Shamrock Shake Your Way to the Bedroom

A “Shamrock Shake” for the Bedroom

St. Patrick’s Day is coming, which means McDonald’s will be bringing back their fan-favorite Shamrock Shake, and most couples will be thinking about ways to get lucky in the bedroom.

Lucky for you, we have found a way to combine the two! That’s right, for this sexy date, you’ll be combining the delicious flavors of the classic Shamrock Shake with a flirty foreplay game that is sure to help you get lucky!

You and your partner will love this Shamrock Shake foreplay game! | The Dating Divas
Shamrock Shake-themed foreplay game.
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Table of Contents
  1. A “Shamrock Shake” for the Bedroom
  2. How to Make a Shamrock Shake: Shamrock Shake Recipe
  3. Gettin’ Lucky Dice Foreplay Game
  4. “Shamrock Shake” Your Way to the Bedroom With Gettin’ Lucky Dice

How to Make a Shamrock Shake: Shamrock Shake Recipe

No need to Google “How to make a Shamrock Shake,” nor do you need to go through the hundreds of Shamrock Shake recipes available online because we’ve found the perfect one for you!

This Shamrock Shake recipe from Design Eat Repeat looks SO YUMMY! Check it out:

This delicious Shamrock Shake recipe will make date night even more fun! | The Dating Divas
A delicious homemade Shamrock Shake.

It looks better than anything you’d order at McDonald’s, right? We are looking forward to making this one!

Better yet, it’s so easy. You’ll need to get the entire recipe from her blog, but here are the basic ingredients that you will want to have on hand so you’re ready for your date:

  • vanilla ice cream
  • milk
  • peppermint and vanilla extracts
  • food coloring

To make the shakes look even more festive, consider purchasing this set of fountain shoppe milkshake glasses and pair it with festive straws!

Just a heads up, you will also need whipped cream and chocolate sauce for the foreplay game that we’ve created for you.

Gettin’ Lucky Dice Foreplay Game

Here is where your date night gets even more fun… You can use the ingredients for your Shamrock Shake in the bedroom, thanks to this sexy foreplay game!

And even luckier for you, this game is super simple to assemble. All you need to do is cut out the printable and then use tape, glue, or even a double-sided tape roller to adhere the sides together. Each dice is the shape of a cube, so fold it as such.

This Shamrock Shake-themed game and date night will be a hit for couples! | The Dating Divas
A fun Shamrock Shake-themed game and date night.

“Shamrock Shake” Your Way to the Bedroom With Gettin’ Lucky Dice

There are two ways you can plan the evening: you can make and enjoy your Shamrock Shake before the foreplay game, or you can use the ingredients in the bedroom first and then enjoy the shakes after. There is no right or wrong way as long as you have FUN!

How to play:

Once the dice are assembled, take turns rolling them. One die has six different body parts on it (nipples, bum, tummy, legs, lips, and neck), and the other die has three sexy actions (pinch, suck, and kiss) as well as three Shamrock Shake ingredients (whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and ice cream) on it.

Start off by having one of you roll BOTH dice. Make sure to pay attention to what each die lands on. This is what you will be doing to each other as foreplay!

For example, if one die lands on TUMMY and the other die lands on KISS, then the person who rolled the die will kiss the other person’s tummy. Once they’re finished, it’s the other partner’s turn to roll. Let’s say their dice lands on LIPS and WHIPPED CREAM. If this is the case, get creative and use whipped cream on the other person’s lips!

You can play this game for as long as you’d like—there’s no time limit!

This Shamrock Shake-themed game is so easy to assemble! | The Dating Divas
Assembled Shamrock Shake-themed dice game.

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That’s it! Who’s gettin’ lucky tonight?! {Wink!}

Enjoy, and happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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