January 19, 2013

Valentine Photo Booth Props


Valentine’s Freebie!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

How would you like to SCORE a FREE set of darling Valentine photo booth props?!

Yep- that’s right, FREE!  These beauties were designed by the lovely and talented Leah Aldous of  l.a. sync and we are giving them away to all of YOU lucky ladies!


Because we LOVE you!  You’ve got instant access to all of THIS fabulousness….



 Seriously, these are to DIE for! The cutest Valentine’s Day PHOTO props you’ve ever seen! Just print, adhere to skewers or popsicle sticks, and get your “picture perfect” game on!! Whoot, WOOT!!

Photoshoot TIME!!!!

This would be a blast to do as a family activity, as a group date, party idea, OR just being silly with the hubby at night! You can use it before, on, or AFTER the “Lovebird” holiday we have coming up!


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75 Responses to “Valentine Photo Booth Props ”

  1. Shanelle says:

    This is such a cute idea! I have followed you and pinned all four! My mom had always wanted props like this to use in her photography! She’ll be so excited!! Thank you!

    • Tara Tara says:

      Sorry, Shanelle! Our form wasn’t working earlier this morning. It’s up now! 😉 If you fill it out, you’ll get access to those cute props!

  2. Nicole says:

    Those turned out cute!

  3. Maria says:

    Looking forward to it all! Thanks!

  4. Alicia says:

    I like the “at a glance” roundups, but am wondering where I can get the actual links for specific projects shown. When I click the picture, I just get a larger version of the “at a glance” pic. I’d like the details or links to the original posts. Thanks for the info.

    • Tara Tara says:

      Hey Alicia! If you pin these to your Pinterest board – they are all linked up to their original posts. You can then access them from your Pinterest Boards! 😉

  5. Jodi says:

    Pinned all 4! Love Pinterest and now that I’m following the Divas, love it even more!!

  6. Hi, I would love to enter this giveaway, but when I clicked on the pictures to see the actual posts so I would know what board to put them on it didn’t go anywhere. So I tried pinning one of them to see where the pin would take me and it just took me back to this page. Do you actually have those 4 posts up on here? Because those pictures and pin it buttons don’t lead to those posts. I don’t really want to pin pictures that don’t lead where they say they lead, I don’t think that would be fair to my followers. Let me know if you get this fixed, I would love to enter. Thanks!

  7. Linda says:

    I was so excited to find your website. I am in charge of games and entertainment at our church’s married couples valentines party. I was planning on doing a photo booth and I opened my email to find this this morning….so excited. You are an answer to prayer. Looks like I’ll be using your ideas for a lot of things. Thank you so much !!!! Your hard work helps so many.

  8. Christine says:

    My internet service is horrible. I filled out form and couldn’t get it to submit so I rebooted my browser and an’t get form to come back….how can I still get access to freebies?

  9. Christina says:


    I’m super excited to get these printables, but when I enter the password and click submit I get nothing. It stays on the same page still showing “enter password.

  10. Yady says:

    i follow you!!

  11. Hi Tara,

    I pinned the 4 valentines and then submitted the password but it is not working. What am I doing wrong?

  12. Coralee says:

    Hi all you Dating Divas! I just started following you on pinterest and love y’all!! thanks for all you’re doing, , your work is putting the intimacy back in our marriage.
    ps-just thought I would let you know that although I pinned the 4 posts, I too am experiencing issues. when I pinned them as you suggest and then click from the pain, it brings me back to this post. :(

    • Tara Tara says:

      Hey Coralee – did you use the “pin it” buttons right underneath each picture? They are pre-coded to send you to the right post. Let us know. Thank a bunch!

      • Coralee says:

        Hi Y’all. yes I did. that is why I mentioned it, because I think it is broke & I really wanted those pins to work for my friends & I. can they be fixed for us all? thanks. :)

        • Coralee says:

          Tara, would you mind trying to click the pins on my board to see if they do the same to you? I deleted the 4 and repinned today to see if it would work. unfortunately the pins are still bringing me here. I have them pinned under money savers.

          • Tara Tara says:

            Hey Coralee! We just fixed them. Go ahead & delete those pins & pin them one more time. They should take you to the right posts now. 😉 So sorry about that!

  13. Erika says:

    Its not working for me either. And, yes, I used the “pin it” buttons underneath each picture and then tried to access them from my pinterest board.

  14. Mckenze says:

    The printables look adorable, but I can not get the file. After I entered the password I received after I pinned the posts, I was sent to a page asking for my username and password. I am not sure what to do from there because I have not ever seen a place to create a username and password for your site. Thanks in advance for any help!

  15. Sarah says:

    Hi, after submitting the form a screen pops up that gives me a link to the page to put in my password to get the props but when I click on the link it just takes me to a blank page and there’s not a place to put in the password? Thanks for the help!

  16. Shannon says:

    the 3rd pin is not working for me :-( the other 3 pinned right away, but the one with the food is not working! It keeps coming up and asking me to say something about the pin and yet won’t accept anything that is typed :-(

  17. melissa says:

    The three pinned for me as well but the food one keeps asking me for description and won’t pin.

  18. Michelle says:

    I had the same trouble with the food one as Melissa. :-(

  19. Donna says:

    I followed the directions- it said to fill out the form below- but all I have is a blank spot below! help!

    • Becca Becca says:

      Donna, Thanks for pinning! Sorry you’re having trouble accessing our free printable. Sometimes the form doesn’t show up if your browser needs updating or if you need to clear your cache. Anyway, I just sent you an e-mail so run check it. :)

  20. Kay says:

    Re: V-Day Photoshoot Prop” freebies

    Hey there,

    I’ve just “followed-all” of your pins on my Pinterest account. Can you please tell me if these props are still available? LOVE LOVE LOVE your site-by the way! Would love to use them at our V-Day party for our couples ministry at church next month.


  21. Rachel Jones says:

    Hi there! I just saw this post and was so excited to get the freebie… and then I noticed that it’s from last year… :( Is it possible for me to get the photo booth printable freebie? :) I’m already a subscriber, I follow your boards on Pinterest and I pinned the 4 pins above. I’d love to use these! Thanks so much!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your website!!!!!!!!!! :)


  22. Tammy says:

    The form is missing. I just found your site today from Pinterest. Am I too late?! This last Christmas we made yearly photo albums for our 11 kids along with crocheted mustaches to use as a prop for their January photo. I would LOVE to send them this prop for February. I love this site and have sent the link to all my daughters and daughter-in-laws. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  23. Cherice says:

    I just completed all the steps above than realized it was from last year. Is there anyway I can still get it?
    Thank You

  24. Trisha Johnson says:

    wondering if its possible to get didnt realize it was old did everything required

  25. Jody Rasmussen says:


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