The Blind Side Movie Date

Dinner and a Movie: The Blind Side

Seriously! One of my all-time favorite movies! Why? Because it was done so well AND because it is a great chick-flick that totally involves football. Someone was thinking of the ladies AND men when they made The Blindside! Hit up your local Redbox and get a copy today, then start planning your fabulous date!


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Date Ideas:

You can check out Kristen’s Create Your Own Pep Rally date for a great start to your movie night! Make it a fun night with friends, food and of course the movie!

Not into football yourself? Lisa shared with us a surprise guys night for her hubby, Football Treats & Friends. Invite the guys over, make some food and let them watch their game!  After wards – pop this movie in for a date night for the two of you!

Create a little training camp, have competitions in ladders, sit ups, push ups, victory dances, etc. Create scorecards and after add ’em up!

The Invite:

Check out Corie’s Ready For Some Football invitation that is perfect for a date night like this!

Find a football toy at the dollar store and write a cute invite on it.

The Food:

In the movie, a character owns a few Taco Bell’s. Grab yourself some quick food and show up ready for a party!

Twice Baked Potatoes can easily be turned into “football” potatoes with the right sour cream art touch!

Get “game food” to snack on during the game (popcorn, hot dogs, pizza, pretzels, soda).

Serve Your Neighbor:

Eat at your favorite restaurant and pick a table to secretly pay for their food.

Pick someone who has touched your life and write them a letter together.

Dressing The Part:

Get your favorites team shirts and wear for the night.

Paint black stripes under your eyes.

For The After-Game Party:

Pull out an old football jersey of the hubby’s and wear ONLY that for the movie. {wink wink}

Find an old cheerleader outfit and put on a half-time show!

Dress up as a HOT tutor and help each other “study” for the BIG TEST after the movie.

Play ‘touch’ football with a nerf football. Play tackle each other and know that cheating is encouraged!

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  1. Wendy, this is awesome! These are amazing ideas that go with a touching movie. This movie is so uplifting and I love the message it sends. Great date night!