November 30, 2015

Jurassic World Movie Date Night



Is your hubby as excited as mine about the Jurassic World movie? This was definitely a man-approved film for movie night! Take your movie date night to the next level with our fabulous Jurassic World printables!

Jurassic World Move Date Night

These printables are the real deal! Kensie Kate is the creator behind this awesome set. They look so realistic I can’t get over it. You’ll feel like you are about head to the park and see some dinos yourself! Thanks Miss Kensie!

Jurassic World Movie Date Night Printables

Ok, aren’t these admission passes and VIP bracelets awesome?! They’re inspired to look just like the ones in the movie. Invite your spouse to join you for a night of dinosaur action with these cute, easy printables! {Be sure to snatch up the movie here so that you are 100% ready for this date night!}

Jurassic World Movie Invitations

You can also use this little love note quote from the movie to give to your spouse!

Jurassic World Movie Date Love Note

Gather your snacks for feeding time! Make sure to cover all the food groups by providing food for the Carnivore (the ferocious meat-eating dinos), Herbivore (the veggie loving plant-eaters) and Omnivore (dinos that eat both plants and meat, and… cookies!). You can even make dinner and have these fun tags label your entrees!

Jurassic World Movie Snacks

Before pushing play, have a little fun by predicting what will happen in the movie. (Make sure not to peek at the answer sheet when preparing this… and by the way, the answers in the photo are fake!) Take your best guess and after the movie, check your answers! Winner gets a special prize awarded by the other spouse {WINK}.

Jurassic World Movie Trivia

Use caution during the night, because you never know when something ferocious could escape it’s cage! Leave this flirty warning sign on your Bedroom Door and quickly get inside for safety. Lock the door and keep CLOSE physical contact with your sweetie until the coast is clear! {WINK}

Jurassic World Bedroom Note

Love this Jurassic World Movie Date Night? We thought so! Make your spouse excited for movie night– and remember to stick together, for survival!


Looking for more fun way to spice up your Movie Night? If you want a chick flick next time, you may like The Longest Ride Date Night. Or if you want another action film, you’ll love the Divergent Date Night!

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