Rustico Journal Giveaway!

Journal Giveaway

Do you and your spouse keep a Couples Journal?
A Couples Journal can be a great way to communicate difficult feelings with each other, but it can also be the perfect place for jotting down New Year’s goals and resolutions, bucket list items, places you want to travel, back and forth Q&A, and more!

Rustico carries a variety of high end journals made from quality materials, and they want to help one of you start your own Couples Journal! We’ll turn it over to them to tell you ALL about it!

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One thing that can be challenging within marriages is the ability to communicate openly without the fear of ridicule, judgement, defensive reactions, or just plain ignoring. We believe that couple journaling enables open communication in a safe and productive way so individuals can share without fear. Rustico carries a wide arrange of leather and wool journals that can be personalized for couples. These journals are long lasting, durable and ruggedly elegant.


The Rustico Good Book leather journal is one of our classic sellers and original products. The Good Book Leather Journal has consistently held the top spot regarding customer satisfaction. If you are a serious writer who wants only the finest materials to work with the leather Good Book will more than suit your needs. The leather Good Book comes with more than enough pages and in the most convenient size. The quality of the hand sewn spine and leather make this journal ready for any adventure! The leather Good Book Journal is 5″ x 6.5″ in size and comes with 160 rough cut blank pages.

This gorgeous journal could truly be an asset to any marriage. Here’s a quote from Tammy Schroeppel, who does a couples journal with her husband John…

“Our friends and family have always thought that John and I have an almost perfect relationship, which we almost do but we are far from perfect. We have been blessed with being able to speak openly and honestly with each other. But even for us there are times when we are going through a trial and we may not agree on how to act or perhaps one of us is holding on to negative feelings at those times the other person may not be in the best place to receive advice or thoughts and writing it down seems to help defuse things. And you can say what you need to say without being interrupted.

Sometimes we, as imperfect people, jump to conclusions before we hear all of what the other person has to say. And for the person writing it helps them to sort out their feelings as well. Sometimes I write and then read it over and realize I am holding onto the unhealthy feelings.”

As if the Rustico Good Book leather journal isn’t enough, we are also adding in one of their Wool Large Composition Covers!


Rustico is continuously looking to push the boundaries of our product offering. In a departure from our traditional leather products, we are offering wool covered journals and bags. Made from 3mm thick 100% Virgin Merino Wool, these journals feature bright new colors to our Rustico line. We believe these will be exciting new products that you will love. Rustico’s journals are handmade in the US by skilled craftsmen with only the finest materials. We are sure you will appreciate the unique design and work put into your very own Journal. Regardless of how many notebooks you fill the Wool Composition will be easy to refill and use. The leather cover fits a standard composition notebook size of 9 ¾” x 7 ½” (included) which comes with 200 college-ruled lined pages and has a beautiful machine-sewn seam.


Find out more at Be sure to visit the Rustico Facebook page, and follow @RusticoMade on Twitter!

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One lucky reader will win one Rustico Good Book leather journal and one Wool Large Composition Cover! Over $100 value!

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About the Author: Angie

I am a homeschooling mom of four who has been married to my true love for almost fourteen years. After meeting my husband online and getting married at only nineteen, I have beat the statistics and proven that marriage is all about the effort and passion you put into it.

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  1. We’ve tried having separate ones before and then we’d leave it out for the other after writing in it, but I love the idea of having one together. So sweet!!

  2. Tell us how you would use your couples journal response (giveaway):

    I would use the journal in a variety of eclectic ways, through prayer, creativity, openness and personal commitment from both people. I think it’d be sweet to write in random inspirational, Biblical & motivating quotes/thoughts on the bottom of random pages out of the book. You never know when these inspirational thoughts will find you at the right time in your life and sink its roots. Also putting “inside jokes” between us in various pages would be cute and funny too! Never know when you’ll need to be reminded. In the back section of the book, you can start writing in important dates/anniversaries and memorable moments from the beginning or from this point on.. I would label that section:
    “And what a difference a day can make..”
    To me the point of taking out the time to write in the couples journal is it to continue to help one another strive and thrive to be the best person we can be every day, its an opportunity to be renewed daily. I believe that the best relationships are the ones that challenge you & lead you to God, being the best version of yourself every day in spite our changing moods.
    At the very least, its always good to track your progress and reflect on your growth & trust that although you are wonderful on your own… you’re even better together. SOmetimes we all need the reminder. Writing is a very therapeutic outlet and blessing we often overlook. Technology has so much jaded our society, I think the old fashion way can be more meaningful and endearing.

    Thank you & God bless!

  3. Starting a couples journal sounds like it might be a good way for me to express my feelings without getting him annoyed because I unavoidably use “that” tone and thus he can’t hear what I’m really saying. I’d love to win this journal and composition book & cover!!! Thanks for offering it Rustico!

  4. Since having children communication has gotten tougher – and sadly ignored at times. I am a big journaler, so this totally makes sense to me. What a brilliant idea!

  5. I love these pretty leather journals! I saw the cutest idea (i think on this website) where you cut out the different states you have lived in and paste them inside the pages of your journal and then write your favorite memories from each place you lived. 🙂 I would definitely use it for something like this for maybe anniversary or valentines gift for the hubby. 🙂 Beautiful journal!!

  6. Would love the blessing of winning a couples journal for my husband and I. Over the past year, my husband and I started praying together each morning before work. We also read a devotional before bed and discuss what the devotional means to us. I would love to add writing in our journal as a way to communicate and grow closer spiritually and as a couple. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  7. I would use this for me & my husband to write in everyday. Whether a word of encouragement, venting frustrations, a simple i love you, a request for a date, etc. The possibilities are endless! I would absolutely love this to strengthen our marriage relationship! 🙂

  8. I’ve never heard of the idea of couple journals before. Sounds interesting. My husband and I belong to a small Bible study group. I think having couple’s prayer journal would be a great idea.

  9. My husband is on the Amy and these would be great to write in for a full week and then send and switch so we can see how the other is doing when my husband is deployed. It would make it feel like we were a lot closer than an ocean apart,

  10. I have been searching and searching for new ways for my husband and I to enjoy each other and communicate with each other — this journal is such a great idea!

  11. I would love to start a couples’ journal again. We did one when we first married but don’t have one currently. I would love to write simple notes back and forth and be able to have that permanent reminder.

  12. Hubby and I started dating right before he went away to college. We wrote a lot of letters to each other (snail mail!!), but now that we live in the same house, we don’t have to do that. It would be fun to continue writing letters, some thoughts seem to come out better in writing. I do keep journals with my 2 little girls (one who can’t even read or write yet), but it encourages them. 🙂

  13. We have a “Sweetheart Journal” where we write love note/ poems and thoughts to each other. I never really thought about using a journal as a way to communicate those harder feelings though; we’ve always just used it as a way to say a love you and let the other find it in a fun spot to brighten their day. I really like the idea of using a journal to discuss those topics that are hard to bring up or are just so sensitive that you don’t want to offend by talking. That’s a great idea.

  14. I love journals and notebooks! The leather ones are gorgeous and will be perfect for my daily journal. I think they would also be perfect for a study or reflection journal. Like I said, I love journals notebooks and can think of so many things to use them for!

  15. This journal would be great for me to be able to phrase what I’m thinking without any pressure. Plus it would be like a middle ground to fully hear each other out. 🙂

  16. I’ve started writing a series of letters to my husband in a journal but I love the concept of keeping a couple’s journal. Having been married for almost two years, you would think we would have communication down pat. But, my husband was deployed for most of the first year of our marriage and we’re still getting the hang of things. I think it would be wonderful to win this and I absolutely love the fun tips from the Dating Divas.

  17. I would use it to record how I feel during a fight or something in an appropriate manner so that way my significant other could read it later and maybe get some sort of understanding about how I feel.

  18. Those are beautiful journals. We don’t journal back and forth to eachother but I love the idea of it and might one of these days. We do write our prayers down together every night and then pray for those together and the next day. I would love to use the journal to continue to write our prayers down. Thanks!

  19. I would use this journal to connect more emotionally and get away from the tendency to communicate electronically in our busy lives. It would be nice to have a more grounded way of leaving each other messages.

  20. I love writing to my husband! Before we got married we wrote letters because we lived 500 miles away. Now, we write in a journal. Once this one is done (it’s smallish) then we will have another one!

  21. I would love to be able to keep a couples journal and I think it would help bring us closer as a couple to be able to communicate this way! What a great idea!

  22. I’ve had to write out some things for my husband before because I can just think through the tough stuff better when I’m writing. I’ve never taken that idea further to a couple’s journal. I love it! These are gorgeous journals!

  23. We would use them to communicate because it never seems like there is enough time in the day! But it would also be great to have something to look back on in our relationship!

  24. My husband is a wonderful man, but a horrible date planner. We could make it our dates to have, date ideas, and dates had book! Right now, date list is newspaper clippings on the fridge!

  25. I wish my husband and I were better journal writers! My husband is better than I am but neither of us does well at it. Maybe this would be the kick in the pants we need!

    1. I’m on my phone and totally didn’t read the comment instructions first – whoops! I think the hubby and I would use the couples journals to write little notes to each other. We are on ifferent schedules and text a lot, but I’d like to save some of that stuff for the future. So we can looks back at it 🙂

  26. My husband works all night and I work during the day. This would be a perfect place to communicate! We are experiencing a lot of challenges in that area right now so I def think this would help us a ton! Right now we use email which gets cluttered and over looked.

  27. I think we would use it to get out our feelings on paper and not with hurtful words. So often words can be taken the wrong way depending on tone and this way there is no tone behind it just words. Also he is deployed right now and we do not get to talk much so another good idea would be mailing it back and forth to each other with questions about our future or just questions to answer to grow and learn with each other.

  28. My hunny bunny and i are REALLY struggling with communication…and have been for a while now. Maybe this journal is a new route we could take to try to get back on track. 🙁

  29. I just recently started my artwork again its the best decision I’ve made this year. This would be the perfect on the go art book/journal to take with me on my trips!

  30. This would be great for us to keep up with each others crazy schedules. It would also be good for keeping track of meal plans, date nights, and of course for those times we’re not seeing eye to eye.

  31. My husband and I find that sometimes we are on different pages on the same subject and it would allow each of us to say what needs to be said without argument and without the other’s opinion getting in the way of our thoughts. When ready we exchange the book and have a calm discussion

  32. What a lovely journal! Would be an awesome Vday gift for hubby. I think after 26 years theres not much we havent shared but sometimes it is just easier to write things down to share thoughts, feelings, and desires!!!

  33. I would definitely use these journals for us to write down our feelings, because my husband and I can get the your wrong and im right attitude. So it would help to see the others point of view with a clear mind to recieve their point then we can talk it out. Awesome idea!

  34. I think this journal would help in so many ways for couples seeking a way to have a more open and non judgmental way of communication! How exciting!

  35. I love this website! This journal would be so awesome to have 🙂 my husband and I have had a couple stressful weeks and something like this would be such a benefit to our communication! Thank you for all the amazing stuff you guys post, I now look forward to planning the date nights and surprising my husband 🙂

  36. I would love to use it for leaving messages for each other to read. Maybe to write each other love notes, or things we admire about one another, reasons we are thankful for one another, etc.

  37. A couple’s journal is such an awesome idea! Over the years, my sweetheart and I have written letters to each other beginning with letters stating what we wanted our marriage to look like (and we do remind each other of these letters on occasion). A journal would be an awesome tool to help keep us even more connected! These would also be great gifts for our married children:-) Thanks for sharing, we’re always looking for meaningful ideas and gifts!

  38. Never heard or thought of this before! I think it is a great idea. We could use it for when we are stressed with one another as well as leaving good thoughts about each other. Awesome!

  39. I would like to start one because I think it would help to just get everything out. I used to write all the time and just realized how much I miss doing it. It would be a good way to get feedback from what goes on in each others days

  40. My husband and I have been keeping a love letter journal for a while now. Unfortunately, we started out with a 0.97 memo pad that is now falling apart. We’d love to share one of these!

  41. A couple’s journal is such a great idea! I’ve never heard of it before! Often my husband and I are great at communication, but sometimes when it is tense, it can be difficult to convey our message or true feelings. Being able to write it down would be a perfect way to get around those roadblocks.

  42. He writes me a letter every Sunday and I think we would use the journal together. He could write my Sunday letters in there and I could write him a mid-week letter, maybe a Wednesday letter. It would keep them in one place and it would be so much easier to store than all the envelopes I have in a box.

  43. i honestly am not sure if my husband would use it but i would use it to write to him, to let him know how truly special i think he is. how wonderful my life is with him in it

  44. I am not married, but dating someone and would like to start something like this now. Communication is so important at every stage of a relationship.

  45. Our New Years resolution was to improve our communication. Keeping a communication journal is something I hadn’t though of doing! My hubby responds better when things are written rather than spoken, so I think the journal will be a perfect fit!

  46. Each year on our anniversary, my hubby and I create a document and journal back and forth throughout the day about what we learned for the past year, memories that stand out to us, challenges we worked through together, etc. We’ve been doing this since we dated and have a fantastic binder filled with memories and advice to pass on to our children one day.

  47. I’ve often wondered how to keep notes to and from my husband in a spot where they won’t get lost- this would be perfect!!! What a wonderful thing to have to look back over the years with!!

  48. i would love to start a couples journal with my hubby! and now is the perfect time. I would use the journal so that we can write down what we can’t always seem to articulate out loud, and fill it with love letters. hopefully it will become something I can share with our daughter when she is old enough

  49. My husband and I both have a very bad habit of cutting each other off and letting our anger dominate a conversation to the point where we don’t even realize what we are saying. I haev never thought to try this form of communication, though it makes perfect sense for me because I am a writer. Also, he works night shifts so we spend a lot of time apart during the day, which would leave lots of time for reading, writing and private reflection. Love this idea.

  50. I love the idea of a couple’s journal! I think that would really help a lot with conversation on difficult topics b/c my husband definitely clams up during those times…

  51. I would use my journal to share love notes with my hubby. We used to write notes to each other a lot before having children. I say its time to start that up again. I’d like to write a note during my quiet time each morning and leave it on his pillow to read as he gets into bed each night.

  52. My husband is in the national guard so when he goes away for the weekends or his summer weeks, we write a letter for each day that he’ll be gone. We also write to each other while we’re apart just to keep the other in the loop with what we’re doing (i.e. my days with the kids, his missions).

  53. What an awesome idea! The journals are beautiful!! It will be a wonderfl way to express our gratitude for all we do for each other, a reminder of how very much we are loved and especially to keep the lines of communication open when it’s difficult. Thank you for all your wonderful hard work keeping this site up and runnig. It has helped us temendously just as I’m sure it has benefited countless others!!

  54. I would use this journal to document all our answers from our “all about us” book. Maybe I’d use it to write down one thing everyday that I love about my hubby and then give it to him at christmas.

  55. Right now since me and my honey are in different states we’ve been sending our couples journal back and forth, sharing past memories and ideas of what we want to do in the days to come when we can be together again.

  56. We would use it for positive affirmations and goal planning. We both seem to prefer to keep the hard stuff communicated verbally until it can become a positive to work with.

  57. During pre-marital counseling they suggested that we take time at least once a week to share with one another 2 things we appreciated that happened in the past week and 1 thing that we didn’t appreciate that happened in the past week (in the order of appreciation, non-appreciation, appreciation). We haven’t done a very good job of doing this but I feel like this would be an excellent way for us to start! We can also use this to look back and see what the other person appreciated if we want to do something special for the other.

  58. My husband and I have never heard of a couples journal, but this sounds like a great idea. He has loved everything that I have done from your website thus far, so I am sure he would love this idea too. After all we are in school to be Christian Counselors. This is a great idea for couples.

  59. We are both extremely quiet people and sometimes the communication goes for a toss. I will the journal to write things that is bothering me and ask my husband to do the same. this will also serve as a place to record the simple joys, impromptu celebrations and crazy fun that we both have.

  60. My husband and I are trying to do a project this year where everyday we write down one thing we love about the other person. This would be great for that and being able to keep them as memories!

  61. This is such a great idea! My husband and I have comminication problems, he talks I don’t, writing is so much easier. We’re on the verge on separation (if not divorce) and this just might be a marriage saver.

  62. I would love to win this journal to be able to talk to my husband openly without my kids knowing what we are talking about. We are working really hard on communication right now and this would only help us get better with it. I love the idea of leaving each other little love notes and words of encouragement and telling each other how much fun we have doing little things together. It would be a great thing to keep going for our future years together to look back on. I can’t wait to do this, for our marriage, our love life together and for our future relationship.

  63. My husband and I already keep a couple’s journal. We LOVE having another method to keep communication open between us. This journal is so beautiful, and it would be a wonderful addition to our collection!

  64. I have written in one of those journals that asks you questions and you answer them about your spouse or you…but we have never done one together. It’s a fun idea…. THanks!!

  65. These are beautiful! I would love something that gorgeous to write back and forth with my husband. We do that occasionally…it really helps me to get my thoughts out when I’m overwhelmed, and then we can discuss them point by point. Otherwise, I forget the important stuff =/

  66. This would be perfect for my boyfriend and I as we are in a long distance relationship half way across the country from each other. We could write special notes to each other and thoughts and send it back and forth until we are together for good.

  67. Have always loved the fine workmanship of Rustico’s various products and we could really use a pair of these books to help with our “New Years resolution” which just happens to be “to communicate better with the people we love in our lives.

  68. I love journaling. I started one with my hubby, but he still has it and has not written in it. I am waiting for that day. We did share a journal that we mailed back and forth when we were apart (before we got married).

  69. These look like the beautiful handmade journals we saw in Italy. What a gorgeous way to write down our favorite memories of trips taken together. And because these have a masculine appeal due to the leather, it will motivate my hubby to write as it doesn’t seem so girly and feminine like my journals tend to be. Love these!

  70. I love Rustico’s products and have been a fan for years. I’d love to be able to share my thoughts and feelings beautifully with my significant other…especially since we’re both rather introspective sorts. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  71. I think that this is something that I am going to have to give a try! My husband and I have limited time together because of crazy schedules. I think it is a great way to feel connected when apart!

  72. My boyfriend and I keep a couples journal because when we first got together we both found it hard to open up to one another because of our past relationships. That journal told us some amazing things. A year later we couldn’t be any happier and loved the journal idea so much we keep doing it on a daily basis. 😀

  73. Rustico makes the best heirloom products! I have ordered from them before. These couple journals would be perfect for my husband and I to keep seperate travel journals….each journaling our unique take on the trip and then sharing it with each other. We love to travel and have an extended two month trip coming up. Thank you!

  74. I am going to be serving a full-time mission for my church and I would give this to my boyfriend with a note basically saying that whenever he really misses me, go out and do a service for someone. Then record what he did and how he felt after in this journal! And how it can strengthen us together! 🙂

  75. I have given a journal book as a wedding gift on several occasions. Usually with some directions to use daily, if they don’t have anything specific, some journal prompts, like talking about how they met, what they love about each other, and when they knew they were with “THE ONE”, etc. Would love to win for one for my sweetie and me…. (So I could see if it works for us. LOL)

  76. Oh I love journals. I love them…I would use this to note things that my husband does for me. I did it a while back, just note the date and a simple line. I didn’t tell him but had kept it for months. When it came time to say thank you…it was neat to have. 🙂

  77. We love the idea of a couples journal. Both my husband and I keep journals and love the idea of sharing one. It will be a perfect place to share our story together!

  78. My husband works away from home often, this would be such a great gift to help keep the spsrks flying! I would write him a love letter each time he leaves and hope for one in return when he comes home :).

  79. I’ve been married for less than a year and I would use it to keep track of favorite moments with my husband. Times where he’s been extra kind and loving, fun date nights we want to remember, things we’ve done to help us remember why we love each other so much.

  80. Since I’m terrible at saying “sorry” this would be a great way to not only apologize, but also for my husband to keep it in writing (since it doesn’t happen very often) 🙂

  81. My SO has a problem talking about problems or his hopes and dreams out loud and in person. I think this would really help both of us get everything said that needs to be said. Whether it’s working on our problems, expressing our deepest feelings, or just to leave little love notes for each other, I LOVE the idea of a couples journal.

  82. We’d us it to write letters back and forth. We already leave notes on sticky notes and scrap paper all of the time, but it would be so neat to be able to look back at the different things that were going on in our lives!

  83. I love the idea of a couples journal! My husband would love it too. We’ve broken up our relationship into different ways we like to connect and each ranked them in order of which is most important to us. I’m going to incorporate this into a journal by giving us each topics to choose from that helps us connect in ways the other person likes to connect most. Awesome.

  84. This would be such a wonderful way to grow and connect as a couple. What a great concept/idea/inspiration. You guys are so incredible. You do wonderful things for couples! Thank you for putting on such a great giveaway, and for being so inspirational. It’s truly incredible 🙂

  85. Im recovering from mental health issues so i would use it to help me communicate more with my husband and to help me say thank you for the support that he has given me.

  86. My boyfriend is on the military and were long distance for the time being. You can only say or remember to say so much in a phone call. I think this would’ve a great communication tool we’d both benefit from!

  87. I read this quote a little bit ago and completely agreed with it!
    “Enjoy your husband – if you are in the middle of washing dishes and he comes up to hug on you – stop and take in that moment. Put your phone down, book, thoughts of things on your to do list, or whatever and look into his eyes when he is talking to you and really listen!! Cherish every moment with that man ♥.”- Unknown
    I would use this beautiful journal to do just that… Cherish every moment. I would write everything I cherish about him and everything I experience with him, our lives and love are a piece of Art — and these journals are well beyond a beautiful canvas to create our art!

  88. My hubby and I have a couples journal that we update after each weekly date night. Ours is just a notebook, I would love a leather one. I think it will last longer and I can picture us old and gray going through it together someday.

  89. I would LOVE to win this! My husband and I could keep our travels and fun days together recorded in here. 🙂 Then we would BOTH have access to the memories without feeling like we were intruding on each other’s personal journal! 🙂 LOVE IT!!!!

  90. I would love this Journal. My husband and I would love writing fun and serious things to each other and leaving the journal hidden in a special spot for the other to find. We do this with notes often but how fun to have all those sweet notes in one place.