March 29, 2012

Birthday Week: Gifts 4 Him



Sometimes finding inexpensive gifts for your man can be hard! We all know that the DIY’er gifts always mean the most to people. So we have hooked up with some fabulous sites and compiled a list of their best go-to-gifts for the men in their lives. I am positive you will find something you can get your man for his next BIG day!

The Sock Bouquet

You can’t ever go wrong with new socks! I love-love-love new socks!! HowDoesShe makes this simple and easy gift super meaningful and creative!

The Car T-shirt

If you are looking for something fun and exciting for the kids to get in on too, this shirt made by The Blue Basket is a sure hit! You can give the kids something to do and get your husband a free back massage at the same time! Woot-Woo!

The Tool Box Gift Set

All you need for this cool gift is an old (or new) tool box! Darling Doodles even has printables for this darling MAN gift basket! Super easy-peasy!

{Any Age} Sucks!

An oldie but goodie! You have probably seen this around a few places, but isn’t it so cute? Sprik Space used a little bit of wrapping paper and some paper grass (right now around Easter is the best time to stock up!) to make this a perfect party gift! Any age appropriate! Woot-woo!

The Remember When Box

Reminiscing about the past is something we all like to do, well most the time! Imagine sitting with your honey and looking back at your childhood and early marriage life… full of laughs, giggles and tears! How memorable! Brandy’s Crafts made this a perfect gift for someone special in her life!

Homemade Gift Basket

Love the change in this gift basket by Delightful Order! Man-loved snacks and money! It seriously doesnt get any better than food and money for a guy! Well you could throw in some lingerie to make it ppuurrrffeeecccccttt!!! {wink-wink}

60 Years of Memories

This fun idea is similar to the You Are Appreciated post we did a while back. And if you read the comments on that post, it is truly the most sincere gift you can give! I love how Nothing But Bonfires turned this gift into 60 wonderful wonderful memories of her father! So sweet!

TruLove Magazine

One of our own! Tara, here at The Dating Divas, is amazing and talented! She created a magazine for her hubby’s birthday that totally was a winner. A little bit of work… BUT definitely worth it!

The Picture Globe

Love this unique idea from By Jen! Isn’t it awesome??? A picture globe! It totally would work wonders in my man’s office! UN-forgettable!

Sports Team Blanket

Once again, our very own Lisa P, here at The Dating Divas, created a fun sports blanket for her man to throw on during the big games! Pick his favorite team, you can’t go wrong!

The Belt Hanger

She’s always at it! Ms. Martha Stewart herself! She has a few different gifts for men ideas, but I loved this one! Probably because my husband needs one! Such a good idea! Make a belt holder out of a suit hanger… cool!

WOW, huh? Awesome awesome ideas!! Pick one and get going… hurry! 😉 You can also find fabulous birthday present over on THIS post when we chatted about some great birthday present last year!  A special thanks to all our friends who helped us with this totally rockin’ post!!

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22 Responses to “Birthday Week: Gifts 4 Him”

  1. Tara Tara says:

    SOOO many great ideas!! I really loved the “60 Years of Memories” idea AND that “man basket” of treats! lol HOW FUN!!

  2. Hannah says:

    The tool box gift set is such a cute idea! Im going to use it for my boyfriend’s birthday next weekend!

  3. Cari says:

    How do I get to the tutorial for the globe? Thanks!

  4. Sarah S. says:

    I too would like the tutorial for the picture globe! TIA!!

  5. Jamie says:

    I’m making the man basket for my husband’s birthday. Thanks so much! Everytime something comes up or I just want to show my hubby I love him a little more, I come to this site and get so many great ideas, and he is always so moved by my thoughtfulness! It just takes it up that extra notch! Men really really like that! And they return the love.

  6. Fabi says:

    How do I make the picture globe! HELP

  7. Birthday Gift Baskets says:

    The socks bouquet is a really cool idea. Nice share, looking forward to your next updates. Keep up the good work.

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