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I am SO excited to once again welcome noVae clothing to our Dating Diva readers!  I can’t even tell you how cute, gorgeous, and downright amazing their clothes are!  Every time I go to their site, I just want to BUY, BUY, BUY!!!
However, we ALL must have a budget which is what is so great about THIS giveaway.  Nickelle from noVae Clothing has decided to give away free money!  What!?, you ask?!  Yep, you heard right…free money to use on her site.  I don’t want to spoil it all, so I will let Nickelle from noVae Clothing tell you all about herself and her husband, and how YOU too can look good for your spouse with her great fashion!
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Hello! My name is Nickelle Weekes & my husband Tom & I own noVae Clothing. (It’s really mine… but I couldn’t run it without him!) We have been married for 13 yrs and have 4 spontaneous children – 3 boys & 1 girl that range from 11yrs – 2yrs! My husband is a full-time student at Boise State University & is in a Scholars Program to prep him for Grad school! He is my hero! I love to keep busy & learn how to do new things! I love to be creative! Whether it’s on the computer making photo books, taking pictures or making crafts with my two hands – mod podge is my friend!
The thought of noVae Clothing happened when my husband lost both of his jobs within 2 hrs on the same day back in 2010. We both gave each other High Fives & knew something “Cool” must be in our future! I used to be a Modbe Fashion Consultant (for 5yrs) & learned fabrics, body shapes & what women wanted! I really enjoyed selling the modest clothing & the online interaction I had with my customers. My husband & I both saw a need as other modest clothing businesses were closing their doors. With a very small loan, we launched our noVae Clothing website on Nov. 1, 2010. I do all the Shopping – putting outfits together, Marketing, Photography – we use “Real” Women to model for us & some are even moms & everything else in between! noVae Clothing has been a Wonderful Blessing in our lives & yours because when Tom graduates with his Bachelors of Science & we move for Grad School, you get to come with us! You can read more about our adventures & noVae on our Blog.
Our Giveaway is a $50 Gift Card! Our Gift Cards always include shipping as long as you stay within the Gift Card amount. The GC # will be given to the winner via-email.

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Isn’t that awesome?!  She’s going to give you $50 to go shopping on HER site.  I’m ALL over a free shopping spree.

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The giveaway will end NEXT Tuesday, December 13th at 11:00 PST. We will announce the winner on Wednesday, December 14th on our Facebook Page – so don’t forget to check back to see if the winner is YOU.  But GREAT news for everyone!  Even if you don’t win this giveaway, Nickelle has given you all a 10% discount, even on sale items!  Just enter novaediva at checkout.

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240 Responses to noVae Clothing Giveaway!

  1. I am a fan of both pages. I have subscribed as well. Super excited for this give away. I really love the Bell half sleeve jersey t blue. La Idol jean- up town, super cute.

  2. i love all their stuff.
    especially the green flowered cardigin and the new high waisted black pencil skirt. . .

    and their jeans too of course <3 would be a hard decision!

  3. My favorite items on the NoVae website was so hard to choose from! Can I list 2? 😉
    Tie with a Bow Hoodie and Distressed Flower Patch Cadet – Nougat! Adorables!!

  4. Love the NoVae Website! Great idea…Incredible woman! There are just too many items I adore, but my fav. would have to be the, Tie it with a bow Hoodie!

  5. Love the NoVae Website! Great idea, Incredible woman! There are just too many items I adore, but my fav. would have to be the, “Tie it with a bow Hoodie!”

  6. I love the TieWithBow Hoodie in burn orange – the plaid cadet hats, especially in orange, and the ShadowStripe with vintage sleeve. Would love any of them under my Christmas Tree this year 🙂

  7. I am a fan of Dating Divas, now a fan of Novae, subscribed to the newsletter and shared on my fb page..Their clothes are really cute and will defiently be ordering from them 🙂

  8. I was already a fan of Dating Divas and NoVae and subscribed to both emails! I love NoVae clothing. I really want the tie it with a bow hoodie but my husband said I can’t buy anymore clothes until after my birthday. However, that is Monday!! Which means I can buy clothes after Monday! Just in time for the giveaway. 🙂 I did buy the reversible knit cap in nougat and would love other colors too. I am also in love with every skirt on the site! I need some new clothes now that I’ve lost my four-month-old baby weight. 🙂

  9. Now to pick the item I love the MOST? Yikes! I’m having a hard time picking one. I guess I would have to say the blooming petals cardi (though a tie for second would be the knit cap with flower and the tie it with a bow hoodie).

    Thanks for this GREAT giveaway NoVae!

    1. Hey, I am using my sisters computer and it automatically put her name in the comment. My name is Jackie but my sisters name is RaNette Free – It looks like she entered twice! Sorry!

  10. I looked over Novae’s website and I love so much of the cloths, but I think I would get about five of the “Your Basic Capsleeve Tee”. It’s so hard for me to find shirts like that, and I need them as under-shirts!

  11. My daughter just LOVES getting dating ideas from your website. Just joined your newsletter to see what it’s all about! We love NoVae Clothing and Tie it with a Bow Hoodie is one of our favorite items.