Win a Target Shopping Spree! {worth $150!}


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How’d you like to get your hands on a $150 gift card to spend on a Christmas Shopping Spree at Target?!  

Ummm… who wouldn’t!?  Target has EVERYTHING!  

Chrissy - Christmas Target Giveaway


ONE LUCKY WINNER is going home with $150 BUCKS to spend this holiday season… 

And it could be YOU!!! 


Just enter using the Rafflecopter below…


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1,089 Responses to Win a Target Shopping Spree! {worth $150!}

  1. Oh goodness…this would be awesome! 🙂 I’d get some of the “necessities” that are so fun to throw in the stockings and a few odds and ends that we wouldn’t otherwise get…like the extra package of gel pens or the little lego mini figures or the extra fancy headbands that only match one outfit! Ha! 🙂 So many fun things to get!

  2. I would buy my kids a few more gifts for Christmas as this is my first Christmas being a single mother, and getting no help from my ex. Awesome giveaway. Thank You

  3. I would love to get some clothes for me and my hubby as we are losing weight together, plus some new items for the kitchens and of course clothes and toys for the kiddos! Thanks!

  4. I would buy something more for my mom (really the only person I am not completely finished shopping for). Maybe some cute pajamas or something. Then if there is any left, I would buy myself the ankle boots I have been eyeing.

  5. There are so many things that I need from Target but I think I would purchase Christmas gifts for my two children. Lost my job and my daughter has been in the hospital since August 2012, so I would buy them something that they want and not what they need!

  6. I’d buy Christmas presents for my family. Right now I’m trying to make everything for people for Christmas to save money but it would be nice to just buy some fun things too!

  7. I would love to win a Target gift card! I’m pregnant with my first baby, due in June and moving to a new house next month. I would love to go buy the crib I have been eyeing 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. I would finish my Christmas shopping and get gifts for my best friend who’s getting married this month, my sister who gets married in January and another friend who’s coming to spend vacation with me from Brasil!

  9. I would buy a white bunk bead for 2 of our 3 girls. I just got laid off at the beginning of November, but am selling stuff on Craigslist…would love to get a brand new one at Target instead….
    Thank you for all your awesome ideas.

  10. This would be absolutely awesome! I would buy my family some awesome Christmas presents! Being in college, it gets hard to shop for everyone. This would be a great win! Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  11. Thanks for hosting this awesome party, I always look forward and keep my fingers cross that I might win something someday. Love that you guys are so sweet and do the freebies to include everyone!

  12. I’d buy some of many of the Christmas gifts I still need to buy. Target is one of my husbands favorite stores. I may also save some for after christmas to get a bunch of christmas decor on sale!!

  13. I would probably buy gifts that I can donate…and take my kiddos with me. Every lesson in grace and appreciation is a gift worth teaching! Thanks for the awesome giveaway(s)!! <3

  14. Well, my daughter told me her friend (one of 6 kids all girls) is not having Christmas. They had a house fire and because of all the costs involved they cant afford to do any gifting. The youngest is 8 years old. I would give my daughters mom the card for her family.

  15. I would buy an actual outfit with shoes for once!! As a mom, I never shop for myself and have one pair of sneakers and then “gym” outfits that I wear all day every day. My husband and I don’t go out on dates, and part of the problem is my not having anything to wear. Merry Christmas!!!

  16. It’s hard to say what I would buy at Target. Their are so many great things. In fact I have an online shopping cart full of all my window shopping “needs” right now……I hope I win!

  17. Omg! I would buy so many things! I would finish my Christmas shopping and also get several items to donate to my college’s clothing/food drive for Christmas!!!

  18. If I were to win the Target gift card, I would be able to spoil my new grandson with some new things and also some nice treats for his mom and dad to help them out during their sleepless to little sleep nights. It would be so nice to surprise them with this. 🙂

  19. Honestly, if I won the Target gc, I would by diapers and trade the remaining amount with my mom for gas cards- Then we would be able to visit my hubby’s family for Christmas- THAT would be better than new curtains any day!!

  20. i would LOVE to win this. we lost all our christmas decorations in our last move, so i would love to be able to replace them AND get the kids some presents! thanks for the great giveaway

  21. I’d buy some home furnishings for our bedroom. We moved recently and still haven’t done anything with our bedroom and it doesn’t scream “let’s be romantic” at all. It needs something asap but it’s not in the budget right now.

  22. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh….there are so many things to choose from, but there is a cabinet that I have been eying for all my craft supplies…I would probably buy that.

  23. I would totally buy some Bubble Guppies gear for my little one and some new Christmas cds. I LOVE Christmas music!!

    And thank you all for the awesome Pinterest party and giveaways. 🙂

  24. I hope I win! I am getting ready to start my second trimester of my first pregnancy and need some maternity clothes! I would also love to take my 6 year old nephew shopping, he loves Target!

  25. I would probably snag some cute clothes for my girls and maybe a little Christmas tree for them to decorate themselves! And if there is some left something cute for me.

  26. I would buy some things for the new townhome we are renting… we are a military family and move ALLL the time. We just moved back from Korea and some of our things broke on the move home… that’s how I would use my card! 🙂

  27. I would definitely used the Target gift card to remake my master bedroom. I need a comforter that looks mature (my husband would appreciate that) and actually fits the mattress! Help!

  28. I would either buy that camera I’ve always wanted or finish my Christmas shopping and home décor…most likely the Christmas shopping and home décor!

  29. I would buy bedding for my older boys. We had a flood in our basement and had to redo their room. Their bedding is 8-9 years old, so it would be great to get them the Space quilts they want. Or a mudroom bench. SO hard to decide. 😉

  30. First year of college which means first year not working, so Christmas gifts are looking like packs of gum! would love to use that money to get my family some real gifts, especially since they have done so much and given up so much for me to be able to further my education.

  31. I would get my husband a present – things are tight this year, so we agreed not to exchange presents with each other so that we could afford to get presents for family.

  32. Wow! So many possibilities…a scooter for my son, clothes for my daughter…too many things to list. Target has something for everyone on my list! BTW, I love the yellow coat in the picture. Is that from Target?

  33. Unfortunately, I’m going to be quite dull with my spending. I shop Target for the household essentials, so that’s what I would use the gift card for. See – dull. 😉

  34. I would buy groceries. I had to have an unplanned surgery onThanksgiving day and now our finances are a little tight. Groceries would be the first thing I bought with any extra money!

  35. There are some things we need for our new arrival who’s coming soon, and my husband needs some new pants, so that’s probably what we’d spend it on.

  36. Would L.O.V.E this! I love Target! You are right they do have everything. I would possibly give a portion of this to my daughter to buy an iPod Touch. She has been saving Target Gift Cards for awhile now just need enough money to buy it.

  37. Ooh! My husband and I were recently married and are saving up for a HOUSE (and baby!), so this would be SUPER helpful to spend on Christmas gifts—hope I win!

  38. I would buy my husband a Christmas present.. We decided that since we don’t have the money this year, we would just get gifts for our boys, and not each other… But this would make a wonderful surprise!!!

  39. A Target shopping spree — even if I do have to drive 2 hours…. that would be so worth it. I miss living close to Target.

    Dating Divas ROCK!

  40. I am doing a master bedroom DIY one day Christmas present for my husband. We had a rough few years and are now better then ever (All glory and honor and thanks goes to Jesus). So I want to make our bedroom look like the sweet sanctuary it has become. Thank you!

  41. Just want to say a HUGE thank you for this site!! I am currently planning one of my hubby’s Christmas presents from your great ideas. I can’t wait til Christmas morning when I plan to present him with a box of 52 planned and paid for dates!! Y’all are awesome!! God bless!!

  42. I’d probably get a massive supply of baby wipes. I have had more than I occasion of running out of those unexpectedly…
    That, and maybe a clearance item or two for me (if I’m honest)

  43. We are really scraping by this year and this would really help us be able to get a few gifts for our son this year. We weren’t able to last year, and this is the fun year, because he’s 2 and sort of knows what’s going on. Have a Merry Christmas & God Bless!

  44. My boyfriend and I are moving in together this month and REALLY want a keurig and a kitchenaid among other things so I would put it towards that!

  45. I would buy presents for my husband and my son for Christmas. We are unemployed right now and only have $45 to spend on everyone for Christmas, so if I win this raffle it would be a true blessing!

  46. I would get something for my man! I live four hours away and never get to see him. Christmas is coming up, and I get to come home for the holidays in between semesters. He says he has something big planned for us, but since I’m a broke college kid, I can’t do much but craft for him!

  47. Oh, I love me some Target! I’d probably snag some stocking stuffers for the family, jammies for the kiddos for Christmas Eve, socks for the hubby, and some Essie nail polish for me. 🙂