Win an iPad Mini

Sadly, this fun giveaway has come to an end, watch for our next big giveaway coming soon to a screen near you!!!

Win an iPad Mini!

Win a what??? Yup, you heard me right!  AN iPad MINI!!! {Boom-boom-boom, let me hear you say Way-O!!} We have created a fun Treasure Hunt for YOU to receive up to FOURTEEN entries over the next 14 days!!

The winner will receive their own iPad Mini!!!

All together now, Ooooooohhhhhh-Aaaaaahhhhhhh!


Here’s all the SMALL important details:

I am going to give you some very important advice to start. We will be reminding everyone on our social media outlets each day that there is a new clue. If you aren’t following us on one or more of these places, you SHOULD so you get all the updates!! Here they are for you… take a second to make sure you are following us on all of them!  {This will insure that you don’t miss ANY of our clues!!}





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Each day {for the next 14 days}, we will be updating this post with the newest clue to our Treasure Hunt Game! So Day 1 – Clue #1, Day 2 – Clue #2… up until the 14th day! We will remind you on all our media sites to check the post and you can get crack-a-lackin’ right away at the answer. All the answers can be found on our site {and are pretty easy-peasy, if you ask me!!}  You will need to read over the clue, click the link to the post and find the answer to the question. Once you have found the answer to the clue, simply come back to this post & enter the answer in the form below to submit it. Now WHY would you want to check back each day?? BECAUSE not only you will you be introduced to some of our most POPULAR posts we’ve ever aired… but you will also receive an entry for each correct answer you submit!! This will GREATLY improve the chances of you winning!!



#1) Click on this Link: {101 Family Picture Tips & Ideas} …to find the answer to THIS question… We put together 101 Family Picture Tips & Ideas. All of them are fantastic, but tip #101 may be the most important, what is it? Have a ____ _____ _____.

#2) Click on this Link: {Seven Days of Love} …to find the answer to THIS question… Seven Days of Love is a sweet way to let your spouse know you are thinking about them all week long! What 3 words are on the first strip of the printable?

#3) Click on this Link: {All About You Basket} …to find the answer to THIS question… An All About You Basket is a great way to let your spouse know how special they are to you. What phrase was attached to a sponge that Lisa put into the basket?

#4) Click on this Link: {18 Movie Date Nights} …to find the answer to THIS question… We planned 18 Creative Movie Date Nights for you! Number 10 combines a chick-flick with football. What is the title of the movie?

#5) Click on this Link: { Kid’s Date Night Envelope } …to find the answer to THIS question… The Kid Date Night Envelope is a fun way for your children to look forward to Date Night. There are two fun games in this post, one uses M&M’s, what is it called?

#6) Click on this Link: {Birthday Week: Gifts For Him} …to find the answer to THIS question… We found the best of the best in Birthday Week: Gifts For Him. This post features a picture of TruLove Magazine with one of our favorite Divas gracing the cover. What is her name?

#7) Click on this Link: {Your Guide to a Flawless Face} …to find the answer to THIS question…Your Guide to a Flawless Face will give you make-up tips and tricks you may have never thougth of. When it comes to MASCARA, one brand stands above the rest according to Alyssa. Which brand is it? Covergirl, Maybelline, or Almay?

#8) Click on this Link: {140 Free Printables} …to find the answer to THIS question… Our Valentine’s Day Round-Up has 140 romantic ideas for ANY time of year. Idea # 123 is a game called “It’s A Love Match” and is based on what classic game?

#9) Click on this Link: {Game of Love} …to find the answer to THIS question… A Game of Love is one that will NEVER be forgotten by your spouse! There are official rules for this game and Rule #2 gives a time limit for each square. How much time is allowed?

#10) Click on this Link: {Anniversary: Special Milestones} …to find the answer to THIS question… Anniversaries are a HUGE deal around here and we have a collection of Special Anniversary Milestones. What flower is used to celebrate your ninth wedding anniversary?

#11) Click on this Link: {Love on the Run} …to find the answer to THIS question…Our Love on the Run Date Night in a Bag is a great idea you can preplan and use in a crunch! Who created our darling printable for this easy date idea?

#12) Click on this Link: {Meet The Divas Page {Choose 1 Diva & Ask a Question}} …to find the answer to THIS question…We are a group of fun girls wanting to keep the spark in our marriage alive. Take a look at our bios and choose 1 diva and ask her a question.

#13) Click on this Link: {50 FREE St. Patrick’s Day Printables!} …to find the answer to THIS question…Check out our different St. Patrick’s Day idea & let us know which one you will be doing for YOUR sweetie, kids, or loved ones. {Your answer will be the name of the post.}

#14) Click on this Link: {The Perfect Wedding Present/Can O Dates} …to find the answer to THIS question…Looking for the perfect wedding present? Can O’ Dates may be just what you’re looking for! The best part is all the hard work is done for you. This gift comes in two gorgeous color schemes- one is black, white, and red. What are the other color scheme colors?

Day #15) Check back to THIS post for the Winner!!! Keep Scrolling Down!!

Now that that is all out of the way, let’s talk about the ah-mazing prize!! The newly released iPad Mini {16G} is one of the most wanted electronics of the year!

Get the full iPad experience

Everything you love about iPad — the beautiful screen, fast and fluid performance, FaceTime and iSight cameras, thousands of amazing apps, 10-hour battery life — is everything you’ll love about iPad mini, too. And you can hold it in one hand.

Beautiful 7.9-inch display

Colors are vivid and text is sharp on the iPad mini display. But what really makes it stand out is its size. At 7.9 inches, it’s perfectly sized to deliver an experience every bit as big as iPad.

Over 300,000 apps

Right from the start, apps made for iPad also work with iPad mini. They’re immersive, full-screen apps that let you do almost anything you can imagine. And they make iPad mini practically impossible to put down.

Ultrafast wireless

With advanced Wi-Fi that’s up to twice as fast as any previous-generation iPad and access to fast cellular data networks around the world, iPad mini lets you download content, stream video, and browse the web at amazing speeds.

Limited Warranty

Every iPad mini comes with complimentary telephone technical support for 90 days from your iPad mini purchase date and a one-year limited warranty.

What’s in the box

  • iPad mini
  • Lightning to USB Cable
  • USB Power Adapter

Now that you’ve read all the details… hurry over to the first clue and start your treasure hunt today!!!

Good Luck!!

{This Giveaway has ended…}

LUCKY WINNER: Entry #5,811 Kristelle DeCastro


Giveaway starts Saturday, February 23rd at 5:00 am PST and ends day, March 8th at midnight PST. Once the giveaway ends, the lucky winner will be chosen using and contacted within 24 hours by email. This post will be updated with winner’s name once we’ve heard back. Winner will need to respond within 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen. Open to U.S. residents only.

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  1. Thank you ladies so much for the opportunity to view your previous posts! I really love the Seven Days of Love post. I am definitely going to do that. Also, I really enjoy this treasure hunt! 🙂

  2. My daughters birthday is on Sunday, March 31st which is also Easter this year. She wants a mini ipad how cool would that be if I won the mini ipad. What an awesome birthday present that would be for her. Just saying.

    1. Miriam, it could be that you are on an iPad, not sure. Can you tell me which internet you are using? (internet explorer 8, google chrome, safari, etc??) I will find out when I hear from you!! XOXO

  3. I just have to say thanks, this giveaway is awesome! The prize is amazing, but I am loving the treasure hunt too! I missed out on some cool posts! So glad you are doing this

  4. Thank you, thank you for the contest! I am winner just having you gals around (wether I win the mini iPad or not). I really appreciate the ideas and the support that is offered here. I will be eternally grateful. You gals are awesome.

  5. What a fun giveaway that takes us back to some of best of the best posts from the past. I have seen most of them before and done many. 🙂 Thanks for a giveaway that reminds us of some fun things to do with our spouses. Also, thanks for letting those of us that started late a chance to catch up. I was on vacation with my sweetheart so didn’t quite get started right when the giveaway did. Thanks for helping us enrich our marriages. I just LOVE this site and all who are a part of it.

  6. I heard about this giveaway and it opened me up to this awesome blog and some great ideas! It was much needed at this time in my life… such a life saver! I’m definitely going to bookmark this blog for the future!! Thanks for all the great advice