As you can tell by my red hair, I'm very clearly Hawaiian/Chinese. But really, I am! Clearly my European genes won that battle. I do have a 21 letter Hawaiian middle name to make up for it, though and I get endless delight from listening to people try to pronounce it.

My husband and I met in Tokyo and both speak Japanese (although mine is faltering at best, these days) so despite all that red hair, I identify with that tiny Asian side of me more than anything.

We have 2 kids, 2 snakes, and a dog. I enjoy pretty much everything which means that I am rarely bored!

I can also lick my elbow.

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CRAZIEST THING EVER DONE: Backpacking while pregnant. Twice.
GOOD AT: Amassing more hobbies than I have time for
SCARED OF: The school drop-off line
WORST HOUSEHOLD CHORE: All of them. I prefer yardwork!

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