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You are gonna LOVE us after you see what this post contains!! We all know that this time of year gets a little hectic with ALL of the holidays and ALL of the things we need {and want} to do. What if I told you that WE were going to try to make you life just a little bit easier? I have the BEST news for you! But you are going to want to sit down…

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TWENTY-FIVE bloggers came together to put together the ULTIMATE gift-giving guide for you.. to help with your SHOPPING this year! That’s right, all 25 of us put together a “Favorite Things” basket to show off some of our most favorite things and most of these items are UNDER $25!! Want even BETTER news? Each of us is going to give our favorite things away… to you! In one week, there will be TWENTY-FIVE lucky winners!!!!  {SQUEAL!!} Just wait until you see what we’ve put together!!

Here is some delicious EYE candy for you to feast your eyes upon!!

I told you that you were going to love us after you read this!!

This is a 3-in-1 post!  We are offering the ULTIMATE “Gift Guide,” you get to enter 25 AMAZING Giveaways, AND we are introducing you to a lot of our blogger friends! Welcome to the “Favorite Things” Blog Hop!!

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We had a HARD time deciding on what we wanted to include in this giveaway. We have SO many favorite things… and we came up with a lot of really great ideas. We then decided that two of our most favorite things were dating our husbands AND saving money… so we decided to share a few of our favorite things that did just that!

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  1. “Let’s Talk” Jar This FUN jar goes along with the “Your Choice, My Choice” date idea! The perfect way to start or END an evening with your sweetheart. Instead of talking about the same ‘ole things… work, bills, stress… why not change things up a bit & use the “Let’s Talk” jar!
  2. “How Do I Love Thee?” Countdown Who wouldn’t want to read 24 compliments about themselves? This could be the PERFECT countdown to Christmas… or the perfect gift for other couples ON Christmas! Adorable printables included!
  3. Can ‘O Dates This is the PERFECT Christmas {or bridal or wedding} present for any couple! Extremely easy to put together… especially when you can get all of these adorable printables for FREE right here on our website! A HUGE list of date ideas are provided for you to cut apart & place inside… and the outside of the can is cute enough, that you don’t even need to wrap it!
  4. Lunchbox Love Notes – This is BRAND-spanking new!! Soon to be a post on our website… this is an adorable addition to anyone’s lunchbox! A darling container FILLED with love notes to sneak into those packed lunches!
  5. The A to Z Guide: 26 Ways in 26 Days to a Happier, Healthier Marriage Since we can’t come to each of your homes & have a FUN Girl’s Night Out…..we decided to do the NEXT best thing! We’ve gathered our BEST marriage tips – the secrets behind the success in our own marriages and compiled them into a book to share with all of you! A collaboration effort by us, the Divas, we share touching, enlightening, and humorous stories to demonstrate each marriage tip. You will get to see a glimpse inside the marriages of a few of the divas. {Hang onto your hats!} By applying these simple, yet valuable tips, you will start to experience a different, happier marriage right away. This ebook will give you practical tools to literally transform your marriage.
  6. “You’re Appreciated” Seteverything you’ll need to surprise the one you love! Envelopes, cute numbers {the countdown}, & the printables! Check the post out for ALL the details! This is the perfect gift for ANY occasion! One diva surprised her husband on Father’s Day with this idea. Another diva {mwah} surprised her husband on his birthday with this idea! It would work perfectly with any holiday, anniversary, special occasion, OR just because!
  7. Love Journal Oh, this isn’t just ANY journal – this is a custom-designed vinyl-covered journal! The best part about this? When you & your sweetheart are all done filling THIS journal up… you can slip off the gorgeous cover, place it on a NEW journal & keep going! For journaling ideas, click here, here, OR here!
  8. Emergency K.A.R. Kit Have you ever been out all day long, shopping, running errands, etc…  All of a sudden you have a big urge to surprise your husband after work with a last minute week day date night or lunch just to realize that you kind of smell stinky and you don’t have time to run home to get ready before his work day ends?  Or maybe you were out for Date Night and chose a restaurant that left you with raging garlic breath, and now what’s a couple to do?!?!?  Having one of these on hand is a MUST!! {BTW – K.A.R standing for Kissing and Romance, of course!}

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I am an outgoing and fun-lovin’ gal who was lucky enough to marry the man of my dreams! You could probably say I am an “extreme extrovert” as I LOVE to talk and be around people! I love ANYTHING creative and am not a fan of the “norm.” My favorite things in life are my family… especially my HOT husband, my friends, and my faith! We are expecting a miracle baby boy this year! I have a passion for life and I am having a BLAST running this website with some of my closest friends!

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647 Responses to “Favorite Things” Blog Hop Giveaway

  1. My favorite date was a weekend getaway to Maine where my honey proposed to me! It was truly magical…snowfalling, down on one knee…just beautiful! :o)

  2. Best date??? My now husband I had been talking as friends forever and although I didn’t think it was a date, it totally was. For New Years my friends and I had made a weekend of it and I invited him along. I hadn’t been on a real date in probably 5 years, so I was totally blind to the fact that he showed up at our hotel room dressed all nice and escorted me to the car. The whole night we danced, talked, and just had a blast. 2 minutes before midnight he looked at me, mumbled something to the sorts of screw it, and planted a huge kiss. Doesn’t sound like much, but it was the night that changed our lives, and now 7 years later, he is still my best friend and giving me kisses every chance he gets!

  3. The best date I ever went on was my fourth date with my hubby. We went and saw Christmas lights in Natchitoches, LA during their festival of lights. I knew then, we were meant to be!!

  4. My best date was my first date with my boyfriend. Our conversation lasted for hours and neither of us wanted the night to end, even though it was very late and chilly. I knew he was a keeper when he gave me his coat because I was freezing! <3

  5. My favorite date will be coming up soon! Since we decided to not do any gifts this year we are celebrating our anniversary and I’m in charge of planning it all! We will be going to The Woodlands Waterway and eat at this awesome hearth oven pizza place, then hope over to the movie theater to watch a movie, then wake up the next day and go do a little church service and then pick up some family that are flying in!

  6. One of my most favorite dates with my husband was when we first dating back in high school. It was our third date and we went snow boarding. We were riding the chair lift up the mountain, snow falling, and he asked me to be his girl friend 🙂

  7. The best date I have ever been on was the night my lovey proposed. Supper at a nice restaurant, walking on the river walk with poems at each spot waiting for me and last one back at my house where he proposed. Something I will always remember~

  8. The best date I have ever been on my boyfriend & I went to a water park, Qdoba, and then a baseball game. The fireworks at the end made it that much more romantic. It was so laid back I was able to enjoy myself thoroughly! Plus it’s like all of my favorite things in one day…couldn’t have asked for a more perfect date!

  9. not a true date, but husband surprised me on Christmas eve, showing up when he was suppose to be in another state in school(military). Came for just two days but they were the best days ever:)

  10. My favorite date was when my husband proposed to me. He planned a boat ride to an island and packed a picnic for us. He gave me one ring before he propsed and another when he proposed.

  11. RIding in canoes out on a lake at night… so much fun and gorgeous! It was great to be able to talk in quiet under the stars and enjoy the beauty around us! 🙂
    P.S. Your basket is super sweet! These are all ideas I would LOVE to try! 🙂

  12. The best date was the one where my husband proposed. He took me to a frozen pond while it was snowing. Then he flipped a switch and lit up letters that said “Marry Me”. It was so lovely. Afterwards we baked cookies together and sat by the fire.

  13. There are many to choose from, so I’m going to go with a recent one. I surprised hubby with a date to a drive-in movie which we haven’t been to since we were just dating. It was so fun and nostalgic.

  14. The best date that I have been on was a few years ago when we went ice skating on Valentine’s Day. We went outdoors and participated in a hockey shot contest. We almost won too. We played Disney Scene it when we were there and just had a blast!

  15. My favorite date was when my husband took my on a scavenger hunt to all of the places that mean something special to us (where we went on our first date, our first apartment, etc). It was awesome!

  16. One of my favorite dates was surprising my husband with a whale watching trip. We had a lot of fun together…and it’s really hard to surprise him. So I was thrilled I was able to pull it off!

  17. The best date I had with my hubby was when our furnace broke on Christmas eve so we pulled our bed into the living room close to the fire and ate dinner in bed and watched movies. It was so much fun!

  18. One time, my not very spontaneous husband called me at work and told me he was picking me up for a date (I used to ride with a co-worker). He had my clothes and makeup all packed so I could freshen up and then took me to a local theater companies play. It was SO fun and unexpected!

  19. I am in LOVE with this entire idea of all of you teaming together to do these giveaways. It’s so fun to see all the FAVORITES. 🙂 Thank you for the anticipation and giveaway.

  20. In high school some girl friends and I put together a scavenger hunt, it was one of the funnest things we ever did, but the best date? My husband and I got some much needed alone time and went mini golfing. It was fun and made me feel 16 again!

  21. My favorate date was in Rome, Italy in a romantic resturant across from the Colosseum. What a view!We ate the most wonderful dinner and then walked around the Colosseum eating gellato.

  22. My favorite date was my first ride on my future husbands Harley. We drove all over the mountains, and it was wonderful … Beautiful scenery, and holding on tight to the man of my dreams. <3

  23. My hunni wanted to go camping but we weren’t able to so as a surprise I recreated the camping experience in our living room. I hung a sheet from the walls and couch to make it look like a tent and spread out a comforter and pillows on the floor under our “tent”. I also grouped a few small candles together and surrounded it with some stones and twigs i picked up outside for a makeshift campfire and roasted some marshmallows over it. I also punched out some tiny holes out of black paper and put it over a lamp to recreate the night sky and added a video of the moon with camping sounds. Later, we made shadow puppets on the walls. It was great!

  24. For Valentine’s Day on year, my husband took be on a date to the beach. But he insisted on bringing a blanket rather than a towel. Come to find out, the blanket was to keep us warm as we watched the sunset from a sail boat in the middle of the Gulf. It was fantastic!

  25. Oh I knew you girls would put together an amazing and fun giveaway! I am celebrating my 28th wedding anniversary this month and I still enjoy all the fun ideas and things you share. We have had so many awesome date experiences, I could write a book! This year for my birthday, my BFF hubby took the day off work and took me to breakfast, lunch, dinner, 2 movies and shopping… my choice of favorite stuff. We were gone all day but it was spent carefree and together with him spoiling ME! 🙂

  26. Hard to choose a favorite, but one of the best was bowling wih a kids bowling set in our living room just a few weeks after our third child was born while the kids slept!

  27. The best date I have ever been on was my husband driving us out of town, not telling me where, to a city 4hrs away for a weekend getaway. Such a thinker he is!

  28. Favorite date: just about anytime we can get away without the little guy! It’s hard making time for dating now that we are parents (with another on the way!)

    1. The best date I have been on – the most recent! My husband and I don’t get out much and we actually had date night a couple of weeks ago. I was great to have dinner with no kiddos and to have adult conversation without interruptions. We watched a movie and went to bed early (wink).

  29. We drove 2 hours to the biggest zoo in the state with a bunch of coworkers. It was fun because it was our first trip together out of town and our first date after moving in together. We got to walk on a 44ft high obstacle course and feed giraffes together and then took a long walk through a beautiful botanical garden. It was a great date because it was our first in many ways.

  30. I’d have to say that most recently my husband totally surprised me (even arranged a babysitter!!) with lunch and a play I’ve been really wanting to go to. So that was a fabulous date!!

  31. The best date I have ever been on was one of the first dates my husband and I had (when we were dating). Breakfast at a little restaurant, wandered through Phipps Conservatory, sat on a hill overlooking the city and talked about our future, walked around a lake, and kissed like there was no tomorrow. 🙂

  32. Our best date ever was when we were at the beach and went and got ice cream and walked with coffee along the water. It was only our third date since our son had been born 7 months prior, and it was so nice to just talk and enjoy each other!

  33. We just celebrated our 25th anniversary! For many years my husband worked every Friday and Saturday night. So as you can guess not many date nights. He no longer works that job and it has been fun to discover “Date Night” again. This would be a wonderful prize to win!!

  34. My favorite date with my husband was what we did to celebrate our Easter Sunday this past year. We traveled by scooter through a canyon to reach our new favorite hiking spot. This spot has a beautiful stairway hike into the bottom of a canyon. This is the first time we hiked this area together, and we explored new regions together. Even though it was Easter, we found a baby pine in the middle of the canyon decorated with Christmas ornaments. We took amazing photos, had a picnic, and then drove along the coast back to our home.

  35. When we were dating my husband took me on the most romantic date in his backyard. He had all my favorite things set up- fav food, fav colors, fav flowers, fav music and candles all around it was sweet. We ate and chatted and danced. It was awesome!

  36. the best date ever was an evening at the beach when after dinner we sat on a swing and talked about the past, present, and future while watching the sun set.

  37. I think my #1 favorite date is mine and my husband’s first date. We rode around on old dirt roads, just talking and getting to know each other better! We are from the NC mountains, so dirt road make the best dates!

  38. The best date I’ve ever been on was the date when my husband proposed. He took me to the local park where we first met. As we were walking through the park I kept trying to put my hand in my husbands back pocket, unbenounced to me, that’s where he was keeping the ring. He kept grabbing for my hand and then all of a sudden he said he wasn’t feeling very well. He was sweating and acting very strange but when we got back to the car and he lifted me in he knelt down on one knee and popped the question. He was so nervous that he said he almost didn’t ask, but when he lifted me in the car he just couldn’t leave on such weird terms. It didn’t happen the way either of us pictured, but it makes our story perfect!

  39. Our best date was when my husband was working on the cruise line (we were not married then) and a bunch of girls and I went on a cruise. My husband and I got to spend the day together in Roatan, doing a zip line and spending time together. So fun!

  40. My husband surprised me for our 3rd anniversary and took me snowmobiling up in Midway. We left our daughter with his mom and he bought me all new snow gear, boots, etc. and we had a fabulous get-away weekend. It was a total surprise and I felt so taken care of and we were able to relax and enjoy being kid free for a couple of days!!

  41. While we were dating, my husband planned an amazing evening out. He surprised me with tickets to “Cats”, and even arranged for me to have a couple hours off work the next day since we’d be out late!! When I returned to work, everyone thought we’d be engaged. Even though we weren’t that night, it was a great date!!

  42. My best date was my first real with my current boyfriend. We had hung out a few times a few months earlier before losing touch and that time we went to this great pizza place by school. He remembered that and for our real date, he picked up the same pizza we had the first time, bought a bottle of wine and took me for a picnic!

  43. My favorite date with the hubby was our last anniversary. We went to a bed and breakfast, had breakfast in bed and went to the downtown and went shopping.

    1. One of my favorite dates with my favorite guy was going on a factory tour of a chocolate factory! Yes, there were free samples of chocolate. It made wearing the hair nets worth it.

  44. My hubby likes to surprise me sometimes. He surprised me with a dinner date to a restaurant we had talked about going to but had never been. It was such a fun surprise when i had no idea where we were headed when i got in the car.

  45. One of the best (and oddest) dates I ever had was with my now hubby. He knew that I was fascinated with the giant wind turbines you see around West Texas. The company he worked for had done the site plan for one of the companies. He loaded me up one Saturday morning and took me out for an up close and personal look at these beautiful machines. It was so perfect because he remembered something I had told him early in our dating days.

  46. The best date I have ever been on was when my husband surprised me with concert tickets to see Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill~ in the 5th row….he (tried) to sing all of the songs at the top of his lungs with me! Just a great night of good music, good company and drinks!

  47. The best date I have ever been on was my first date with my husband. I literally could not stop smiling the entire time. We missed our train stop because we were so enthralled with each other. He spoiled me rotten with roses (which he continues to do even now), he brought me my favorite candy, we shared a kiss under the stars at Faneuil Hall in Boston. After we left we talked on the phone the entire way home and even once we were there for hours…..it….was…..perfect!

  48. My favorite date was my second date with my now husband. We spent an entire day singing and dancing to our favorite country songs at Country Thunder USA!

  49. The best date I’ve ever been on was up to my family’s cabin in the mountains! It’s only about 35 minutes away from the city we live in. I left a cheesy note on his door in the morning but didn’t tell him exactly where we were going! I drive a F-150 so we loaded into that when it got to be evening and headed up. I put a mattress in the back and about 50 blankets and pillows! 🙂 I packed some of our favorite yummy snacks and brought a laptop to watch a movie and we laid out under the stars! So much fun!

  50. Best date ever is the one I surprised my husband with last week… We went to get our concealed carry permits together. He’s been wanting to do it, but had no idea that was what I was planning. Success!

  51. My favorite date was a walk that we took on a beautiful fall day through a local park with bluffs. At one point we just sat on a bench overlooking the river and there weren’t other people around, so it was very peaceful and happy.

  52. Me and my husband have been married 29 years in February, our success has been our daring, which is our way of saying each other is important. Our best date was one we had in June of this year. I love this special local pizza place, and a sushi place and then chipotle. Plus we have our little things we love to do. So we woke up on Saturday, kids slept over or were out of town. We went for a early coffee and bagel. I had already arranged with a girl there to give my husband a little envelope and in it was a love you and compliment along with a clue of the next stop. The stops included a park, smoothie, lunch and dinner, plus fireworks and moonlight boat cruise on the Ohio river. We had our first grandson in April, and had not made time for us, it was all about our new Joy. So I wanted my husband to know how much I loved him and I new this was going to be our summer vacation. Love your sight. I think I have use at least 30 of them.

  53. The best date I ever went on? That would be a celebration of our anniversary. My husband told me to pack a bag for the weekend and that he’d pick me up after work. When he picked me up, he told me we were headed to Chicago to see The Dead! About an hour or so into the car ride, he asked me to reach in the cooler in the back seat…where I found perfectly chilled shrimp cocktail and cheese and crackers! We had a lovely, perfectly planned, anniversary weekend! He’s wonderfully romantic, that man of mine…

  54. my favorite date with my husband when we sat outside under the string lights with cheese crackers, candy all my favorite items bundled in blankets. all set up while i put the kids to bed.

  55. My favorite date would probably be my first date with my husband. We just went to dinner, but we talked nonstop. It was so easy. We never had to force convos.

  56. A surprise stay overnight in a local town where we went restaurant and bar hopping and then could walk back to the motel and not worry about driving the 45 minutes home.

  57. Oh my favorite date was when our friends babysat so we could go have a steak dinner after our son was born. We appreciated that dinner more than anything because we could talk without the baby interrupting!!!

  58. Our first date was my favorite. He showed up about 2 hours early. I was still in my pajamas (it was the weekend and it was my day off from work). He then proceeded to tell me to go get dressed because he was going to take me out to dinner. I had just met him a couple days before and we were supposed to go to a school play. He was already graduated from high school, this was my senior year and I had to go to the school play to pass drama class. Anyway, he took me to a restaraunt where we ate, hiding behind our water glasses and from there watched the worst school play in history but it was super fun.

  59. We are fans of dart gun wars and so we will randomly interrupt each other’s “homework” with an attack followed some ice cream!

    We’ve had some good dates, but these little every-few-day traditions are my favorites thus far

  60. One of my favorite dates with my favorite guy was going on a factory tour of a chocolate factory! Yes, there were free samples of chocolate. It made wearing the hair nets worth it.

  61. I think yours is definitely my favorite basket so far. Thanks for all the great date ideas! My favorite dates are dates that don’t cost a lot but are packed with silly fun!

  62. One of my favorite dates was when my husband surprised me with a weekend away in Chicago. Dinning, a Show and spending time together away from home.

  63. My favorite date is still the first date I ever had with my hubby. It is something I think about all the time and it makes me fall in love all over again! He took me downtown to ice skate, then out to dinner, bought me a rose, and all night talking and having fun. We had a blast. And lots of chemistry! 🙂

  64. One of the best dates I’ve ever been on was with my husband on the very first night in our new home! We moved in December 10th and he had the fireplace going and made us a picnic! So sweet & romantic!

  65. The best date I have ever been on? Definitely the night my husband (at the time was just my boyfriend) drove to a very high, secluded neighborhood overlooking the city lights, turned on the car stereo and asked me to dance with him. As we were dancing, he pulled out a new charm for my charm bracelet (to remember this momentus ocasion), then kissed me for the “first time!” I. Cried. His response? “Wow, I wasn’t expecting THAT reaction…” Best. Date. Ever!

  66. I’m new to your site and I love it! I have told all my friends about the great ideas for dates. My husband chuckles at me when I tell him I have something planned for date night now 🙂 One of our favorite dates is to take a drive in the country, have a picnic and play cribbage.

  67. Best date? Probably the night we got engaged. We went on a hike…he proposed at the foot of a cross on a hill…and then we went out to eat at a fancy restaurant.. At the end of the night he gave me a dozen red roses. So sweet!

  68. Best date…with my current S/O. He planned the entire thing. We went to this amazing rooftop restaurant that I had been wanting to go to FOREVER. We followed it up with cocktails at the bar, then a jazz club afterwards. He still surprises me and plans things for us that always amaze me. Le sigh…hes amazing

  69. one of our best dates, would be going to a fun park with another couple. We have four kids and we managed a babysitter (yay!) We went to a funpark with a couple and played putt-putt, air hockey, kart racing, carnival type ride and bowling. It was so nice to laugh and be silly!

  70. Great giveaway and bag of favorites! 🙂 One of my favorite dates to do with my husband is going to Barnes & Noble! We’ll gather a bunch of magazines and share our favorite Starbucks drink and dessert. It’s a very inexpensive, relaxing date night!

    Thanks for the opportunity.


  71. Favorite date was where we went to the D.I. And bought an outfit for our date, The crazier the better. Then we all went out to eat in our new outfits! It was awesome, the guys in our date were asked if they lost a bet.. haha good times!

  72. The best date was when my husband and I took pictures of random items in a store and then tried to guess each others photos. It was like a photo hunt! Fun times!

  73. My future hubby and I went out for a lovely dinner and then hit up a small tavern that was featuring a guitar player. It was dark, romantic and perfectly moody. I may have realized that night how much he liked me, as well!

  74. The best date I’ve ever been on was when my husband and I were dating. We got ice cream cones and walked along the beautiful Snake River by the LDS Temple in Idaho Falls, Idaho. It was so simple yet so fun! We love doing that now as a married couple.

  75. Last March for our anniversary my husband planned a night out at the Hard Rock to see George Lopez and then we had an over night stay too. It was the greatest because we don’t have family that lives close enough to give us free babysitting so we very rarely get to have an overnight stay by our selves any where. Since the show was close to where his aunt and uncle live about an hour away they offered to keep the kids!!! Woohoo! The morning after date was just as great as we got up and walked the beach front shops. It was just great getting that much alone time with the hubby.

  76. Best date I ever went on was actually not with my husband. We got hot sub sandwiches, went on a hike to an awesome lookout point and ate dinner up there, stayed until it was almost dark and then remembered that we had to hike back down (which we did in almost complete darkness), and then we went swing dancing in the park, just to music from his truck. So much fun.

  77. Best date I’ve ever been on is a three way tie. For our first Christmas as a married couple, my honey took me to see Disney on Ice. Amazing. Another was a simple date playing mini golf, and the most recent was when he took me to see The Lion King on Broadway!

  78. Best date ever: We went out to eat at a restaurant and then went shooting. After shooting we played mini golf. It wasn’t super expensive or anything, but it was perfect because it was us 🙂

  79. I am in LOVE with this. I’ve had so much fun hopping around to see each and every basket. I’m taking notes of all the new favorites I want to try. Some of these baskets are adorable and some I’ve fallen in love with! I’m saving links to all these pages for all my “just because” moments!!! xox <3

  80. I don’t really know what the BEST date has been but one of our FAVORITE dates was the one we did with the coupons. We got the idea off of here and my husband and I had so much fun because it was spontaneous, cheap-er, and we used up coupons that clutter our house! My husband talked about that date for weeks!

  81. WOW at this giveaway! Thank you “Dating Divas” for such a great website. It is absolutely one of my favorite websites and I have gotten tons of ideas that I have already used to spice up my marriage. THANK YOU!

  82. My favorite date has been when I texted, emailed, called and had my husband help me plan a date…what we would eat, what we would wear :), for dessert and the activity of the night. It was a very very fun time!!

  83. I love the ideas you are giving away, many of them I have thougth of making myself but simply have no time to do so. The best part of this give away is my husband will love it to.


  84. The best date I have ever been on is a tough one!! My most recent best date was a night out to dinner with my husband. We went to a nice italian restaurant and were disappointed at our table placement – right next to the door and VERY noisy. Well, we proceeded to order drinks and appetizers. Well, we ordered the exact same first two courses as a couple sitting near us. We starting chatting with them and they too were out on a date night. We had some pleasant conversations throughout the rest of the meal. Which needless to say consisted of two more courses where we ordered some of the same food. When we finished, we went out for a drink after dinner. It was nice to be with my husband, and have nice conversation with new people. Truly a fun night and not something we ever would have done.

  85. Best date so far 🙂

    Our 8th anniversary of dating, date we went out to dinner and then stopped at a bar and had a shot then he drove me to the top of a mountain overlooking the city it was November and snow on the ground and the lights it was breathtaking but it got better, because he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Still makes me smile!!

  86. One of most favorite-ist dates was going to see the musical “The Scarlet Pimpernel” with my husband and then singing to our CD on the way home–him as the Pimpernel, me as Marguerite.

  87. The best date…Horseback riding on the beach, in the snow.

    You know that perfume commercial around Christmas time, where she’s on the horse, wearing the long cape, and he’s leading them? Well, that was me! 🙂

  88. When my husband surprised me and drove us up to the mountains in a field with a beautiful view. He then got out and in the back of his truck was a nice candlelight dinner! It was awesome!

  89. My favorite date was one which included being given clues to execute and go to different destinations before getting the next clue. Many were daring clues (belting out a chorus of a song in front of strangers) and some were challenges but it turned out to be a great evening!

  90. One of my best dates ever was a random day trip to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore! Super spontaneous, gorgeous weather, and great company! Ended at a nice Italian restaurant!

  91. best date ever was the high school footbal game i planned to go to with my boyfriend. (we were not in high school 🙂 but he became my fiance earlier that day.

  92. My husband, fiance at the time, planned a surprise date for us. We went out to dinner then to a local place called “Art on the Rocks.” It was a lot like “Sips ‘n Strokes” where you paint a picture on canvas with the help of the artist on staff. He knew how much I wanted to go and the fact that he went with me for the class was even better!! It was the best date ever!

  93. The best date I have ever been on was with my future husband. Dallas had a freak blizzard a few years ago and the city basically shut down. We walked to a local bar and watched people have a snowball fight outside. It was so cozy and perfect.

  94. My best date was when my husband recreated our first date! It was the sweetest thing, even if the restaurant we ate at for our first date was closed down due to tax evasion and we had to walk to find something in the area! LOL Just the though my husband put into it, and spending quality time with him was lovely.

  95. The best date I’ve been on lately was mini golfing with my husband. It’s included in a city activity pass we have, so it was free. We were totally relaxed and enjoying the time to be goofy together. Totally cheap and non-stress. It was awesome!

    1. Doing all the steps to the giveaway is not so good on a phone. Missed that you asked for our best date. 🙂

      My best dates almost always are not planned but spur of the moment outings to estate sales or garage sales and coming up with new things to decorate the house with. It’s like a treasure hunt never know what you will find and can’t beat the prices. Always pairs well with a Starbucks coffee and of course my hubby by my side.

  96. Our best dates have always been the simplest – dinner at a pizza place or favorite bar with all evening long talks. This are the times I treasure with my husband.

  97. All my dates have been the best! lol. But seriously, one of the ones I think of the most is the first one I had with my husband. We were both in high school and I had finally turned 16. It was a group date, and we played laser tag and then went to Shakey’s for a treat. No real wow factor, but it was extremely fun and it was the beginning of something awesome!

  98. My fav date was a simple drive up the canyon that turned into a an overnight stay in Heber because it was so late and my kids were with family so they were fine for the night.

  99. My favorite date was when my husband and I were dating. He picked me up, we had a “chaffeur” and we went to a “diner” where he had made a fancy dinner. We had waiters, lovely music, and it was adorable!

  100. I love your blog, and love al your amazing dating ideas. I need to be better at “dating” my husband, and your gift bag looks like it wouldhelp alot. Thanks for all the ideas!! Keep up the good work!!

  101. My best date night was in my own home. We were trying to save money so my husband cooked dinner, bought a bottle of wine & rented girly movies for a night in. So casual & so perfect.

  102. The best date I went on was when my boyfriend made breakfast for me on valentine’s day. It was amazing because we had an argument the night before and I wasn’t expecting it! Plus he hates breakfast, and I love all breakfast food. He made everything himself and had everything set up so nicely! It was adorable, I’ll never forget it!

  103. My best date . . . it’d have to be when my sweetheart came home from military training and we spent two glorious weeks together. We were married a few months later and celebrated 30 years of marriage this past June.

  104. My best date was when I went to greek food with my now husband. It was our first date, and it was awkward and wonderful and turned into one of the best days of my life!

    1. Best date was a date night dinner at home after my husband got back from Afghanistan!!! Put the kids to bed early and acted like we were at a fancy restaurant. A little lame, but what can you do with a nursing infant 😀

  105. Hmmm, my favorite date. It’s been a long time since my husband and I have been on a date, I think this blog has been a great find through the favorite things giveaway. I think the best date would have to be when we were first dating and my now husband and I spent hours lying in a field under the stars just talking to each other. I still remember the way I felt that night =)

  106. My boyfriend took me out for our anniversary. After dinner, we went to see the Plaza lights here in Kansas City, and he bought us a horse drawn carriage ride. We were riding around looking at the lights, and it started to snow! I kid you not… it was perfect 🙂 While we’re riding, he starts reciting my favorite poet and talking to me about how much I mean to him and how life is a journey, and he’s so happy that he’s spending his with me. 🙂 Then, he pulls out a journey diamond pendant and puts it around my neck! On a carriage ride… in the snow… PERFECT. 🙂 I am definitely one lucky girl 🙂

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway! 🙂

  107. For my Favorite/Best date that I have ever been on, we went night golfing! It was so much fun… Included with flashlights, stargazing, and even the sprinklers turning on. We left soaked, but it was so much fun!

  108. The best date I ever had was with my now husband. Right at the beginning he asked me out, but it took forever for him to actually set a day for our date. Instead he teased me with it, even talking to my parents about it having them pester me about the surprise. When we did finally go out it was worth the wait. We went downtown to an open art gallery and browsed around (until the secret dinner reservations were ready) then went to a really nice restaurant where he had called ahead and had flowers ordered and placed on the table for me. After such a nice fancy meal we went home and changed into less formal clothes and built whip cream sculptures, which ended in a very messy whip cream fight. Right then and there it was love.

  109. I am sure I have zero chance of winning. :/ I’m over here from The Pleated Poppy. Really liked your site. I love my Husband so much and we haven’t been on a date in years. Just very broke missionaries. I guess if you want to call a date sitting in lawn chairs out in the yard while kids come and go, six of them. Sigh. Anyways I’m book marking your site for some help on this issue. 🙂 Thanks – Ang. My Parents also teach Marriage counseling classes I’ll tell him about your site too. 🙂

  110. Best date ever was when the husband gave me money to go shopping and surprised me with a candlelit Cafe Rio dinner when I got home! Shopping and Cafe Rio, what’s better than that?

  111. I am hoping to win this, mainly because my husband has lost 3 jobs in 2 years and there is so much stress that we don’t do many dates or even nights alone. Could use something extra to look forward to.

  112. My favorite date was when my husband planed an activity for my birthday. We went to a game type place- food, video games, mini golfing, a small race track. It was sooooo much fun to be together (Without the kids too!) We had a coupon, which was also nice. I think I will remember it as not only a favorite date, but birthday as well!

  113. Some of my favorite dates were the simplest. Like going to the farmers’ market and picking up a picnic lunch then sitting at the picnic table by the river just chatting.

  114. Best date ever was just before my husband and I married (20 years ago!)…We were both living about a half hour from Santa Cruz and decided to make a drive to the beach. We left empty handed, just winging it. When we got to SC we decided to stop fo a pizza and then ran over to the drugstore and grabbed a blanket and then headed to the beach. We had a small fire (no idea where the wood came from! lol) and enjoyed pizza on the beach and a bit of snuggling and talking. It is such a great memory, I think because of the spontaneity and simpleness of it! =)

  115. The best date I’ve ever been on was in Seattle. My honey bought me tickets while we were on a mini honeymoon for the Underground Seattle tour. We had so much fun walking around Seattle before the tour and then exploring the history on the tour. Later he took me out to eat at a really nice restaurant. All this plus he had arranged with a friend for us to spend two nights on his dad’s boat! Cuddling under the stars on a boat? Super romantic!

  116. The best date I have ever been on was to Sambuca restaurant in Nashville Tn. My husband had a bouquet of my favorite flowers on the table waiting and had the live band play my favorite song and dedicate it to me.

  117. The best date I have been on was taking my man to the beach for the first time in his life. He was like a little kid with all the shells, caves, and the different things to do.

  118. My favorite date night was a getaway to a mountain resort. We ate at an expensive restaurant and then relaxed in our room. They even had fluffy white robes to wear to relax in.

  119. I think my best date was when I first met my husband. We went out to P.F.Chang’s for lunch, watched a chior sing Christmas carols and walked around looking at lights. It was wonderful!

  120. My favorite date was when my husband took me to a dance performance at BYU. It was an absolute shock because he doesn’t really like stuff like that but he did it to surprise me! It was really sweet! 🙂

  121. The best date I have ever been on was when my husband proposed. He came over to my house in the morning and helped me pick cherries and had a whole picnic planned for us later at our favorite park where he proposed! We then went home and had dinner with my parents. He was so sweet and thoughtful and funny.

  122. My favorite date was with my husband back when we were dating. It was simple, but he surprised me by making dinner and serving it by candlelight. Afterwards, we took a walk to look at the stars!

  123. My favorite date was when my husband (then boyfriend) surprised me on my birthday with a candlelit dinner he cooked and a beautiful bouquet of roses.

  124. My best date would have to be my junior prom, his truck was lifted so he took his parents steps to their spa and covered them with red velvet! The best part is after prom was over he made me a heart shaped pillow from the velvet.

  125. The best date I’ve ever been on is my very first date with my now husband….it was a comedy of errors including the fact the guy I went out with the night before tagged along! All turned out well as we have been married for 15 years now!

  126. My hubby is a huge Timbers fan so for a recent date we went to the final game of the season, We went early even to check out some other stuff down town. we then went to dinner. It was very cold and very rainy but the best date ever! I am now a huge fan and we have decided to make it a tradition to go every year!

  127. My favorite date is the one where my husband proposed! A romantic picnic by the lake. Unforgettable! We’ll celebrate 5 years just before Christmas!

  128. My husband surprised me one night… first we stopped at a store to picked up a dress (and he picked one for me after I tried several). Then off to a nice dinner and then walked by the park. That was very very sweet and thoughtful.

  129. my best date ever was after a very emotional and hard week with work and family my hubby took me to dinner. he surprised me after dinner we walked around temple square and then he took me to anniversary inn. he had gone to the store and packed all my favorite treats. It was amazing.

  130. The best date I have been on so far was last year when my now fiance took me to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Christmas concert. He kept it a secret and planned the whole thing without me knowing. He knew that it was a group I was interested in seeing. It not only takes the cake as the best date because the concert was beyond amazing (and we got autographs after!) but because he knew it was something I wanted to do and planned it all on his own….and managed to keep it a secret!!

  131. Oops . . .didn’t pay attention. Sorry. I’m suffering from new-mommy-sleep-deprived-brain and I honestly cannot think of a specific date! {Man, I need sleep.} I love all my dates with my hubby. Whenever he plans a date, he always puts a lot of thought into it and I know he cares so much. I love it!

  132. The best date I’ve ever been on was to my own house! I came home to a wonderful candlelit meal followed by dessert in the living room watching a movie together in front of the fireplace. I am truly blessed 🙂

  133. My husband got my tickets to this chocolate convention. We dropped my daughter off and so it was just the two of us. We got to taste lots of chocolate and then we went to Lola’s in Seattle for lunch, and had the best food ever.

  134. My husband treated me to a surprise overnight stay at a B&B. He made all of the arrangements so that we could get away together for the first time since our son was born.

  135. My best date was my 10th anniversary. My husband took care of everything. He arranged for my family to watch the kids, took me to our favorite restaurant and then we walked around the city talking, laughing and daydreaming.

  136. Best date I ever went on was my first date with my now-husband! He took me out to dinner at a great italian restaurant and we walked through downtown to the symphony to watch a performance. (we met for the first time a year before that at the symphony). He knew after that first date that he wanted to marry me. I took some convincing 🙂

  137. My best date was with my husband before we got married. He cooked for me and served me with candles lit and our favorite artist (Jason Mraz) playing in the background! We’ve been married 5 years and together 6 and I still remember that night! – Karen

  138. So, I started looking at your website and LOVE it! I had my first Date with my husband at home at night after the kids went to bed and it was really FUN! We both enjoyed the card game we played and it was nice to do something different than just a movie. Thanks!

  139. My hubby and I try and go to a concert every year for our anniversary, even if it is not on our actual anniversary. I love being able to make such fun memories with my husband!

  140. When my husband and I were not married yet, he surprised me and showed up at my dorm room. (He had graduated two years earlier and was living about 2 hours away). He asked me to get dressed up but wouldn’t tell me where we were going. We went to a beautiful French restaurant and had the most lovely, romantic dinner together! I was so impressed that he had managed to keep the whole thing a secret from me. I love surprises!

  141. suprise trip,….the only one we have ever been on….to LA from Kansas. It was awesome. We could understand why I was sick to my stomach and so tired….little did we know baby was on the way! 🙂 It was a fun trip. Hand in hand-just us-no computers or phones….aaagghhh…

  142. It was a night in actually – my husband dragged me around all day, got really annoyed. Came to find out his friend was setting up the apartment for a super romantic night for us! Flowers, chocolates, candles, music…maybe overdone, but it was the works.

  143. My best date was sledding one December night. My date and I went to this huge snow hill late one night and sledded with a bunch of younger kids and face planted a few times 🙂

  144. We went on a fantastic date to Chicago, stayed the night at a hotel, saw a show, walked through Millennium park, are Chicago style pizza and had a gorgeous breakfast the next day at the hotel restaurant. And romantic late-night hot tea at a tea shop after the show!

  145. The best date we had was on our first anniversary. I had spent several hours turning our (at the time very small) apartment into an adventure into space. When he came home and opened the door, he was greeted by darkness created by hanging dark sheets dotted with glow-in-the-dark solar system stickers. He then followed in the only direction he could – crawling under an elaborate cave and fort of blankets and pillows which led to a small cubby hole where I had laid down blankets and moved our tv to (there was a small non-working firplace area that fit our tv screen perfectly.) We then watched a beautiful vimeo time lapse video taken from space and enjoyed our “out of this world” evening 🙂

  146. Our fist date. We were juniors in high school and he took me to see How the Grinch Stole Christmas. During the movie he asked to hold my hand. It was so cute and at that moment I knew I found the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with. That was 12 years ago, we have been married for 6 and have a 7 month old daughter.

  147. My favorite date would be my second one with my sweetie. Kayaking in the bay followed by a walk on the beach, some pizza, and lots of get to know you time. 🙂

  148. The best date I ever went on was when my husband and I were dating and it was close to valentines day (and also my birthday) He took me to this little authentic Italian restaurant for an early dinner, then afterwards we went to the hot springs and we just sat in the water together and talked. It was lightly snowing and the steam from the hot springs made it seem like we were the only couple around. It was very peaceful and romantic. Then we went back to my place and built a snowman (and had a snowball fight. I don’t think it’s possible to buld a snowman without throwing a little snow around!) then went inside for some hot cocoa. It was one of the most memorable dates of my life. It was at that point that I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with that man! I’m just glad he felt the same way about me! Now we’re living our very own happily ever after 🙂

  149. The best date we ever went on was for our anniversary last year. We went to a hotel a little ways away that offered gondola rides (complete with singing gondoliers!) and rode one. Then we spent time walking through the hotel gardens & pools that were just beautiful. Thanks for this chance to win your basket, we need it!! 😉

  150. The best “date” I ever went on was (is) after we put our girls to bed and have a couple of hours to ourselves to unwind and relax! Sometimes we’ll eat a nice “grown up” meal or enjoy a movie!

  151. Best date- when my husband planned a weekend trip away. I did not know where we were going at all. He told me what type of clothes would be needed. He drove me to Lake Chautauqua for a wine tasting weekend. We had a great time and what a nice surprise it turned out to be.

  152. The best date I ever went on was last year on my anniversary. My husband really made me feel special and had planned the whole night out. He even made reservations for Thai and be doesn’t care for it, but knows its my favorite. 🙂

  153. The best date I’ve ever gone on was the one that my husband proposed to me on! He re-created our first date and we went to our favorite restaraunt and then walked around the beautiful park near it. Then when he proposed my best friend and her fiance were hiding in the bushes and got pictures of the whole thing! He is too good.

  154. My hubby and I used to go on a weekly date to get ice cream and watch the sunset at the lake we lived by. We had the greatest heart to hearts and conversations. We now live across the country from that spot but about once a year we get to go back. This is where my husband proposed and where we fell in love.

  155. I can’t single out one best date. But my favorites are when we have some kind of theme and we have to do that all night. Those are great because you can do them with or without the kids and they are cheap, easy, and FUN!

  156. This past valentines day, it was the day before my due date. I was huge, uncomfortable and just didn’t feel beautiful. My boyfriend had my dress up and made me wear purple (my favorite color). He went out and bought dress clothes that were purple to match my outfit. We went out to eat at a fancy restaurant, he bought me flowers, and the first movie we had ever went to the theater to watch together. That night when we got home, I had a foot bath all set up, my movie ready to play, and snacks waiting for me. It was the sweetest thing ever. Four days later, our son was born. It was amazing.

  157. The best (and smartest!) date I ever went on was when I asked the boy who would become my husband to be my date to a band banquet in high school. Thirty-two years later, we are still madly in love!

  158. My favorite date was Valentine’s when my husband and I were dating. A Sister Hazel concert, fancy dinner downtown, followed by a McDonald’s icecream sundae when nothing on the other restaurant’s menu sounded good.

  159. One of my favorite dates was really one of our simplest ones! We put the kids to bed, rock paper scissored for who got to pick the game to play, snuggled up and watched a movie, then woke up as he was carrying me to our bed. Such a quiet, simple, non-extravagant date, but so dear to my heart.

  160. First Valentine’s Day in Vail Colorado. Rode the gondola up to the top of the mountain and enjoyed a packed picnic lunch complete with hand dipped chocolate strawberries, followed by ice skating on the mountain. Fabulous day.

  161. I did the “you’re appreciated” thank you date for my husband was a welcome home from his last deployment. It was really nice since most of our family was unable to be there when he got off the plane, yet all the notes were there from them to let him know he is loved and appreciated.

  162. The best date I’ve ever been on was when I surprised my husband (then boyfriend) with a picnic and we just went to a local park and spent time together. I keep meaning to plan another picnic and hope to soon! :]

  163. The best dates my husband and I have always involve just staying home and either playing a game (scrabble), watching movies, having a tv show marathon etc…

  164. The best date that I ever went on was my first date with my husband. He took me to see the Christmas lights, but they were already off, so he used his flashlight as we drove thru. Telling stories and making me laugh. I will never forget it!

  165. My best date was mine and my husband’s very first date when he asked me out. He took me to dinner and then we went and had ice cream. After that we talked and got to know each other. We got married one year later on that same day. 🙂

  166. My best date was when my husband surprised me with a birthday trip to the zoo in Boston, followed by dinner at the top of the Pru. It was the most extravagant meal we’d ever had, and it was awesome that he planned all of it on his own. We watched the sun set over Boston.

  167. Thee best date I went on with my husband was when he took me to ‘our lake’ where we’d always go when we first started dating, brought a picnic basket full of Strawberries and other goodies and a big comfy blanket so we could have a picnic.. at night. The moonlight hit the lake beautifully and it was the perfect night. (:

  168. Most of the dates that I remember as being the best have to do with the mountains, wine, a cheese and meat platter and a gorgeous view. We love to picnic and those are the times when you can really talk and enjoy eachother!

  169. The best date I ever went on wasn’t really a date but our “anniversamoon”. We couldn’t have a honeymoon because I was having major surgery shortly after our wedding and our budget didn’t allow us to go anywhere. For our one year anniversary we went to Tennessee. We both sing (we met at karaoke), and one of the places we went to had an open front window stage where you could sing to everyone walking by outside. It was the coolest place ever and we had so much fun! We haven’t had any vacations since then (we just celebrated our 5th anniversary), but we hope to repeat that one again.

  170. My favorite date was the “blind date” I went on and it ended up being my husband 🙂 we did dinner and a movie and neither were fantastic but when he hugged me I knew 🙂

  171. The best date I’ve ever been on was when my husband finally took me to the ballet! I am a dancer and love to go every year to the ballet. My husband isn’t really much on going to them, but last year, he made a big deal! We saw The Nutcracker, my favorite. He wrapped the tickets and left them in my stocking to find when I came home from my Saturday errands. He took our son to his grandparents and he told me to get dressed for a nice evening out. I had no idea that he had a connection with someone within the dance company and had set up a little meet and great with some of the cast. The snow queen, who is my favorite, gave me a snowflake necklace that Danny had bought. It was an awesome evening!

  172. The best date night that I have ever been on was a night out to a billy joel concert…i know crazy and weird…but my husband and I are children of the 80s and grew up listening to him! It was truly an amazing night that we will never forget!

  173. I love this site and have made many wedding gifts for new couples with the date ideas from this site! I try to refer as many married couples to it as possible! Thanks for keeping it fun!

  174. Hubby and I have not been super creative up to this point. BUT, for his birthday present next month, I put together 12 super-fun date ideas — one for each month — complete with gift cards and the like to have them all planned out and ready to go. Several of them came from this site!

  175. My best date was when we went white water rafting for the day. It was totally out of our comfort zone. We had to rely on each other and trust each other. We laughed (and screamed) together lol.

  176. My favorite date was the first date I ever had with my husband. He took me to Birmingham, where we watched a movie and he took me to eat at his favorite restaurant, the Purple Onion. Every time we go to Birmingham, we have to eat at the Purple Onion. It’s a tradition!

  177. Our best date was a candle lit picnic on the beach and a moonlit walk to an area lined with candles overlooking the beach and an air mattress decked out with pillows, sheets, and blankets for massages! 🙂

  178. We ate lunch in the bottom of a swimming pool (St. Augustine) in a historic hotel after sightseeing. Live music, delicious food, a good talk…wonderful!

  179. My best date was the first time I went out to eat with my husband. We went to a marketplace that had all these different food selections. We were so nervous and shy around eachother. It was extremely cute!

  180. Best date I had with my husband was when he surprised me by arranging a sleepover for our kids, and then taking me out to dinner where we just enjoyed each other’s time and hung out in Barnes and Noble.

  181. The best date I’ve ever been on was the night I got engaged. He took me out to dinner and then we went on a drive to a little field where he had put sparklers in the shape of a heart and lit them while we were inside the heart.

  182. Best date I ever went on was when me and my husband first started dating. He took me to dinner, then took me to his home town and we danced on an old railroad track and he sand my favorite song, ‘Texas Angel’ by Honey Brown!

  183. The best date I have ever been on(so far!) was last year. My better half planned a surprise for me and wouldn’t tell me anything for weeks! Of course I tried guessing, and when he would drop little hints like “Wear something nice, but don’t wear heels” my mind would go crazy! I thought for sure he would be taking us to dance classes or something of the like, but boy whas I wrong! After getting ready and putting on my flats, we drove to our favourite walking place – the airpark that is encircled by rivers and ocean.

    This is where I got confused until he walked me over to the kayak rental place. We had always talked about trying this but had never gotten around to it! I was excited, and nervous and a little confused as to why I had to wear nice clothes – why couldn’t we go home after and change before dinner?

    Because we kayaked to the restaurant that’s why! He took me to the best restaurant in town, that over looks a river and has a dock just off the patio for boats to tie up.
    Everyone was staring at us as we pulled up and off loaded, and I felt a little self-conscious of the attention!

    We had an amazing time eating great food(and bellinis!) and talking. When we were finished we (myself a little tipsy haha) climbed back into the kayak and everyone applauded us! Hahaha!

    It was a spectacular night, out of my comfort zone/ Which is one of the great things about my guy…he nudges me to try new things ad I am rarely disappointed 🙂

  184. The best date would be the surprise one my sweet hubby planned during my first year of teaching. He took me out to dinner at a Sushi place and then took me on a Gondala ride at a hotel. It was so cute that he planned this night with our friends also-they were so secretive to get the tickets and everything. It was perfect!

  185. The Best date I’ve ever been on was a surprise train ride from my town into Santa Barbara (beach town in CA), a visit to the zoo, riding bikes around the town, shopping, dinner, and a relaxing train ride back. It was simple and sweet and fun not to know the details of the day!

  186. So hard to choose a “best” date, but one of the best was visiting Huber’s Farm & Orchard in the fall, picking out a pumpkin, and sitting outside enjoying the weather, music and wine!

  187. The best date that I have ever been on was a Ocean themed date. We went to the aquarium, had a wonderful fish dinner and then we watched Disney’s Ocean. I felt a little guilty eating seafood after the visit to the aquarium, but it was YUMMY!

  188. As interesting as this sounds, the best date was with husband (before we got married) and we went and cleaned a ladies house for 6 hours. Had a BLAST seeing the before and after, and working hard together.

  189. My husband set up a private dance for the two of us. He found an old car show room, got permission to use it, decorated it and took me there for a romantic dinner for two and we spent the night dancing across the empty floor. It was the most sweet thoughtful date ever.

  190. the best date i have been on is when my boyfriend (now hubs) took me on a surprise weekend getaway to san diego. that is when/where i feel in love with him! thanks for the giveaway.

  191. Best date ever: was a huge group date to the SLC airport in college. It was a birthday trip for a friend, and we had something like ten couples. We took the tour they send the elementary school kids on, and just had a fun, relaxed time. Brent (the birthday boy) was just plane-crazy, and the rest of us caught his enthusiasm. We laughed and joked and it was just awesome. (My date ended up just being a friend . . . but it was still the best.)

    What put it over the top, though, was my date was an aviation instructor at the community college, and we flew from Provo to SLC to go on our date. We had to drive home (high cross winds), but then went back early early early in the morning to return the rental car and bring the plane back to the hangar. That early morning flight is one of my most magical experiences ever.

  192. I would have to say that the best date my husband took me on was in Italy…he is in the Navy so we were fortunate enough to get the chance to visit Italy and the second night in Rome was so beautiful, just walking around, taking in the sights. SWOON!

  193. The first date my husband ever took me on was to see a movie in the Dollar Theater. That was really fun, but the best part was, knowing that I can’t eat sugar, afterwards he took me to the grocery store to pick out some mangos for dessert! We had so much fun being silly, pretending like we were experts in knowing how to pick out ripe mangos, and then taking them to his place to cut them and eat while talking and getting to know each other. I thought it was so creative and sweet of him!

  194. My best date ever was my husband and I celebrating our anniversary/Valentine’s Day (they are on the same day) 2 years ago. We were able to spend the entire day together, going out to breakfast, lunch and the Sacramento Zoo to see the animals. The very best memories <3

  195. My husband and I went with another couple to a free swing dancing class at a local coffeehouse. The 4 of us were the only ones on the dance floor with the instructors–it was so awkward yet one of the most fun times we’ve had as a couple.

  196. The best date I’ve been on was when my boyfriend and I got all dressed up and he took me into Chicago for a night out. It wasn’t majorly extravagant but it was one last night out together before he deployed to Afghanistan for 7 months. He is now home safe and sound but I will always remember that night.

  197. Favorite date my husband planned a fun “flip of the coin” He borrowed a giant play penny from our son and picked me up. With every choice we flipped a coin to see what we were going to do. We tried a new restaurant and new dish. We also had fun just flipping that coin, it is like 4 inches across. Can you imagine what the people around us were thinking? So much fun.

  198. Best date: My husband and I planned a Rock n Roll date from one of your posts! We dressed up in our best rocker outfits and then we rocked out on guitar hero, played some acoustic with Hubby’s guitars, and settled down to watch the movie Rock Star. It was so much fun!

  199. I have two blogs that I stalk and Dating Divas is one of them. It is refreshing to see something that tries to build marriages up instead of tearing them down.

  200. My most favorite date was probably my 1st year anniversary!! My husband did great planning! We rode Metro into SLC and ate dinner at the Garden- top of JSB. Then we took a horse carriage ride around and it dropped us off at a bed and breakfast! LOVED IT!

  201. We don’t have too many dates since we’ve still got a little one at home, but my hubby tries to make them all special. One of my favorites was when we got to spend the night out of town and go to the Bon Jovi concert!

  202. Definitely my most memorable date was when I guy I was dating took me all around our city and showed me all of the things that were special to him. Later in the evening he told me that he thought it was important to show me, because he was deploying and wanted to leave all of his memories with someone special. We lost touch while he was gone, but I felt so special that he wanted to leave all of these memories with me.
    P.S. I know he did return safely and is now happily married. 😉

  203. My favorite date would have to be the very first date that started our love story. We went paint balling in the woods. Being a girlie girl I was in heels and he didn’t think that I would play but I did and I loved it.

  204. The best date I ever had with my husband was the date where he took me to a lighthouse on the beach and proposed to me. I will cherish that memory for a lifetime! 🙂

  205. To be sadly honest, my favorite date was NOT with my husband and wasn’t really considered a real date in any terms. My cousin had just turned 16 and was visiting us from England and wanted to go on a double date. I was able to find her a date, no problem. But myself? I ended up talking to one of my best friends, who happened to have a girlfriend and he said he could go with me so it wouldn’t be all awkward. He ended up spending a fortune on me and me and my cousin had a blast. Of course he told his girlfriend how boring and annoying it was. lol We went to a bounce house and to the Japanese place that cooked the food right in front of you. 😀 With my husband, things always seem to go wrong for us with dates. My husband got strep throat when we tried to spend a couple days away and go to Lagoon. THe next time we tried to get a hotel our toddler burnt her hand on Grandma’s fireplace and that ended in a trip to the emergency room…..yeah, we don’t have good luck! lol

  206. My first date with my husband! He took me out to a nice dinner and then had a whole evening of “sight seeing” to do. It was so cute and I was so impressed with the time and effort he had put in to make our first date special! So glad I found him!

  207. Best date ever was my first date with my husband (he wasn’t my husband at that time) he did all the right stuff and boy could he dance! I was hooked from then!!! Married now:)

  208. We have made a point to have monthly date nights (once we found a babysitter!). I have also shared the Dating Divas website with my hubby so he can “plan” a date or two as well. As well as date nights w/the hubby, we make a point to have one on one dates w/each kiddo too!

  209. Last year for our anniversary I took the hubby to ipix in Scottsdale – swanky dinner and movie joint. i am not creative and I was quite proud of myself for coming up with such a unique date!