Dad’s Stache

Dad’s Stache – A Father’s Day or Birthday Gift Idea

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Create the perfect Candy “stache” for your husband, dad or grandpa! My husband just left on some away medical rotations and I knew he had long drives ahead of him. He likes to stay awake by eating candy, so I thought I’d supply him with a good “stache.” This is perfect for anyone as it can be used at home, at the office, in their car… anywhere! Let’s be honest, I’d LOVE a stash of my own. 🙂 So here’s how I put mine together.

Grab Your Supplies:

  • Container (I used an old jelly bean jar and peeled off the labels, but you could buy a plastic one or even a nice glass jar.)
  • Craft tape or washi tape (purchased Online or at most craft stores)
  • Scissors
  • Stache Printable (several options including a blank one, one for fathers day, etc.)
  • CANDY!

I found my craft tape at Michaels and it came in a 3 pack. I love this stuff because its self adhesive (obviously), fun colors/patterns, and spices things up without TONS of work. I just started wrapping mine on with no rhyme or reason. Do it until you are happy with how it looks.

Print out the label. It comes in square, but I used a circle punch on it. Do whichever you please!

Use adhesive (I used glue dots) to attach it to the jar.

Fill with your man’s favorite kind of candy. I chose hard candy because I knew it would be in the HOT summer car and didn’t want it to melt.

 And then let them enjoy their own “Stache!” Be sure to keep an eye on it and refill as needed… or sneak one as needed. Yeah, that would be me. 😉

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10 Responses to Dad’s Stache

  1. I absolutely LOVE all the great ideas you have!! I can’t thank you enough for free sharing!! Thank You!!
    Is it possible to offer a “grand-dad” stache? Our grandpa would love this, too!!

  2. Is there a way to get a label that can be edited. For instance I would need one to say “Pa’s Stache” and “Poppy’s Stache”