July 27, 2012

Raindrop Love


A well-thought-out and very creative idea for an anniversary, birthday or just because! Nicole sent us this ah-mazing idea!

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First, let me tell you first of all that I am in a Women’s Bible Study class. Most of us though are actually married and yesterday I shared a message on dating your spouse. The girls loved it!  The first question they had after I told them some ideas and some dates I had done was, “is he reciprocating?” and my answer, “no he’s not, yet.” But he loves the dates we’ve done and it’s teaching me to be more giving, love unconditionally, and appreciate the ways he does show his love (he’s very practical – no Lloyd Dobbler and a boom box here….) rather than expect him to adopt my over the top romantic sensibilities!

Second, a long time ago, a friend of my sisters that was a newlywed at the time had told her how they had a day of the month that focused on each of them. Like my husband’s birthday is the 27th of July, so the 27th of every month is his day – a day devoted to celebrating the gift that he is in mine and my son’s life!!

So this year, I decided to do a whole theme, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Each month I am highlighting a reason why his life is wonderful. My most recent project was cutting out over 200 raindrops and wrote a blessing on each one and them taped them to our ceiling, and scattered them around the bed  so when he came home from work there was a note on our bedroom door that said “It’s a Wonderful Life because God’s blessings pour down on us like rain” and when he opened the door it was “raining God’s blessings” in our bedroom!  He totally LOVED it!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Is that not so creative! I think everyone needs to shower their hubby with love soon! You can even pair it up with Corie’s Shower Him With Love gift basket!! Thanks Nicole!!

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11 Responses to “Raindrop Love”

  1. Michelle Michelle says:

    Thanks for sharing this idea! I love how sweet and thoughtful it is. I think this might just start a tradition in our house! xox <3

  2. Too sweet. Mine and my husbands first date was a walk through the rain, wouldn’t this just be perfect then?!

  3. Sarina Sarina says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea!

  4. sherrie says:

    I LOVE this idea! I LOVE your once a month all about you day! Can you please share with us what you do each month to celebrate that day? I’m not always super creative and can use your wonderful amazing ideas! Thank you so much!

  5. Tara Tara says:

    Thank you for sharing this idea with the Dating DIvas, Nicole! I love the twist on love notes! xoxo

  6. Whitney Hatcher says:

    This just made me cry… So stinkin’ sweet!!!! I LOVE this website.

  7. Ayla Hayden says:

    I LOVE this idea! I think this is a great anniversary surprise, I think I’ll steal it for Danny’s and my next one. It is so sweet!

  8. Kellsey says:

    This gave me an awesome idea! My man told me when I first went away for a trip that it was going to rain every day until I came back,it rained the whole drive there(oh man was I crying!)! So,I figure I could hang a few of these every time I leave for a trip! So cool!

  9. Lieve says:

    I did do a simular thing last Valentine for my man. I cut out hearts in cardboard in all diffrent colors and sizes. Then I put them up all over the house starting at the entrance. I wrote all kind of teksts on it (reasons why I love him) . When he stept in the house he nearly had tears in his eyes when the first heart nearly hit his face with “I love you because…” written on it. He went trough all of them and when he arrived in the bedroom the whole bed was covered in more hearts. He told me nobody ever did something like that for him! He is now 48!

  10. Brandon says:

    have to do this but with hearts and reasons why I love my girlfirend! Thank you for this post!

  11. Sarah says:

    Love this for any occasion especially Father’s Day coming up. And also inspirational how just learning to love and give to your husband unconditionally even when it’s not reciprocated in the same ways is a blessing bc we all go through that at some point I’m sure. Thanks for your story bc I needed this and it will bless our family.

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