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The Divas were given the AWESOME opportunity to review Somewhat Simple Stephanie’s new E-Book! {Diva Tara wanted me to put a plug in here for Stephanie – she is one of Tara’s FAV Blog Land friends!! So you definitely need to read on!!}  This ebook is called “Life According to Me” and is a FABULOUS way to get those kids of ours journaling! Not only is writing good for them, but it is SO FUN for us to go back and read later all of the cute things that were going on in their head. I was really good at keeping journals for my kids when they were toddlers and I am so glad I did now because they LOVE to hear stories about themselves. It makes all that writing worth it!


robin-journal review-2

It’s more than a boring journal with lined pages- it is fun & interactive with 30 pages of daily prompts, fill-in-the-blanks, and spaces for kids to draw and doodle.

Older kids can write their thoughts and little kids can use the space to draw pictures OR you can encourage them to do a combination of both!

Over the holidays, we went home to visit my parents.  While we were there, my mom had a few boxes of things for me to go through.  One of the boxes had journals I had written in growing up.  It was so fun to read what I had written about myself decades before.  There were so many details in these journals that I had long since forgotten- friends I’d had, activities I had been in, and my opinions about all sorts of things.  Reading details of my life made me reflect on how I have become the person that I am. I want my own children to have this same experience and that is why I think this book that Stephanie created is so great!

“Life According to Me” could also be a great addition to any homeschooling lesson plan. It encourages children to express themselves in a non-threatening, no pressure way, and allows an opportunity to teach writing content. At our house, we printed out the e-book, then took the title page and glued it to the front of a folder with fasteners. We then took all the pages, ran them through our three-hole punch, and inserted them into the folder. Each child has their own “Life According to Me” journal and have been writing in them daily. It’s so fun to read what’s on their mind! And with the note sections included on each page, they can write a note to Mom, Dad, one of their siblings, a friend, or even themselves!


From my daughter’s journal…

“A note to: myself. I need to try and remember if someone is mean to JUST BE NICE!”


I learned from her writing that she also thinks her four-year-old brother is the silliest person she knows, and according to her… I’m the best mom in the whole world! Gotta love it!

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TWO lucky readers will win their very own copy of Stephanie’s “Life According to Me” printable e-book journal for kids! That’s two winners!

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I am a homeschooling mom of four who has been married to my true love for almost fourteen years. After meeting my husband online and getting married at only nineteen, I have beat the statistics and proven that marriage is all about the effort and passion you put into it.

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  1. Whoops hit submit before my funny LOL —
    My daughter is always doing funny things!
    Just yesterday she got into the car after school and says” Mommy I have a hangover.”
    “A WHAT??”
    “You know that little thingy on your finger by the nail — a hang over”
    “A HANG NAIL??”
    “Oh ya whatever”

  2. Would love to capture all the funny thing my daughters say throughout the day, Like yesterday my 5yo says “maybe not enough kids put ice in the toilet, that’s why it didn’t snow”.

  3. My son is at that age where he “wipes off kisses”. Last time I questioned him, “What?? You’re wiping off my kisses???” He said, “No, I’m putting it on my hand to save for later.” Ahh… How sweet was that?

  4. Funny.. and humbling!
    We have a 10 & 4 year old and are expecting a little one. Last night we were chatting about how the baby can hear us–so we should make sure and talk to it. I also let them know that’s why they know their mother’s voice the best. My son (the older one) said “Well the baby is going to hear a lot of yelling..” It made me sad–but also, I realized we all yell at one time or another–so I just may have been feeling guilty. 🙂

  5. My unborn baby is 16 weeks today. Everyone thinks she is a SHE. My husband and I will find out if our Little sweet tooth is going to be a baby girl. We have been calling the baby Baby Bug but, the little thing has the biggest sweet tooth ever. I CAN”T WAIT!!! July 5, 2013

  6. My 6 yr old is in a dual language school, learning Spanish. My husband went to one of the local Mexican stores with her in tow. Normally shy, she goes up to the counter and starts having a conversation with the clerk in Spanish, as if they knew each other! LOL

  7. Our 3 yr old always says, “I love you 5.” and then waits for you to one up him by saying, “I love you 6.” To which he automatically responds, “You’re cute!” Love this little ritual!

  8. My son keeps us laughing all day long. A friend of mine who drives him home from various events often reports that she has to pull over because he has her laughing so hard she is crying and can’t see to drive. He does many accents, but British is his favorite! Teaching Algebra takes a very long time here because we laugh so much. He has renamed his Thinkwell Math program “Burger & Fries” because the wonderful professor is named “Berger” and some days after the lessons my son says he feels “fried”

  9. I was informed today that my 4 year old daughter Gianna has a special rule book…I was making rolls and Gianna asked if she could help. I was in a hurry to get them done so I didn’t want her to help mix but was going to offer to let her knead it if I had the time, so I said “I don’t know” she gleefully said “Yay!” then ran to the bathroom to wash her hands. When she returned she dragged the step ladder to the counter and informed me she was ready. I said “Wait a minute, I didn’t say you could help right now.” Gianna replied “I know, you said “I don’t know” and in my rule book that means yes!” ….hmmm, I must get my hands on this rule book so I can learn how to work it to my advantage!!!

  10. My boys put the IPOD on the docking station to listen to their Daddy’s preaching. My 2 year old keeps screaming at it saying Hi Daddy, Hi Pastor. So cute and so funny!

  11. Love the journals! I am going to start home schooling, so these would be great as my son starts reading and writing!

    Now for my funny!

    My daughter (17 mos.) got into the fast food bag while we were all out of the room the other day, grabbed a piece of chicken, and went to the bathroom to hide and eat it! Silly nut!

  12. I’m always smiling when my kids are dressed up and in character. They take being a cowboy/girl and superhero so seriously its so fun. Lately though my son will look at me, cock his head, smile his goofy smile like he has something really funny to say, and say in an asuming tone, “I love you Mom.” It catches me off guard every time. I live my 3 year old boy.

  13. I recently got new glasses. I wasn’t sure if I liked them or not. My 11 year old daughter informed me that I looked awesome in my new glasses, and she really liked them. “Mom, I really like your new glasses, they are awesome. Your old glasses were just kind of small and you couldn’t notice them very much. Your new ones are bigger and just like BAM, there! You can really notice them!” She makes me laugh, love her!

  14. This morning my almost 2 year old son was sniffing every seat in the house! and going “ewww”. and laughing! Silly boy and then my 10 year old girl she requsted that wednesday night be waffle night and that she will make them and that every week will be a new flavor. Should be interesting!!

  15. My 2 year old son is obsessed with tractors. Well my father in law has one, and Austin likes to go to his house to ride it. I mentioned that we were going there, and Austin says, “Drive… Tractor” . I was a little confused, so I just asked, “Are you going to drive the tractor when we get there?” Austin goes, “Yep! Drive, tractor!” We all just started laughing, it was too cute! 🙂

  16. The other day I needed to run into a store and get just a couple items. I proceeded to tell my son that he didn’t need to take his jacket off, we would only be inside for a few minutes. He responds by pulling the hood over his head, pulling his arms out of the sleeves and “flying” through the store as “Super Joshua!”

  17. My 7 year old son likes to take a dollar to school to pick something out from what they call the buck stop. Well he wanted smelly erasers that day and he told me before he left for school – “Mom, when we go out to recess, I’m not gonna play, I’m just gonna smell my erasers!! I thought it was funny, I just kept picturing him sitting in the corner smelling erasers while all the other kids were playing. Lol!

  18. My 6 year old son talking with my mom at dinner… I don’t remember how the topic came up but my son had asked her if she wanted a candy after dinner, She said “no thank you” & he looked astonished, how could anyone not want candy! So she was telling him how too much sugar & sweets aren’t good for your body & too much can cause you to gain too much weight, & how she has a hard time not eating too many sweets. He so innocently replied, “Oh, that’s why your fat!”

  19. My kids were play just dance on the Wii. My daughter bless her heart has no rythum( Her brother had to point that out). She said that ok, I just like having fun. I don’t care how silly I look. I hope she stays this way, not really caring what others think and just be who she is.

  20. My six year old always says the funniest things and keeps us laughing every day. When my little one was tiny, Reece said “the baby is awake and it wasn’t my big mouth.” Ha-ha…where’d she learn that?

  21. I love it when my 7 yr old asks for a favor – “Mom will you do me a favorite?” after 5 years I STILL can’t bring myself to correct him! It sounds so cute!!!

  22. My little 6 year old says the funniest things. Last week my sister was talking with him, and said, “you silly kid!” His response? “You stinkin virgin!” (He does not know what that means)

  23. Cute journal!! I love the idea of this. My four old was telling us what he learned at church and he said, “John the Baptist, lived in the desert, ate bugs, and babatized many people even Jesus.” He went on and on about babatizing and I tried so hard not to laugh at the sweet way we was talking about God’s word and babatizing. Thanks!

  24. My husband was going to eat a hotdog, and as he put it up to his lips, my 3 year old lil girl yelled out “CONSUME IT!” We were all rolling on the floor laughing.

  25. My 4 yr old little man seriously makes us laugh everyday at his antics. I cant even narrow down the funny stuff he does! This is such a great idea! I wish I had been better at writing in my journal growing up. Hopefully I can be better at getting my kids to do it!

  26. Our daughter dances around and makes funny faces at her 7 month old twin cousins and it just make me laugh from the reaction that the twins have, and she loves making them laugh. And she also makes me smile and laugh when she preforms the “truffle shuffle” from the movie “The Goonies” funniest thing ever!

  27. Lately my two year old’s speech has really been soaring, his lastest blooper – dropping his toy off of the table and saying “gosh damn it”. Looks like momma really needs to watch what she says!

  28. I told my 2 yr old today that she needed to wait to do something. Her response was ‘Ok, mommy that’s fair!’. No clue where that came from but it made me laugh since soon everything will be ‘that’s not fair’

  29. I am currently 33 weeks pregnant. When we first told our 4-year-old that she was going to be a sister again, she informed me that my stomach had to get bigger before our new baby could come out. The other day, she pointed to my belly & said, “It’s getting bigger. Bean (our nickname for baby) will come out soon!!”

  30. My daughter is always saying funny things. Her older sister was texting a boy she didn’t really know & we were all giving her a hard time about that. I had asked why someone would text you if they didn’t know you. My younger daughter than spoke up and said, “because if he knew her, he wouldn’t want to text her.” I was caught off guard with that one & did have to address being kind to one another but everyone was laughing including her older sister. Good thing they love each other.

    1. Whoops! Forgot to the funny story 🙂 My 6 year old daughter is obsessed with the idea of flying! She will grab a plastic bag to use as a parachute and jumps off the couch. Another time she had a feather in each hand and started flapping her arms as fast as she could and jumped off the end of the couch. She was sure she was going to be able to finally fly 🙂

  31. My 8 month old daughter has discovered raspberries and her favorite time to do them is at mealtime…So whoever is feeding her gets a green bean or sweet potato shower.

  32. My 2 y/o started speaking in sentences! Other than yelling, “No, MA’AM!” at anyone who she thinks should be in trouble (her brother, the dog….) she now says things like, “There paci IS.” ; “There Mommy-O IS”; and she puts E-O on the end of things, like “Paci-O”, “Mommy-O”, “Daddy-O”- and no one taught her to do it?!

  33. I was talking to my 2 yr old about peanuts yesterday & for the rest of the day he kept asking for peanuts. The funny thing about this story is the way he said it was “penis” so everyone gave me weird looks all day due to my child running around saying “penis”. Proud Mommy moments!

  34. My hubs and I were chatting about the price of mice traps the other night because we use them to catch bugs. We were talking while I was cooking over the stove so we sounded a bit loud. My 2 year old came running into the kitchen, put up both his arms to “separate” us then said, “whoa, whoa, whoa guys, whoa”.

  35. When my son was 8 we went on The USS Constellation for “Family Day”. On our way back after a day spent onboard watching the jets and helicopters my son saw the shoreline in the horizon. In his loudest most proud voice he said,”Mom, look…Earth!” Guess our day out to sea with all the other Navy men was ‘out of this world’ 🙂

  36. hmmmm. which child? ha! I have a very active three year old. it seems funny now, but wasn’t then…she found my stash of sprinkles (you know, the little colorful beads) and took a brand new bottle into the bathroom with her. next thing I know she is yelling for me. I opened the door and she had opened the cap and spilled it all. over. the. floor!!! It was like confetti covering the entire floor of the bathroom. I had to take pictures instead of getting mad. she was distraught, it made it that much more funny!!!

  37. I have 3 kids. And of course, I can’t think of anything funny at the moment! BUT my husband is putting our home videos on DVD’s and my now 11 year old was caught using a calculator as a phone one day. She was sitting on a chair in the back yard and hubby grabbed the camera. We can’t hear the “conversation” but she is laughing and chatting into the calculator. You can even see her hit a button on the “phone” when she is done, and flip it to “text” someone. We all chuckled as we watched that one. Kids are too funny.

  38. When my little girl was about 4 years old, I heard her singing the Folgers jingle and this is how she heard it. “The best part of waking up is ‘Vultures’ in your cup” I laughed so hard… it was the cutest thing and she was very serious.

  39. My 2 y/o sometimes giggles in her sleep. If she wakes up in the middle of the night she comes in and gets in bed with us. One morning while we were getting ready we noticed her giggling. We started laughing and the more we laughed the more she laughed! It was hysterical and she was completely out the entire time.

  40. My daughter sat watching t.v. the on a Sat. night. She was covered up so I did’nt really notice at first .
    She and her puppy were lying on their back watching t.v. The best part… they were both asleep with the covers pulled up to their chins


  42. My youngest loves to sing. We came back from church one Sunday and I heard him sing” the father gave the son, the son gave the Spirit and the spirit gave us LICE and it goes on and on and on”
    I cracked up thinking Lice does go on and on and on.

  43. My youngest loves to sing. We came back from church one Sunday and I heard him sing” the father gave the son, the son gave the Spirit and the spirit gave us LICE and it goes on and on and on”
    I cracked up thinking Lice does go on and on and on.

  44. Whenever I have to get stern with my 3 year old he tells me “calm down, my child.” Makes it impossible to keep my “mean” mommy face on after that!

  45. Being a single parent my daughter has started to see the struggles I have to go through sometimes to be able to provide for her. So we make sure that sometime during each day we laugh. Each day is something different with her – crazy dance moves, changing the lyrics to songs to make them silly, the list goes on and on.