Christmas Caption Contest {Win $25 Gift Card!}

WE CHOSE A WINNER!!! READ THE HILARIOUS CAPTION BELOW… we also included a BUNCH of our favorites! You guys are SOOOO clever! We loved reading thru all 450+ entries!!



Check out our darling picture below. The reader who is able to come up with the BEST caption for this picture… as in the most witty OR the one that makes us laugh the most, will be the WINNER!! 


Just leave your best caption for this photo in the comments below. Contest is open through Wednesday, December 4th 9:00PM MST.

 The WINNING caption will be posted for all to see! Winner will be sent their choice of a $25 Amazon, Target, or Visa gift card.

And the winner is...

Amanda F. who wrote:

“I swear I didn’t move when you left the room! The decorations attacked ME…


We had SUCH a great time reading thru all of the comments!! We wanted to share some of our other favorites! Enjoy!!

  • Lacey S. – See what had happened was….you left me here and everything was so sparkly and shiny…I just SNAPPED…I so sorry!
  • Shanny G. – It moved! I had to attack!!
  • Taylor V. – The holidays are ruff.
  • Christa S. – Could you please explain that “Naughty” and “Nice” list again?
  • Amy – uhhh…that “DIY how to wrap a puppy for Christmas” video didn’t really work….
  • Brittany B. – Seriously y’all. Toy. Yorkie. Not just toy. Ugh.
  • Julie – You really think you could keep me wrapped up til Christmas?!!
  • Connie G. – I’m going to shine for the whole world to see!
  • Jennifer – Remember when you said you’d love me forever even when I outgrew being a puppy….well, I am really banking on that now.!!
  • Marlena – The Elf did it!
  • Jesse – Yup! The lights work just fine!
  • Mona – Well, you see, there was this gang of cats…
  • Rachel – I was supposed to wait HOW long?
  • Karey – Seriously, Mom?! Okaaaay, but you CANNOT post this on Facebook!
  • Megan – YorKi-dding me with this outfit right?

Thank you to ALL for entering! We were completely entertained reading thru them all!! We have the best readers ever!!

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  1. “Cmon really?! Don’t you think the kids will be excited enough about getting me as a present? I don’t think these lights and bow are really necessary!”

  2. Coal that’s what I get for Christmas, I wasn’t that bad. (Guess next time I’ll leave them a present they won’t forget, after I get my good dog present, he, he, he)

  3. What’s that? I have a little something in my fur? Are you sure or are you just teasing me again? This isn’t another trick like when you try to give me heartworm medicine or make me fetch is it, cause that’s not funny. No really it’s not funny, get it off.

  4. HUMAN!! You can stop taking pictures and give me that treat you’re holding already! I think we got enough shots for our Christmas card this year, so GIMME!! I’M RUNNING OUT OF PATIENCE!

  5. Doggone, let’s not get so twisted up we forget what this season is all about. We’re going to have a Merry Christmas, no bones about it.

  6. My human Mom put me back 7 times, held a treat, and repeated good boy/girl while she held that weird square thing at me. Is this some kind of weird new trick? … Because I thought “dancing pretty” was pretty impressive…

  7. Why, Lord, WHY? I just wanted a home. Why did I end up the deranged ‘let’s dress up the dog because it’s funny’ family? What did I do to deserve this???????????????

  8. “Let’s decorate the Christmas tree!…they said. “This will be fun!”…they said. “There has to be a new way to get a Christmas card photo!”

  9. Sad eyes…you want me eyes….please keep me eyes, flirty eyes…..Those kids better feed me for all the work I am putting in to winning their mom over. As if the lights and bow that the Mr put on me weren’t a little overboard enough. He should have just put one of those “flirty Christmas cards” from the dating divas in the package along with me. Surefire way to win her over!