date in December may be completely different than his ideal date in July – think ice skating in December and heading to the lake for an afternoon of swimming in July.

Lucky for you AND me, Brie, the super-talented and amazing designer for All Around Eye Candy, created this DREAM DATE SURVEY that you can print and use for FREE!! SWEET!!


This survey can be filled out by the husband OR the wife to help guide your spouse in their fabulous date planning:) So now all you have to do is start dreaming…


Do you want a romantic date at home with flowers, candlelight, and a special dinner?


Or does making reservations at your favorite restaurant and getting all dressed up sound like what you are looking for?


Maybe you are feeling sporty and want to get outside and kick around the ball, hike, or stargaze?


Relaxing at home is always an option, especially if a great movie has just come out!


Picnics in the park are always a welcome change and can give you plenty of time to talk and maybe even enjoy the sunset. Don’t forget to pack your picnic basket with a delicious dessert…. and 2 forks!!


 So what are you waiting for? Print out 2 copies of this survey today…. one for you and one for your sweetheart, and make those dream dates a reality!!


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16 Responses to “Dream Date By Design”

  1. Paige Paige says:

    What a great way to get the hubby involved! :)

  2. CIndy says:

    I love this. We always look at the other to decide what to do. I printed two for each of us.

  3. Sarina Sarina says:

    I LOVE this idea! Thanks for the cute printable!

  4. Such a fantastic idea! It’s so hard to decide what to do for the other person since we can’t read each others’ minds! This takes out all the guess work! Thanks!

  5. SFP says:

    We always look at the other to decide what to do. I printed two for each of us.I LOVE this idea! Thanks for the cute printable!

  6. Sarah says:

    I just found this website and can’t wait to try these ideas! I have thought about starting a webpage like this and it’s great to see an awesome one already out there. I look forward to doing this with my husband :)

    • Julie Julie says:

      Sarah, We are so glad you found us! There are so many great ideas on here, you are bound to find a bunch that you and your husband will enjoy:)

  7. Katie says:

    Thank you for sharing your printable on A Crafty Soiree! I’m excited to let you know, your fun idea is one of our features for this week, our last A Crafty Soiree. Thank you for linking up and please join us one last time!

  8. Hannah says:

    This is such a great conversation starter piece, and we love doing date nights. Always looking for new ideas! Thanks for sharing this. Can’t wait to do this survey with my spouse. I would add an all day option to it though since some of our best dates have been memorable days from morning til night, but of course, those require way more planning, money, etc. :o)

    • Julie Julie says:

      I am so glad you liked this! I hope you both had fun filling it out….and even more fun on the dates!

  9. Tabitha says:

    I used this printable but instead of printing in out I painted (since I am an artist) it onto a piece of thick paper….decorated it and give it to him…So fun!!!!!

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