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I am totally in awe at how many great marriage products and programs are out there and are all so easy to access these days. I’d like to ask you a question. If given the opportunity to make your marriage better in ANY sort of way, do you jump on it? Are you one of those people who knows there is always something to learn and take from a situation? I totally am! My husband and I have the opportunity to attend a lot of conferences/seminars/classes together. We do this because we are all about making our marriage amazing!! We want to have our cake and eat it too!! {wink, wink} So when I was approached about going through The Couple Garden program, I hopped on board as quickly as I could!

What is Couple Garden?

Couple Garden is a unique online program that will help you and your partner to solve issues within your relationship, decrease misunderstandings, and create strong couple skills to improve daily life. It also has flexible options so that you can work around your own crazy schedule. You can choose from a twelve week program or a six week accelerated program. Each of the 5 couple type programs focus on twelve improvement factors. These improvement factors are based on 30 years of research that looked at all aspects of a relationship.

You begin by taking this quiz {which you can do for free by the way} to find out which couple type you are. After you do that, the program is then presented to you based on the couple type. I was a little sketchy about this at first. To me quizzes can be way off the real thing, if you know what I mean! But this one was somehow different. As I read through my ‘couple type’, I was pleasantly surprised at how similar my relationship was to this, and how close it nailed it.

Intriguing huh? You can also find success stories {from all types of couples who have thoroughly enjoyed this program and strengthened their marriage too}, relationship tips, real life relationship problems and advice as well as other relationship quizzes you will definitely enjoy taking. Did I mention they too have a newsletter you can sign up for and receive lots of useful information?

As my husband and I sat down on a weekly basis and worked on each level of this program, I found it was totally helping our relationship skills. I thought we were already doing well in the communication department, but as we discussed and worked together on the activities, we found we were actively engaged in conversation together which can be hard to come by these days. We enjoyed laughing out loud and also shared some in depth and unforgettable moments too! Finding there were some topics we weren’t quite together on, we had the chance to work on our own specific needs where we could improve together in our marriage!

Sounds great huh? I know you could benefit from this awesome program too! I also know the question is lingering in your mind… the dreaded question! 😉


Well… our friends over at Couple Garden have totally hooked the Dating Divas readers up! This program has a price tag of $89.99 attached to it… however…they are giving it to you for half off! WoWza!!! That’s right, you can sign up today for only $44.99! That is a HUGE savings! All you have to do is enter the code “datingdivas” in the promo spot!

I also have more great news! We are going to give 5 of these wonderful program packages away for FREE!!! Woo-hoo!! {High five followed by a heel click!!}

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This giveaway will end on November 26th at 11:00 pm MST. We will email the winner & post the person’s name on our   our FaceBook Fan page the following day. Good luck! May the luckiest 5 win!

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  1. I think I’d like to work on bringing more joy into our marriage. We’re generally happy, but we spend a lot of time complaining about work, finances, or family that bogs the happy spirit of us as a couple down.

  2. Right now, I want to work on making our quality time together count more! It is hard when we both have such busy schedules and get little time together, but then we’re always so tired that we just crash in front of the tv. We need to work on spending quality time!

  3. I also posted about this giveaway on facebook! I tagged your page in my post.

    “The Dating Divas are having an awesome giveaway for a program that helps you improve your relationship with your spouse. How cool is that?

    Couple Garden Giveaway | The Dating Divas
    Check out this amazing online program to help strengthen your marriage today! Catered to you to help your relationship become even better than ever! PLUS, we are giving 5 away to our lucky readers!”

  4. Something I’d like to work on… Quality Time. The hubs has a new job where he travels a lot. I don’t want us to just spend our time on our respective computers. Yanno?

  5. Right now my husband is a medical intern, so it’s very hard to find time where neither of us is working or one of us isn’t exhausted. We typically only have 1 or 2 full days off together a month, if that. So I want to work on making those times fun as well as productive. Since he works so much, I take care of everything at home, even though I too work full time plus a part time job as well. It’s very exhausting & can make me angry sometimes

  6. We definitely need to work on our communications skills. Even after three years of marriage I still assume that DH knows exactly what I’m thinking! And of course, when he doesn’t it causes problems.

  7. We’ve had a few rough spots in the last year or so. I think we’re making progress to smoothing those over, but I think we need to be more intentional about it. With kids, it’s just hard sometimes. I think something like this would be really beneficial in helping us with our communication and in dealing with some of the things that maybe we didn’t realize were still unresolved.

  8. I love you gals and thank you for all your great tips! I follow you on facebook and look forward to hearing about more tips that will help me connect with my husband through communication.

  9. I would love to win this giveaway – my husband and I definitely need this! This last year has been rough for us as a couple, especialliy since my husband has been out of work for a year and a half. Our relationship with each other has hit a “bump” and needs some smoothing out. The one thing I would love to work on with our relationship is to communication more. We don’t seem to talk to each other about the little things as much as we did before my husband lost his job. That would be something I would love to have back with my husband. 🙂

  10. We need to make the most of the time we have together…sometimes schedules get so busy (and with him working an average of 75+ hours a week) we sometimes go days without really seeing each other.

  11. communication is a huge thing that I would like to improve in our marriage. My husband grew up in a family that really didn’t talk with each other, and so he never really learned how, we’ve been trying to work on it for quite some time, but it’s quite a process and any help we can get would be wonderful!

  12. I shared this giveaway on facebook! I am not sure how to post it on here, but I just clicked the “share” button and then copied/wrote “The Dating Divas are having a giveaway!!! “Couple Garden” is an online marriage program that focuses on improving your relationship….and they are offering to give away FIVE programs to their readers! FIVE lucky couples can start in just a week! Make sure you enter! Who wouldn’t want a little help on their marriage….for FREE!”

  13. One thing I’d like to improve in my relationship is quality time when we have time to spend together. Not just watching a tv show online or talking about that baby 🙂 – although those are both fun.

  14. Shout out via email: Hey friends! I recently started following a blog called Dating Divas – they have all sorts of ideas for dating your spouse and including romance in everyday life. Today they had a giveaway for something called Couple Garden – it’s a quiz and program to improve your marriage. I know it’s something that’s important to all of us, so check out this link to get started with a free quiz!

  15. I would like for us to understand one another better. We love each other, it’s just hard when we don’t understand the other. So, I guess better communication. We talk, but we definitely (at least for me) would love to improve.

  16. Alisha Brooks
    ‎The Dating Divas has an awesome give away going on right now. This program helps to strengthen marriages. Become a subscriber to their newsletter to find out more about it!
    Like · · 2 seconds ago

  17. Communication is something that we struggle with. It is getting better but i would love to improve – also making date nights a regular thing – so very hard to do!!

  18. Making the time to make the other feel special more often. Whether planning creative date nights, leaving a note in his car, etc. The little things that brought us together 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  19. I’m a fan of Dating Divas, I shared the giveaway on my facebook page and forwarded it to friends…My husband and I need to improve on communication..he is not an emotional person and does not know how to express the way he is feeling. It is really hard to not be on the same page as your spouse, especially when it comes to your children..Would love to win this giveaway 🙂

  20. My husband and I will be celebrating our 23rd wedding anniversary and we have learned so much in the time we have been married. We are always open to trying to keep spice in our relationship. We have always wanted to try different things when it comes to making improvements to our marriage.

  21. I would like to improve the time we spend together we are very busy and sometimes push “date night” aside and well it snowballs after that so I want to be on purpose about dating my hubby.

  22. I would love to try the program to try and strengthen my marriage’s communication level. This is a second marriage for both of us (and last!) and I feel like you can never put enough work into your marriage.

  23. I have liked you a facebook… a while ago actually!

    I follow you on twitter

    My husband and I have been married for 9 1/2 years. One thing I would like to improve in our marriage os finding better/ more creative ways to spend quality time together.
    I shared your giveaway

    I would love for us to be able to attend this seminar

  24. I shared this contest on facebook and here’s what I wrote: I love this facebook page and blog called the Dating Divas! They give great advice, ideas, etc. about strengthening your marriage. They are having a giveaway right now for a free Couple Garden seminar package so hop on by tonight and enter. :o)