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Favorite Things Giveaway

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You are gonna LOVE us after you see what this post contains!! We all know that this time of year gets a little hectic with ALL of the holidays and ALL of the things we need {and want} to do. What if I told you that WE were going to try to make you life just a little bit easier? I have the BEST news for you! But you are going to want to sit down…

Are you sitting down??


TWENTY-NINE bloggers came together to put together the ULTIMATE gift-giving guide for you.. to help with your SHOPPING this year! That’s right, all 29 of us put together a “Favorite Things” basket to show off some of our most favorite things and most of these items are UNDER $25!! Want even BETTER news? Each of us is going to give our favorite things away… to you! In one week, there will be TWENTY-NINE lucky winners!!!!  {SQUEAL!!} Just wait until you see what we’ve put together!!

Here is some delicious EYE candy for you to feast your eyes upon!!


I told you that you were going to love us after you read this!!

This is a 3-in-1 post!  We are offering the ULTIMATE “Gift Guide,” you get to enter 29 AMAZING Giveaways, AND we are introducing you to a lot of our blogger friends! Welcome to the “Favorite Things” Blog Hop!!

Here’s What You Do:

#1) Sit comfortably & just enjoy staring at the amazing giveaways you are about to enter!!

#2) Scroll down further in this post to get a more DETAILED description of what WE’RE giving away.

#3) Enter OUR giveaway at the very bottom of the post.

#4) Time to start “blog-hopping!” Click on each of our friends’ links below & enter ALL of their giveaways!

#5) Definitely take time to check out each of these sites. We have quite the variety of talented ladies participating in this! You are in for a REAL treat!!

Want to sneak a peek at what WE are offering?? Some of our most FAVORITE things… and ALL of them are DIY & easy to make!!


Click on each link to view each site, and enter to win their “favorite things” gift. If you receive an error message, click to the blog’s home page. So much fun, right?!?

1. Bombshell Bling  2. BruCrew Life  3. Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke  4. Click it Up a Notch  5. Crazy Little Projects  6. Diary of Dave’s Wife   7. Eighteen25  8. I Heart Nap Time  9. kojodesigns   10. Landee See, Landee Do   11. Live. Laugh. Rowe.  12. Lolly Jane  13. Love the Day   14. Lil’ Luna  15.My Sister’s Suitcase   16. No Biggie  17. Or so she says…  18. Six Sisters’ Stuff   19. Something Swanky   20. Tatertots and Jello  21. The 36th Avenue  22.The Dating Divas  23. The Girl Who Ate Everything   24. The Idea Room   25. The Pleated Poppy   26. Thirty Handmade Days   27. Tidy Mom   28. Your Homebased Mom   29. A Pumpkin and a Princess

We had a HARD time deciding on what we wanted to include in this giveaway. We have SO many favorite things… and we came up with a lot of really great ideas. We then decided that two of our most favorite things were dating our husbands AND saving money… so we decided to share a few of our favorite things that did just that!


{Feel free to click on the titles below to head on over to those original posts.}

#1) Time Capsule – Not only is this a DARLING way to capture memories, but it can also double as cute decor for your home! This is also part of a fabulous date night that you can do with your sweetheart. Click on the title to find out more.

#2) Bookstore Date – This date night was one of Jamie & my FAVORITE dates ever! {And he doesn’t like to read!} We had so much fun, we wanted to go back the next night! We redesigned these cute printables, digitally printed them {they are gorgeous!} & are throwing in a fabulous marriage book to boot! A completely free & fun date night for readers & non-readers alike.

#3) Kid Date Night Do you find it hard to get out the door when your little kidlets are crying and begging you to stay? This is your solution! With two super fun games enclosed, place this envelope somewhere the kids can see it, but don’t let them touch it… and when the time comes for you to head out the door for your special night, they will be BEGGING you to leave so they can get their hands on the fun “Kids” date night kit!

#4) U R Hot – This is BRAND-spanking new!! Soon to be a post on our website… the PERFECT stocking stuffer!! A cute test tube {special ordered by the divas!} filled with yummy treats that can be refilled time & time again!

#5) Reindeer Games Date Night Christmas isn’t just for the kids!! This sassy date night is the perfect way to connect your sweetheart and you! We’ve even re-designed these printables & are ready to re-air them! The winner will get the first peek!!!

#6) Can O’ DatesDo you have a hard time  coming up with NEW ideas for date night? We have 1 “Can O Dates” coming right up.. already made JUST for you! If that doesn’t seem to be a problem for you {figuring out fun ideas for date night} then this would be the PERFECT gift for another couple for Christmas OR the perfect gift for a bridal shower! {BTW – this is the gift I always give as a wedding present & peeps LOVE it!}

#7) 7 Days of Love We love how sweet everyone’s responses have been since airing this post. We redesigned these printables to make them even CUTER and found a super-sized pill box to throw in. One week of love coming RIGHT up for your other half!

#8) Newlywed Game – This hit TV show has been DIVA-fied!! We digitally printed this to make it look AH-mazing!! One fabulous, hilarious, and potentially eye-opening date night coming right up!  {On US, of course!}

#9) 12 Daytz of Christmas We know you are all trying to find the perfect inexpensive present for your spouse… and what on earth do you get the person who has everything? This redesigned 12 DAYTZ {dates} of Christmas is the perfect idea!!! It could be a stocking stuffer OR a wrapped gift. Bam! One gift down! {You are so welcome!}

Ready to WIN all of our FAVORITE things?!? You can enter up to EIGHT times – see all the different ways below!

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{Unfortunately, this giveaway is only open to U.S. residents.}

About the Author: Tara

I am an outgoing and fun-lovin’ gal who was lucky enough to marry the man of my dreams! You could probably say I am an “extreme extrovert” as I LOVE to talk and be around people! I love ANYTHING creative and am not a fan of the “norm.” My favorite things in life are my family… especially my HOT husband, my friends, and my faith! We are expecting a miracle baby boy this year! I have a passion for life and I am having a BLAST running this website with some of my closest friends!

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701 Responses to “Our Favorite Things” Giveaway & Blog Hop

  1. I love all the ideas you come up with. I am on your newsltr and found you via pinterest and follow you. What fabulous thing to do, is give a basket away.

    Keep up the great work.

    Thanks for sponsoring a free giveaway. How kind.

    1. My Fiance is the greatest Man I have had the chance to meet. He has put his life problems on hold to take care of me and his children. I love that wonderful man of mine.

  2. My sweetie always tries to help around the house, especially if I’ve had a rough day with our two busy little boys, and he is a great daddy! He makes sure he spends time with each of his little guys every day. 🙂

  3. He was my high school sweetheart and we’re celebrating 10 years together in February. I couldn’t ask for a better friend, husband, or father. I just love everything about him!

  4. One of the greatest things about my husband is what an incredible father he is. If our 4 year old is scared in the middle of the night, he will sleep on the floor next to the bed to make her feel safe. He will get up with the baby in the middle of the night…. He will make breakfast with the baby in a carrier so he won’t fuss… He is the BEST!

  5. My hubby is fabulous because when we were in high school and I was a shy girl who figured she’d never have a guy like her, he found the one thing I was most interested in and made it his interest too so he could get to know me.

  6. I love this blog so much. I recently got married and needless to say we aren’t the richest of people (lol) so all these ideas for inexpensive date nights are really appreciated! I tell all of my friends that are dating/married about this blog for all it’s awesome ideas. Keep up the good work guys!

  7. He is my best friend in the world. He supports me in everything, and loves me flaws and all. He is also the best daddy and friend I could have ever asked for for my son and our little one on the way!

  8. My husband is awesome! Takes care of me when I’m sick, he’s not above cleaning, cooking or doing the dishes, works so hard for our family, and is patient in most things. Love him so much!

  9. My hubby works so hard to take care of me and our two boys. He can always make me laugh, even on my worst days, and I couldn’t ask for anything more! 🙂

  10. My husband is the best. He works all day, comes home and cooks supper, bathes the boys most days, does yard work, and on and on and on. He still has time for a bear hug and kiss for me! 🙂

  11. I’ve been married to my husband for almost 34 years! He is a GREAT man. He takes care of me and is my my side through think and thin. I am glad we can be together for ETERNITY! I love HIM!

  12. My hubby supports me and makes my world go around. He packs my lunch every morning and even has my breakfast for me when I get up. We’ve been together for 30 years; 26 married and 4 dating.

  13. My man cleans everything for me and takes care of me everytime I get sick. We have been together for over 27 years and he still tell me how beautiful I am and that he loves me more today than when we first got together. Ans that says a lot to me because we have had some very bad times because of me…not him.

  14. I am married to the most wonderful, handsome red-neck alive!!!!!! I have type1 Diabetes and have been running into complications in the last 7 years. My wonderful husband knows my diabetes better than I do. He is always checking up on me and making sure I wake up, knows exactly what to do when I go low. I had no idea so much love could come from one man! He is my life saver and best friend! He is my everything!

  15. I broke my ankle on the second day of our honeymoon almost 3 months ago and my husband has been taking great care of me, despite the fact I still can’t walk or work.

  16. He keeps me laughing when I’m sleep deprived and stressed out. He also is really handy around the house and I love that he puts so much time into remodeling our house himself.

  17. My husband takes care of me and our son. I recently lost my job, and instead of insisting that I need to find another job, insisted that I stay home with our three year old “because I have always wanted to”. We are stressed financially, but blessed beyond measure to have each other and that is what counts.

  18. My boyfriend and I are both in chiropractic school. I just got a job in Alaska (I know, crazy) and he is finishing school in Minnesota. It has been hard, but we are constantly texting and calling and he is still able to make me feel special, even 4,000 miles away!

  19. It is hard to pick just one fabulous thing about my hubby. Just this weekend we were on our way to run some errands. He took a left instead of a right as we left our house and went straight to Sonic. I had mentioned earlier in the day that I was wanting a blackberry DP and he remembered.
    I honestly believe that this was the man that God picked for me. I just wish I had met him earlier! 🙂

  20. I love your blog! This is such an awesome and fun giveaway!

    I love my husband, he is my best friend, lover, soul-mate, my everything!
    He is humble, self-less, and giving!
    He puts God first and then me.
    God truly blessed me with my husband.
    Super Thankful!

  21. My husband, although sometimes frustrating, has a HUGE heart. He is always doing things around the house and keeping our cars up and running. He is an incredible father and a man of God! I could not have asked for anything more!!

  22. The thing I love most about my sweetheart is that he pushes me to live outside my comfort zone and live my life to its fullest potential! He is truly the best thing that has happened to me <3

  23. My sweetie past away on Nov. 18, 2011. The worst day of my life. I can describe him in a couple of simple words “Southern Gentleman”. He was the most wonderful man!! I still miss him every second of every minute of every hour of every day! Thank you for the chance to win some great prizes.

  24. He stays calm when I’m getting stressed out. Sometimes that stresses me more (yikes!) but, for the most part, it allows me to look at things from a new angle and calm down.

  25. I absolutely love The Dating Divas website. I’ve come to you guys so many times for wonderful ideas. I love to share them with my friends as well and have gotten several of them hooked! I now follow you on all social media outlets, including Pinterest. Love love love!

  26. It’s nearly impossible to choose just ONE thing I love about my guy, but his patience is unreal. I tend to get heated fairly quickly, but he’s always calm and sweet no matter the situation. He balances me out perfectly.

  27. He works so hard so that I can stay home when our baby comes!! And he’s currently making my creme brule for our anniversary today. So yeah, he’s pretty awesome!

  28. He watches over us and makes sure all that we have in the house and out of the house is clean and in good working order (he may be a bit OCD! 😉 )

  29. In October of 2011, my husband and I had hit a rough patch in our marriage. We fought constantly, we bickered endlessly, and life was tough. I asked God to give me a sign that he really was the one for me. The next night, my mother and sister (who was 3 months pregnant) got into a life threatening car accident. My sister and my unborn nephew were fine. My mother was thrown threw the windshield and almost died. For 12 days, my husband stayed in the hospital with me because I refused to leave. He would stay there when I had to go back to work. He was my rock, and that is all confirmation I needed that we were meant to be!

  30. My hubby has been my caregiver over the past three years. Finding a date night is extra difficult when you have to plan it around schedules AND then on top of that you have to pray you catch a break from being sick all at the same time. By the time the stars align we have forgotten all the GREAT ideas we had for date night. This would be so PERFECT to jump start our date nights and just in time to Celebrate our 15 year anniversary 🙂 Thank you for your consideration, Heather Howe

  31. My wonderful husband has taken care of me the last four and half months since I have found I’ve been pregnant. He does all the cleaning and cooking. It’s been so sweet and I can relax since I’ve been super sick. My husband definitely deserves an amazing date night!!!

  32. My childhood sweetheart and I have been together 10 years this year! My favorite thing about this man is that he prays with me each morning and leads our home in a Christian example. A couple that prays together stays together!!

  33. He is the most amazing man. We will celebrate our 31st anniversary on the 19th of this month and I love him more now than ever. There is a song called Strong by Will Hoge and it describes him to a tee.

  34. My hubby goes to school all day, comes home and helps with our baby, spends some precious time with me, and then studies all night…all for our family. Too many things? I had to gush!

  35. I love my husband. He is such a hard worker and is currently the only one working in our household so that I can go to school full time to get my teaching licensure! I would love to win this for us!

  36. He went to soo many Walmart’s with me around SLC and we called a bunch all to find a set of owl dishes that were Limited Edition from Better Homes & Gardens. We were out at all hours of the day and night hunting all the pieces down. Love him for helping me do that!

  37. I’ve been married to my sweetheart for 5 years. He is willing to do almost anything for me (give up habits, change diapers, clean toilets, run errands, watch chick movies, etc etc). I love that guy sosososo much!!

  38. My husband is in the Army and he works the night shift. He is usually out the door by 5pm and doesn’t get home until 6am. He will be dead tired but he’ll stay up another hour to an hour and a half just so he can tell our daughter good morning and see her before he goes to sleep. He’s an amazing dad!

  39. My husband is present. He doesn’t run around with the guys, doesn’t sit in front of the tv. He plays with the kids, sits and talks with me…he’s awesome.

  40. I LOVE all of these date ideas. And what could I not love about my sweetie? We’re high school sweethearts (who broke up during college and got back together as adults-we’re 24) and I’m so glad we did. No guy has ever treated me the way he does. We go out on adorable dates, he listens whenever I feel like talking or when I’m upset, he apologizes and makes up for when he does something dumb. But most of all he loves me and makes me want to be better.

  41. Today is my sixth anniversary with my boyfriend, as a matter of fact. I couldn’t possibly be more crazy about him than I already am. He is my everything. <3

  42. My husband is amazing! We have been married for 10 years. For our anniversary he had flowers waiting for me in the hotel we went to. 10 sunflowers (1 for each year of marriage)- my favorite flower, 4 roses (1 for each of our children) and 1 white rose (for the baby we lost a few years ago). Yeah, he’s pretty great! 🙂 And he does thoughtful stuff like that all the time. Leaving me a card and a pack of oreos just for me next to my side of the bed when he knows I’ve had a hard day. He’s just very considerate. That’s one of the reasons I love him so much!

  43. He is always thinking of me. I haven’t had the best health the last few months and he is always trying to take care of me and gives me all that he can.

  44. He knows when I need a hand and is willing to help out with the little things like making dinner or throwing a load of laundry in. Simple but helps me so much!

  45. Only ONE fabulous thing about my husband?! I would have to say that He is a WONDERFUL man. He serves his country {ARMY} yet still makes time for our beyond adorable daughter and is always finding little ways to show he cares. I would have to say that he is a KEEPER!!

  46. I love my husband and he told me when were dating he would take care of me and he always does! He does the little things that mean so much to me and I love him so much for that!! :o)

  47. He bought us a camper so we can get away on the weekends. Just us and the dogs! He knows how much I love the outdoors and how much I like to escape the daily grind.

  48. My husband loves our kids so much. He delights in seeing them and spending time with them. He wakes up early on the weekdays so that he can get home before five. He even lets me sleep in on weekends when the kids are up early.

  49. My husband is amazing. He works so hard (Army Officer) and still manages to do so much for me (buy flowers, send letters, spend time with me, and show me how much he cares for me)! I love him so much!

  50. My husband has walked me through the toughest year yet. I was diagnosed with breast cancer this year and it makes me cry just to think about how much he’s done for me. He’s my hero!

  51. My husband is one of those people who is just naturally good. He loves to take care of people, and he’s very thoughtful. I try every day to be more like him.

  52. Not only is he a wonderful husband to me, he is a terrific dad to our children. He loves spending time with them everyday and has meaningful conversations with them.

  53. My husband is the best. He tells me I’m beautiful every day… even when I just woke up! He helps around the house and is always the one to mop and sweep the floor… some of my worst jobs! Plus he’s a wonderful dad and so patient with our boys!

  54. There are so many wonderful things I love about my hubby! He works hard to provide for our family every day. (Working 2 jobs right now while finishing up school for a new career!) I couldn’t be more proud of him!

  55. We try to remember to thank him for going to work for us. He works so hard at his formal job and more when he comes home. He is always doing projects to better our life here at home. He’s my sweet man!

  56. My husband has been on deaths door numerous times in his past from a life of addiction, if I had to choose just one thing I love about him it is that he never forgets where he came from but most of all he lives joyfully and freely by always remembering God’s grace he’s been given. From that attribute of my hubby stems a million more wonderful attributes!!!!

  57. My husband always brings me a sweet something when he comes home from work. It is sometimes candy or cake. It is so sweet that he thinks of me during his day!

  58. My sweet husband did kitchen clean up tonight after working all day and only getting a salad for dinner from me all because I had a headache!
    HE is the BEST!

  59. One sweet thing about my sweetheart <3 hmmmm….. well the most special thing about him to me is how he always tells me sweet & kind things. My favorite is when he tells me his favorite day is the day he saw me walking down the isle. So sweet!

  60. One sweet thing about my sweetie.. He is such a hard worker to support his family. I really don’t know what I would do, or where I would be without him. He’s my rock. <3

  61. Today my sweetie did the dishes, laundry, AND surprised me by telling me he has a babysitter coming tonight,so we can go out on a date! He’s the best!

  62. Such a great giveaway! Thanks!

    One great thing about my honey is that he makes me feel appreciated every single day. Sometimes it’s bringing me coffee after work or a text in the middle of the day but sometimes it’s actually the words “I appreciate you so much”! He’s awesome.

  63. My husband is an amazing gift giver. A few years ago, I made an off-hand comment in July about how I would love to feel like, “a real woman with my own set of pearls.” That’s the only mention I made, and I didn’t think much of it until I got a beautiful strand of pearls for Christmas! Oh, how I love my man!!

  64. My husband is the kindest man I have ever met. He doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body(which sometimes I wish he would), but he is just so overtly good and kindhearted. I really am very very blessed to have him in my life.

  65. My Fiancee works so hard for me and everything we want out of life. He barley gives himself a break! With our wedding coming up there is so much extra money that needs to be made and he is really stepping up to the plate to give me everything I want! I really would like to return the favor for him. I love him so much and his hard work and dedication needs rewarding! <3

  66. Oops! Commented before reading what I was supposed to comment. So, this is the real one. I love that my husband is so patient with me and instead of getting frustrated with me when I do stupid things, just lets me figure it out myself. 🙂

  67. My sweetheart and I have been in “like” since we were 14 years old! We then fell in love, and got married at 19. We have three beautiful children and have been married for 13 years. What a blessing! My sweetheart is the most helpful person. He helps everyone! His family, his friends, and even complete strangers. I love that my sweetheart is helpful. 🙂

  68. Love everything you offer and get great ideas for my hubby. My husband and I are both working on our PhDs and raising two cute kids. He is the most supportive and kind husband for which any woman could ask!

  69. These would be awesome to help refocus some of our time on us. We get so lost with the house and the little guy that sometimes we need a gentle reminder 🙂

  70. I LOVE how much my husband talks about me at work. He comes home telling me the women at work are jealous that he is an engaged husband and father-I love that he loves me and our six kiddos!!!!

  71. My husband and I are high school sweethearts–together 11 years, married for 3 years. Every day in those 11 years he has told me that he loves me more than the day before. And he tells our 1 year old the same thing. It may be simple but it means so much.

  72. My husband and I have been married for 1 year and 2 months now … he is my everything and it’s been one of the best years of my life and I look forward to spending my forever with him <3

  73. There are so many great things about my hubs, but he is a super wonderful dad to our beautiful children and an amazing husband to me. He never complains when I ask him to help around the house, even after a long day at work. Love this man.

  74. I love that my husband is a hardworking father. He never complains and is always doing what is best for our family. He’s always laughing and joking and having so much fun with the kids at all times. I love that he cared about everyone even while acting macho. He’s just simply the best!

  75. I am so lucky to have met my boyfriend! Even though we haven’t even been together for a year, we just bought a house together! I cannot wait to create new memories with him and eventually be his wife, and mother of his children. He is definitely the man I want my future boy(s) to look up too and be like. ♥

  76. My husband is the love of my life and is the man of my dreams! He works so hard for our family and is my best friend! I love him with all my heart. Thank you for the opportunity to win. 🙂

  77. He *hates* popcorn – even the smell of it. But he loves my daughter and I so much that he asked me to make some popcorn recently so we could have the fun of eating the popcorn balls he made.

  78. we are weathering the storm of life together with the hope brought about by our faith in the Savior of the world…his love for me is deeper than I know exactly how to express.

  79. I just checked my junk email box & found this email today, bummed the drawing already took place. It’s ok tho since I never win anything anyhow. It sounds like a well deserved Diva did, Congrats! There’s always the X-mas Party-yeah! I really need to get on the site & pinterest more than bimonthly, I miss too much! You guys rock! Thank you so much & have a happy & safe holiday season!