September 14, 2012

A Game Of Love


While browsing Pinterest this past January, I found this idea and knew it was perfect for Valentine’s Day! AND I KNEW I had to have them share it with all of you. Seriously, this is the perfect and easiest gift for Valentine’s or Anniversary, etc. Check it out.
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What are two DIY bloggers doing guest posting on a marriage blog?  Don’t you worry, no hammer and nails required for this project- just a little stealth and a whole lot of fun!
If we haven’t met before, let me officially say, “Hey! It’s super good to meet you!”  I’m Monica, and I blog with my BFF Jess over at East Coast Creative.  You might recognize our faces, but not our name, and maybe that’s because our blog used to be The Real Housewives of Bucks County (and maybe that still doesn’t help, but at least now we’ve officially met).
Jess and I blog about all things DIY, home decor, and toss plenty of real life in there too. Today I’m sharing a project that couldn’t get any more REAL for ya… and I might blush a time or two in the process, but I’m all for strengthening marriages and am so thankful that The Dating Divas invited us to share.  (Before we get started, I just need to mention something, Mom- if you’re reading this…please stop now!)
The BEST Surprise Ever…The Game of Love
Imagine with me for a moment… It’s been a long day, you and the hubs are headed to bed.  You’ve put on your favorite comfy, frumpy sweats and a tee for bed.  Once your hubs sees your bedtime wardrobe choice he knows there’s no shot of romance for the night.  He pulls back the covers to hop in bed and… what’s this??

You’ve just pulled off the best surprise ever (at least in your husband’s opinion).  It’s time to play The Game of Love! It’s a game your hubs will love even more than the Superbowl! 
All you’ll need for this DIY is some time without your hubby around, some markers, some kind of shape template, and a fitted bed sheet…Seriously mom, if you’re reading- Stop! 
Ok, you can kind of see where this is going, and I must make a public confession… yes, I used one of my bff’s birth announcement as my template! It was an adorable shape- Sorry Mandi! 
I spent a lot of time ironing my sheet and then had an idea… I could have just washed and dried it.  That would be easier.
Pop on your still wrinkly  ironed sheet and you’re ready to start making your game board.  
If you want nice, straight lines, you can use some masking tape and your template to help with your spacing. 
It doesn’t have to be perfect (trust me he won’t be too focused on your straight lines!)
Start tracing your template.  Trace it over and over again.  Darn that I couldn’t really have a friend come and help me with this DIY… awkward :)  
Before removing the masking tape, I added some cute little dashes along the top.
You can add your game’s title across the top.  Don’t you love my cheesy name?  The Game of Love… still makes me laugh! Feel free to use it or come up with a less cheesy one! 
Now it’s time to get creative.  I included a few presents, snacks, wardrobe changes, and lots more! 
Here are a few of my squares… (if you really want to know what else I added, you can try and read the teeny writing! Ha!) I had a few gifts wrapped and ready to go and  a few yummy romantic snacks as well.  
Put your mattress back and it’s ready to go! (Okay, I have some limits, so I pulled a little censored for your protection action!)
In case you’re wondering, here are…
The Official “Game of Love” Rules
1. The player will roll a die, but the highest number can be 3 (so divide by 2 or the game goes too fast!)
2. Each square has a 1 1/2 minute time limit
3.  No getting carried away- you have to stop at 90 seconds and roll again (the hubs might fight you on that one)
4. Only one person “plays” your role is just the game “facilitator” 
5.  The Final square is “Score” and you can’t skip ahead to that space (if ya know what I mean) make him wait. 
Now a little back story on why I blogged about this… No, it’s not my life’s aspiration for my personal life to be all over Pinterest (don’t worry, I am cool with you pinning it though).  I just know that marriage is tough.  It takes effort each and every day.  I don’t know your situation, but I know that 4 kids takes a toll on the love life.  As a woman, I have to be intentional about connecting with my husband and making him a priority (FYI “connecting” is a code word! lol).  I wanted to encourage woman to have FUN with their husbands… it’s really okay- you’re married! I sometimes call this the “Perfect Gift” because for me, it meant so much to Eric that I took the time to think through this, plan out the surprise, and then have an unexpected evening dedicated just to us! 
This kind of project isn’t really our norm, so here’s a little peek into what else you can find over at East Coast Creative. 
(Click on the picture to see the full post)






We hope you’ll come visit our little piece of blog land sometime. And be sure to let us know if you pull off the Best.Surprise.Ever!  What do you think? Are you going to give it a try?    
Thanks so much for having us Dating Divas! It was a complete honor to be here today! 




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49 Responses to “A Game Of Love”

  1. Pam says:

    Ok, today is hubby’s birthday, and I’ve got this ready to go, except I’m still racking my brain on a creative “love item” to use as a space marker. (You know, what he moves when he rolls the die.) I thought about a condom, but I don’t know if that excites or dampens the energy. I thought about a bottle of KY. Did you use anything awesome, or do you have any ideas?

  2. Amy says:

    Thanks for being willing to share this! Great Christmas present!

  3. Ali says:

    Just wanted to say I made one of these several years ago for my husband for Christmas. He told me that is his favorite gift ever and we still play it often. It’s his favorite “love activity” and he often asks to play!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Hey gals! Question… What are the “XXX” and “???” I’m planning this impromptu for hubby tonight and need help! Lol

  5. Sarah G says:

    I can’t wait to make this, my husband is going to love it. It’s perfect for when he comes back from his deployment in a couple months!

  6. Lauren says:

    Any ideas on game piece??

    Also how did sharpies wash??
    Thanks! Making tomorrow

  7. Stacey says:

    I don’t understand how it’s actually played….I get that there are dice, but what do you do with them – how do you “play”?

  8. Nane Tolson says:

    Really cute idea. Love the creativity and pinning… may make this one this year!

  9. Brenda says:

    instead of dice you should make a cute spinner printable, since the highest number is three.

  10. Angela says:

    Thank you for this idea. I’ve been racking my brain and searching Pinterest for the perfect gift for my husband. Now I have to decide on Valentine’s Day or our upcoming anniversary.

  11. Dana Mohr says:

    Just made my own Game of Love for our 11th anniversary. I had a blast putting it all together, little mini games, treats, intimate moments. My husband loved it and told me he loved me for doing things like this for our marriage. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  12. NaTasha says:

    Just found your website and I’m so excited I found you! On Pinterest it says that you have this as an actual product for purchase. Where can I find that?

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