A Couple’s Calendar to Help You Celebrate Your Marriage

It’s not every day that you find the one you truly love. BUT, you can definitely celebrate that special person every day with our new Couple’s Calendar! It’s what we wish we had as newlyweds, but since we didn’t have it then, we’re more than happy to share it now!

It’s Not Your Average Calendar…

When you buy your normal calendar for the new year, you know that it will have 12 months, and each month will have its requisite number of days. No surprises.

Well… we want to surprise you!

This year we are producing our very first, physical, Couple’s Calendar!

Desktop couple's calendar with 12 marriage challenges. | The Dating Divas
Couple’s calendar with monthly marriage challenges

If you were a fan of the digital, it has all that, just in a convenient flip-style format.

There are no specific months, just 12 different areas that can help improve your marriage. So what would you be getting into? 30 challenges for each of the following topics:

Monthly marriage challenges in a desktop couple's calendar. | The Dating Divas

  • Sex & Intimacy
  • Romance
  • Positivity
  • Service
  • Communication
  • Flirting
  • Trying New Things
  • Being Active
  • Quality Time
  • Rejuvenating
  • Making Memories
  • Being Playful

Designed for Couples

We were also super intentional that this calendar helps our BOTH people in the relationship. That help comes from both receiving, giving, and learning together so the marriage challenges alternate between HER and HIM days. This way no one gets worn out being the only person putting in the work.

Digital content in included with the physical couple's calendar. | The Dating Divas
Physical couple’s calendar with included digital content

There are QR codes so you can scan and access additional digital content and links as you work to improve each area of your marriage together.

Some of the additional tools linked are

  • videos
  • articles
  • podcasts
  • love notes and more!

How The Couple’s Calendar Works

Monthly marriage challenges with integrated digital content in a flipable couple's calendar. | The Dating Divas
Flirty marriage challenges in a couple’s calendar
  • 1. Get your spouse on board & order your calendar!
  • 2.  When your calendar arrives, decide together which of the 12 challenges you want to start with.
    • *You can complete them in any order you’d like! 
    • *We recommend starting with the area of marriage you think you need the most help with.
  • 3. Turn to that section using the calendar tab & scan the QR code on the cover page to print off your challenge resources for the next 30 days.
  • 4. Place the calendar somewhere where you and your sweetie will see it each day.
    • *We recommend your nightstand, dresser, or desk. 
  • 5. Take turns completing the tasks on your alternating days!
    • *Teal is for HIM, pink is for HER.
    • *If you miss a day, no sweat! Just don’t turn the page until the task is complete! 
  • 6. Once you’ve completed your 30-day challenge you’ll be stronger than ever in that area of your marriage! Whenever you’re ready- select a new challenge to start working on a NEW area of marriage.
    • *You can do a new 30-day challenge each month and complete all 12 in a year. OR you can take your time and go at your own pace. If life gets busy, just skip a month or two and start again whenever you’re both ready. 
  • 7. Once you’ve completed all 12 challenges, feel free to repeat any of them as needed.  
Follow daily prompts from the marriage challenge couple's calendar. | The Dating Divas
An example of a couple’s calendar challenge focused on memories

Build Love That Lasts a Lifetime

Grab your beautiful, functional, and essential calendar today so you can welcome the new year with a new devotion to strengthening your marriage. We all know fairy tales don’t just happen, they are built bit by bit. Lay that first brick today!

Start the year off right!

Couple’s Calendar

Challenge your marriage to go to the next level with the Couple’s Calendar! This reusable calendar includes 12 different categories with daily challenges to help each partner.


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