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It’s the FIRST day of February….the month of L.O.V.E. *sigh*  Well, we thought we would show our READERS a little love as well and offer you all another GREAT giveaway!  How does that sound?

We are SUPER excited about our newest sponsor –  Say It On The Wall!!  They have sooooo many products that are super fun….we just didn’t know what to tell you about first!?!  Let me get you a little more familiar with them and THEN you will love their giveaway even more!

Vinyl Lettering is the cheapest and easiest way to redecorate or add some fun decor to your home or office and Say It On The Wall is full of ideas!   Take a look at just a few of their products:

Let’s start with my favorite thing she sells, shall we?!

Super cute Date Dice!!!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. To learn more about ’em, click here.

Aren’t they adorable!?!  They are the perfect l’il size and they “double” as V-Day decor as well!

Next….this would be any organizer’s DREAM!!

Kitchen Jar Labels!  You can purchase them as SINGLES or a SET of 10!

Your pantry will be in perfect order with these FAB vinyl labels!  Be still my non-cooking heart! 🙂

AND….to go along with those lovely matching labels…you can use this classy MENU to announce to the fam what will be cookin’ in the kitchen for the week with this Dry Erase Menu.

It’s functional AND cute decor!

Last but not least, check out this Dry Erase Calendar…you wouldn’t have to worry about purchasing a new calendar every year with a fun calendar like THIS!  🙂

NOW….this is just a teeny-tiny sampling of what she has on her site!  Seriously!  I just looked at her website again….and fell in love with THIS cute quote:

Oh my!  I would LOVE to put that on our bathroom mirror!!  🙂

This month, they are running a promotion for Affiliates that includes FREE VINYL! (just pay shipping.)  They are also offering some big discounts on items that will help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions this year as well!  Check them out!!

She is also currently offering ALL “dating diva” reader a discount of 30% off your entire order through Valentine’s Day!  If you just can’t wait…..then head on over there and get to shoppin’!

Use the Promo Code: DIVA 30

Now for the fun part…

…..Say It On The Wall is giving away a $30 gift certificate to one lucky Dating Divas’ fan!

Wanna Enter THIS Giveaway?

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The giveaway will end this coming Friday, February 4th at 11:00 PST. We will announce the winner on Saturday, February 5th on our FACEBOOK FAN PAGE – so don’t forget to check back to see if the winner is YOU!!  Open only to those living in the U.S. – SO sorry!!

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150 Responses to Giveaway: Say It On The Wall

  1. I signed up and read the newsletters, I am a fan of “say it on the wall” (and “the dating divas”) on facebook! AND I “follow” their blog. Such a great giveaway! Love you guys!

  2. I subscribed, am a fan of you and Say it on the wall on Facebook. and…The most dreamy kiss I ever had took place….on the driveway of the parsonage! (My husband is a pastor)

  3. The most dreamy kiss I ever had was right after my husband proposed to me (and of course, I said YES!) I was so happy! We have been married almost 2 years now and every kiss is dreamy!

  4. The most dreamy kiss I ever had took place on our third date! It was our first kiss with each other and our first kiss ever! Let’s just say… FIREWORKS!!!

  5. #1 – I am an “official newsletter” subscriber and LOVE it!
    #2 – I am a FACEBOOK FAN of Say It On The Wall. Yeah!
    #3 – I am a follower on the “Say It On The Wall” blog… awesome products!!
    #4 – The most dreamy kiss I ever had took place on the Pont Neuf in Paris France! EEEEK!

  6. #1 – I get the newsletter!
    #2 – I follow SIOTW on FB! 🙂
    #3 – I also follow their blog
    #4 – My most dreamy kiss is ANY kiss I get from the hubbs! With two kids 14 months apart, there isn’t a lot of kissing going on. (Plus he goes away for LONG periods of time for work. Like, seriously long. Like last year he was gone for 5 consecutive months. Just for business! Crazy, I tell ya!)

  7. I am an official Newletter subsciber and I am now a fan of “Say it on the wall” on facebook! So great to find new ideas and resources through you guys!

  8. Hello Divas,

    The most dreamy kiss I ever had took place when my husband proposed to me three years ago. It was at Spring Mountain Ranch in Las Vegas, in a large open field. No one else was there, just us and it was so beautiful. After I said yes, we shared a kiss and it was one of the best moments and memory of my life.

  9. My most dreamy kiss too place when we met for the second time. We were a long distance relationship. The first time we met he was in UT for only 3 weeks. He tired to kiss me and I denied him, not knowing if he had a girlfriend or wife back where he was from. Needless to say he did have either and we started talking via letters and phone. The next time I saw him we met in vegas and had our first kiss four months after we met! It was a dreamy kiss.

  10. I receive your newsletters, I follow their blog, I am a fan of them and yours on FB, and I am sharing this giveaway on FB(annietorresmitchell)!

    Gee, I sure hope with this! If not I am totally buying those block!

  11. The most dreamy kiss I ever had took place when I was moving out of state. I was eighteen and leaving to go live with other family, and leaving behind my first two loves. One I had spent New Years with, and that kiss was just amazing. The other one was mad at me for a number of reasons but I had to say goodbye to him. I kissed his cheek and something happened. I didn’t want to leave (and he didn’t want me to leave), but I left anyway. Four months later I came back to visit and he proposed. A year later we were married and we celebrate our 7th anniversary this month! (PS: We’re still actually best friends with the other boy LOL)

  12. I am most definitely a follower on facebook & for the newsletter!
    The most dreamy kiss I ever had took place in our living room lol. We had both had a very long day at work & at school. He gets home before I do so he cleaned everything from head to toe (well clean for him anyways) before I got home. I was already on the verge of crying when I walked in. I saw everything that he had done for me so I didn’t have to worry about a thing, I for sure started to cry, but then he kissed me a certian way & my day seriously melted away! Thank you for having me re-think this moment. It is definitely putting a smile on to my face!

  13. The most dreamy kiss I ever had was on my birthday two years ago. My husband was so sweet and planned a great birthday celebration for me–it was definitely a night to remember!

  14. I am get the newsletter and I just became a fan loved her blog!! Girls at my work have showed it to me before so excited that she is doing a giveaway and discount 🙂 The most Dreamy kiss I ever had was in December. My husband took me to see a house that had its lights blink to the songs on the radio station and we had our first kiss there (we were dating then)

  15. The most dreamy kiss I ever had took place on my back porch of my apartment. My husband and I just started dating and that was the first time he kissed me. He was pretty dreamy 🙂

  16. I am a newsletter subscriber and reader {fantastic this week! I’m on my toes for next week’s head’s up about after Valentine’s!} . I also “like” Say It On the Wall on Facebook. Thanks!

  17. The most dreamy kiss I ever had took place…..

    quite possibly the day my hubby and I got married. I say quite possibly because I have a few memories and I can’t really decide which one it is for sure . . . but I’m gonna tell ya about this one. We had just gotten married. We went to the luncheon. Rushed home to get ready for the reception that night. But before we were whisked away yet again {does that happen to everyone the day you get married??}, my hubby gave me a sweet kiss and I seem to recall him saying something about me finally being his wifey. 😀 Lovely.

  18. I am subscribed to the newsletter. “The most dreamy kiss I ever had took place…..” this morning. My husband and I have been taking more time to actually kiss instead of just a smooch and then out the door. Our schedules are opposites, so we don’t have much time. Making kissing for SEVERAL seconds a priority has been very rewarding.

  19. I have subscribed to the newsletter and am now a FB fan of Say It On The Wall!!! I could really use something romantic to put in our bedroom…I’m in desperate need of some vinyl letters! Please, please, please pick me!

  20. “The most dreamy kiss I ever had took place on our first anniversary when i took my husband on a private plane ride! It had always been a dream of his and i’m so glad i was able to share that moment with him! (while i was puking in the back!)

  21. I am a Dating Divas newsletter subscriber AND A Fan of “Say it on the Wall” on Facebook.

    The most dreamy kiss I ever had took place on a cliff looking over the city. It had rained that day so the sun was streaming through the clouds. It was perfect and even more perfect because my husband had just proposed! I think it was the mud on my husbands knee that he had from kneeling on the wet ground that made it even more special. very dreamy

  22. Subscribed to the newsletter and liked Say it on the wall. The Dice are so stinkin cute and I love the ease of crafting with vinyl letters. I also started following Say it On the Wal.

  23. Hey divas I love this giveaway. this would just be amazing.
    I am a newsletter subscriber, I’ve been a facebook fan, and I also follow them on their blog.
    thank you

  24. I am a newsletter subscriber and I do love vinyl (although I have the ability with my cricut to make some on my own-although I do have size and design limitations). My most dreamy kiss was probably on my wedding day, he tilted me over his knee and my tiara fell off!

  25. The most dreamy kisses I have had happened on New Year’s Eve with my now husband. It was a magical night that lasted all night long:) I am also a newsletter subscriber.

  26. I am a newsletter subscriber and just became a fan of SIOTW since I have been looking for some fun ways to spice up our new house! The most dreamy kiss I ever had took place on a golf course at night in the rain…

  27. You ladies are the best, as usual! 🙂 I get your newsletter, follow you religiously on FB, and I’m a fan of Say it on the Wall, as well. Vinyl words/verses, is my favorite decorating tool for a quick update or something new! 🙂

  28. The most dreamy kiss I ever had took place in the rain during a summer evening. SO ROMANTIC!

    I’m a subscriber to the newsletter. I also became a fan of Say It On the Wall’s facebook page as well as a follower of their blog. Such adorable stuff! Especially for my classroom..

  29. I am now a fan of Say it on the wall! Great ideas and products. And I also subscribed to your newsletter. Can’t wait to get some awesome Dating Diva Mail.

    ps thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  30. The Most Dreamy Kiss I Ever Had Was…the first kiss I shared with my husband (then boyfriend). It was a fire works, foot popping, everything else fades away kind of kiss! 🙂

  31. I am a Diva newsletter subscriber and i am LOVING this giveaway.

    OMG. those dating dice are to die for.

    and my poor house in lacking in decor right now thanks to a new baby and full school schedule.

    sad day.

    ahhhh i wanna win!

  32. The most dreamy kiss I ever had took place…..the night my hubby proposed to me! He recreated our entire first date (even down to the music that was playing in the car) and proposed to me on the bench in front of my aunt’s house where I was living at the time. It was simply perfect! 🙂

  33. I am the newest subscribed newsletter reader AND a fan of Say it on the Wall! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas and creative possibilities! I LOVE your site and am excited about all the fabulous creative projects I can do with Say it on the Wall!