Hot Hubby

In honor of all of our amazing husbands out there and the quickly approaching Father’s Day, we have decided to once again hold our {now annual} HOT HUBBY CONTEST!!  It’s simple, really!  Just send in a picture of your husband and ONE sentence {in 20 words or less} explaining why he is the best spouse ever… and then get all of your friends and family to PIN his photo to their Pinterest Boards… spreading the word! EASY, right! Go grab a photo of your man and let’s get pinning!  BTW – If you don’t have a Pinterest account, email us at & we will invite you! For even MORE details on this contest… you can visit our post HERE.



  1. Submit a picture to with the title subject being “Hot Hubby – First & last name of husband” and include ONE sentence {20 words or less} letting us know why your AMAZING husband should be our winner. Maybe he melts you when he plays with the children or he does the dishes every night after dinner.  Whatever it may be, there is something special about YOUR spouse and we want you to showcase it using your favorite photo!  Some ideas would be a photo of your man playing a game with the kids, or of his dusty work boots showing how hard he works all day to provide for your family, or a picture showing off his personality.
  2. We will upload the photos TWICE a day to this page {once in the afternoon and once at night}.  Once you see that your photo is uploaded, you can start spreading the word!  Tell all your friends & family to come to “PIN IT” so you can “WIN IT!”
  3. In order to vote, they must come to THIS PAGE and PIN the picture using the PIN IT button below your picture.  Votes will be counted by the number of pins counted on each picture, so it’s SUPER important that you send everyone to this page. We would suggest letting everyone know via email. Facebook, Twitter, and any other way you can think of. Just copy this URL to send out to everyone:
  4. Entries will be valid starting TODAY through Friday, June 15th.  The SOONER you enter… the SOONER you can start getting votes!
  5. On June 16th, the top two photos with the most “PINS” will then be voted on by The Dating Divas.  {We will send an email to those two readers & ask them to submit one paragraph explaining WHY they are the most deserving couple & WHY they think their hubby is so “hot!”  So be thinking of what you would say….} We will share this paragraph & the winning photo with everyone in the post announcing the winner.
  6. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, June 20th!!  :)




“He spoils me rotten and always makes sure I know how much he loves me!”

“Not only was he the best father to our own children but our grandchildren absolutely ADORE him!”

He is the magazine cowboy with the biggest heart for his princess.

My husband is HOTT because he’s not afraid to get out there and have fun!!

Even after sleeping in a hospital chair all night he still looks SOO good holding our newest baby girl!!

Never misses an opportunity to spend time with his family and hold his 2 kids.

I think my hubby should win because he gives his all in everything he does!

Jesse, father of 3, works 50+ hours a week & is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Because he’s alive — and that wasn’t so certain earlier this year.

They don’t get much time together due being deployed with the Marines but when he is home they are perfect together.

Jared is my Hot Hubby because… I think this picture explains it all!

“Ryan treats his daughter and I like gold, he does it all! …and it’s so hot!

“My husband James, just simply….Saved. By. Grace.”

“Nathan is HOT because he always plans outdoor “adventures” for me and our two boys and he works SUPER hard”

“My husband is extremely supportive of my direct sales business and inspires me to reach my goals!!”

“My husband fills our home with Laughter.”

“My husband is amazing; he’s silly, he’s encouraging, and he loves me unconditionally!”

“Not only does my husband look PHENOMENAL in a uniform, but he manages to be perfect no matter the distance!”

“My husband shows such a commitment and passion for everything he does… his family, our furbaby, me and even insurance!”

“My husband will sacrifice everything to ensure the happiness of me and our daughter.”

“He knows how to make me smile, even through the rough times!”

“Willy is always surprising us both with little gifts and loves working to provide hope for others as a nurse!”

“He’s the best husband because he always makes me feel like the most special and beautiful woman in the world.”

“I love his love for God and missions and he melts my heart when he sings, even if it’s off-key.”

“My husband is an incredible father, and he never fails to let me know how beautiful he thinks I am!”

“His love, true love is constantly forgiving; a love that mirrors our God of second chances.”

“My hot hubby deserves to win because after work, he can’t wait to get home and play with our little girl!”

“Ryan is hot because he lost 150+ pounds and is dedicated to being the best dad and is my daughter and I’s best friend!”

“My Danny paid $800 just to meet me, calls me sweetie in public, works to keep America safe, and treats me like a queen!”

“What makes him HOT is how loving and gentle he is with his wife, sons, and little baby girl.”

“I think my hubby is hot because he will drop everything he is doing to be with OUR family.”

“Damon is “the Rock” of our entire family leading us with faith, honor and love.”

“My husband knows just when to lure the kids away to play and give me time to decompress.”

“Husband to one, daddy to two… meet my amazing kisser-provider-back-rubber-encourager-super-hero-man-of-my-dreams.”

“My firefighter risks his life to save others, is an incredible father to our children, and volunteers to mentor teen dads!”

“He is AMAZING, he loves our kids, helps around the house and loves me even on my bad days.”

“C’mon, just look at him, *Sigh* PLUS he’s willing to clean up poop and throw up…need I say more?! “

“My husband is HOT because he makes many sacrafices and thinks only of others, never of himself.”

“My hubby should win because he has given me the life and family that I dreamed about as a little girl.”

“Our wedding day when the preacher said, “Kiss the bride”, Kipp grabbed my kids first and we all embraced. “

“Thomas is a good provider, a wonderful father, kind, loving, funny, and up for any adventure life has in store.”

“Meet my hot hubby Dustin – who makes me laugh & cry all at the same time because of the crazy things he does!!”

“My hubby stops and looks deep into my eyes EVERY DAY and smiles sweetly and tells me he loves me.”

“He always knew I was his girl… he waited 5 years for me to realize he was my guy.”

“My husband should win because he is the most hard working, sweet, caring, and sexy man I know!”

“We have 2 small children and he is our “hero”! He’s my best friend and I couldn’t ask for a better man!”

“He’s a cancer survivor, but even more an awesome dad and such a supportive husband and my best friend!”

“My husband is not only the most kind & patient man around, but he is my IRON MAN and that is hot.”

“Beautiful Blue Eyes, he thinks I’m beautiful, plays guitar & sings, wrote a song for me, amazing dad, and hard worker!”

“My husband is hot because he put his children and wife before all things, he’s GOD fearing and has mad swag!”

“My hubby is HOT because he goes out of his way to make me and our son smile each and every day.”

“My husband should be the winner because he is a wonderful father and a very loving husband.”

“My hubby works a 12+ hour day and comes home and helps pick up my slack, without complaint!”

“My Christian hubby is the hottest because he loves his family, treats me like a queen and the BEST dad ever!”

“Aaron always makes me laugh & remains my rock through our life adventures….. and crazy family!”

“He is a loving husband, understanding daddy, and wonderful provider for our family.”

“He changed my life, and never allows me to be sad.”

“My husband is hot because he works from sun up to sun down to put a roof over my head.”

“Frank: Husband of one, father of four, provider and protector of all”

“Full of adventure and love, Scott is our rock, our soft place to fall and our open arms.”

“He loves me at my worst and believes in me even on those days when I dont believe in myself.”

“My husband is the ultimate provider, he is my best friend, he loves Jesus, and he is one of the funniest people I know!”

“Those big kissable lips get me every time! Plus he’s classy and handy, the perfect combination!”

“Not only is my Hubby a ‘HOT’ Fireman, he’s my high school sweetheart, a devoted husband, and the perfect Daddy!”

“Joe is AMAZING because he gives the Army 110% then comes home and gives our family the same devotion.”

“He is the hottest hubby who I waited for 10 years for and is a man of faith, security and comfort. Worth the wait. “

“His relationship with Jesus is #1 and when we were separated, he never gave up he loves me so beautifully!”

“Because there’s nothing he can’t do, and he makes me feel like there’s nothing I can’t do!”

“Daniel tells me he loves me often, loves just hanging out with me, and calls me cute nicknames!”

“My husband gets HOTTER as he gets older, inside and out, I love who he is!”

“I’m madly in love with my husband because he’s stunning inside and out and treats me like a princess everyday!”

“My hubby is hot, because he takes care of our family, loves me unconditionally, and because…. Well look at him!”

“He was my inspiration to finish school, He is always happy & uplifting for others, He constantly puts others before himself.”

“He is a hot hubby and best dad ever to our 3 kiddos! He speaks French and kisses in French!”

“Travis brings me the calm I need and always knows how to make me smile.”

“My husband, Levis understands me and helps me to become a better woman every day.”

“Lee is HOT because he is dedicated to his family, his country, his work, and his academics!”

“Jeff is a full-time employee AND student, an involved dad, helps at home, and still makes time to date me!”

“My 3 boys and I couldn’t have dreamed of a better father, role model and friend… he is our everything.”

“We may have very little, but where the world lacks my husband gives us the very best he can give!”

“He is always willing to put him family first and knows what to do or say to make everything better.”

“My husband puts his life on the line to protect our freedom and he makes our 3 kids and me feel loved!”

“His family is always top priority, no matter what may have been going on in his day.”

“My husband is a super hero to our children and knows how to cure me when I’m feeling under appreciated.”

“Kyle is a genuine goofball who helps me to explore the world through new experiences like fishing!”

“My husband is the best husband ever, because nothing matters to him more than his family!”

“My hubby is a sexy man of God who puts Christ first in our marriage and that is the hottest!”

“He has the biggest heart and love for life! He makes our children and I laugh everyday! My best friend!”

“He’s unbelievably supportive – through grad school and the corresponding mood swings he’s been there to fill in wherever is needed.”

“I have the HOTTEST husband: He is charming, talented, ambitious, and best of all, he loves ME!!”

“If the premature graying doesn’t do it for you – then the way he cares for our babies should.”

“My husband’s kisses set the world on fire!”

“My firefighter husband is an amazing daddy and spouse! Not only a Hero because of his job, but the Hero of our family!”

“My husband is amazing, hot, and smiling even though he was enduring his 9th month of chemo treatments.”

“I love my husband because he is a involved Daddy & supportive husband, he never fails to make me laugh.”

“He works so hard to make sure our family has an amazing life filled with lots of adventures.”

“14 years later, he still makes my heart skip a beat… tongue sticking out and all.”

“A serious car accident, chemo for a year and still one hot Husband & Poppie to our 9 awesome grandkids!”

“He melts my heart when he treats our pups like they are our children!”

“Jason works so hard to support us, then to dive into his true passion – which is art and fixing/fabricating vehicles.”

“He does the cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. and volunteers his time to coach for children, when he doesn’t even have his own. “

“He gave his vows to the both of us, that until death do us part.”

“My husband’s always there for me & our 5 children. Making us laugh & has the biggest heart, helping anyone.”

“Daniel is the hottest husband because he not only loves me with his words, but with his actions, too.”

“Amazing husband and father of five… when he’s home he’s home: loving, playing, working, never hints “that’s not my job.””

“My hubby is a one-of-a-kind and a supportive, generous, caring, honest, loving daddy!”

“The kids can’t get enough of him……. and neither can I!”

“Not only is my husband completely gorgeous, but he is the most compassionate, hardworking father and husband a girl could ask for!”

“He should win because he dances with me and our two month old son and he always puts his family first.”

“Jeff is truly a “HOT HUBBY” who gives his all to me and our two daughters-we love him the mostest!!”

“Travis is an amazing person, best friend, husband and new daddy! Baby Khloe and I are very lucky ladies!”

“He is fun, silly, passionate, loving, sensitive, hard working, father of 9 and my very best friend.”

“JJ is amazing because he is a compassionate man, a phenomenal husband, a loving father and incredibly handsome!”

“Chris is a firefighter which is way hot, but the way he loves our family really makes me melt!”

“I love my husband because he has given me the life that other people think only exist in fairytales!”

“He allows God to do amazing things through him and loves to snuggle with his wife!”

“My husband is inspiring, courageous and encourages me to do and be all that I can. He is my rock and my strength.”

“My husband should win the contest because he gives so much and doesn’t ask for anything in return. You’re my hero, babe.”

“Father to 5 kids- Works, cleans, cooks, and never tells our kids “no” if they want to help (even if it will take longer!)”

“Tim is the most amazing man. 16 yrs and 4 children later, he’s still able to light my fire!”

“Whether to family, friend or stranger, Logan is selfless, has the biggest heart and can always make everyone laugh.”

“Your sentence will go here letting others know why YOUR sweetheart absolutely ROCKS!”

“Your sentence will go here letting others know why YOUR sweetheart absolutely ROCKS!”

“Your sentence will go here letting others know why YOUR sweetheart absolutely ROCKS!”

“Your sentence will go here letting others know why YOUR sweetheart absolutely ROCKS!”

“Your sentence will go here letting others know why YOUR sweetheart absolutely ROCKS!”

“Your sentence will go here letting others know why YOUR sweetheart absolutely ROCKS!”

“Your sentence will go here letting others know why YOUR sweetheart absolutely ROCKS!”

“Your sentence will go here letting others know why YOUR sweetheart absolutely ROCKS!”

“Your sentence will go here letting others know why YOUR sweetheart absolutely ROCKS!”

“Your sentence will go here letting others know why YOUR sweetheart absolutely ROCKS!”

“Your sentence will go here letting others know why YOUR sweetheart absolutely ROCKS!”

“Your sentence will go here letting others know why YOUR sweetheart absolutely ROCKS!”

“Your sentence will go here letting others know why YOUR sweetheart absolutely ROCKS!”

“Your sentence will go here letting others know why YOUR sweetheart absolutely ROCKS!”

“Your sentence will go here letting others know why YOUR sweetheart absolutely ROCKS!”

“Your sentence will go here letting others know why YOUR sweetheart absolutely ROCKS!”

“Your sentence will go here letting others know why YOUR sweetheart absolutely ROCKS!”