Grocery Love Notes Hunt

A Yummy and Loving Hunt For Your Spouse! 

Send your spouse on a scavenger hunt through the grocery store for love notes and items that will lead to a sweet treat for two!

This yummy and lovely date idea was inspired by a post I stumbled upon on Facebook. While scrolling through my newsfeed this picture and note caught my love-struck attention. As my friend was strolling through the grocery store, she happened upon this cute anonymous note, and quickly snapped a picture.   (Excuse the poor quality of this picture. My friend had no idea that her camera photo was going to be such a hit or I’m sure she would have taken a way better shot of this note! 🙂 )

How cute is this??? I love this little note. It made me wonder about the thoughtful person who left it to be discovered. Was this a spur of the moment thing? Were they on a grocery hunt? Was this part of their date night? All of these thoughts inspired a fun last minute date idea!!! 

Wouldn’t it be fun to hide lovey-dovey notes throughout the grocery store for your spouse to find? The thought of this date just makes me giddy with anticipation and excitement. My hubby would be all over this date because it’s all about him, he gets an ego-boost, and he gets a yummy treat for all his hard work!  Dates don’t get any better than that!

 I hope you like banana splits because tonight you are going to send your spouse hunting for items to create a yummy Banana Split. So let’s get you started planning your date night! 

Print a copy of your love note treat printables. Cut into individual notes. Grab a roll of double sided tape and place into a black bag for later use. 

If you have a friend or family member that you can count on in a pinch, then this is the time to call them and coordinate a meeting time. This is the time to get out your favorite blindfold. Grab your black bag, blindfold your spouse, and off to the store you go. Meet your wonderful helper and have them place your stickies on the banana split dessert items.  If asking someone to help you out isn’t an option, no worries you can do this all by yourself! Once you arrive at the grocery store, pinky swear with your spouse to promise to keep the blindfold on until you return. If your spouse is anything like mine, he is going to peek, keep them guessing by parking quite a bit away from the grocery store. As you leave the car don’t forget your secret black bag.

When getting into the store, remember you’ve got to work quickly because you don’t want anyone stealing your notes! To make stickies, place a strip of double sided tape along the top back of the note. Here is a list of suggested items that go with your stickies. 

Bananas Love Note:  Select a batch of ripe bananas and remove the amount you need for your dessert and place sticky onto them. 

Picked Love Note:  This is meant for cherries but if you’re not a fan than place them on your favorite berries instead.

Nuts Love Note:  Place this on any jar of salty nuts. Cashews or salted peanuts would be oh so yummy! I love salty and sweet!!!

*Wink *Wink Love Note:  If you can find Karamel Sutra ice cream by Ben & Jerry’s then use this note!!!  Not only is it delicious but you can’t pass up the opportunity to use something a little racy for your hunt to spice up your night!

Bumpy or Sweet Love Note:  If you can’t find Karamal Sutra than pick one of these favorites: Rocky Road, Bunny Tracks, or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. 

Fudgin’ Love Note:  Of Course you need chocolate syrup! Dessert isn’t dessert until you add CHOCOLATE!!!

Creamy and Dreamy Love Note:  Cool whip or whipped topping in the can adds that special fluff to any banana split. If you can get whipped topping in the can, get it. This will add a fun spark to more than just your banana split!!!

Once you’ve left all your stickies, hurry back to your spouse. Drive to a parking spot as close to the entrance as you can. Lead them into the store and remove their blindfold. Grab a grocery cart and hand over their rhyme sticky. Hopefully they figure out that they are having banana split for dessert. If not give them an extra hint or two to get them on their way. Remind them to pick up the “sticky” items for your treat tonight.

About the Author: Michelle

I love anything that sparkles, everything dealing with love, warm summer rays, and my hot hubby. I find balance in life by staying physically fit and keeping it real. My purpose in life is cherishing my marriage and making our adventure shine!

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19 Responses to Grocery Love Notes Hunt

  1. That was adorable Michelle! It’s not like any other date I’ve ever planned! Your so creative and I can’t wait to benefit from your time and creative ideas!!!

    1. Heidi you are a rockstar with fun date ideas, all you’ve got to do is drag your hubby out more often! I might just steal a few ideas from you to share with everyone!!! I can’t wait for you to benefit either, wink!!! xox <3

  2. Now this is probably the most original thing I have ever seen! A great way to make someone feel special!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  3. omg I just stumbled across this right now and we plan to go to the grocery store tonight! im supposed to meet him there on his way home from work anyway so all I have to do is show up early to pull this off! boy is he in for a surprise lol

    1. Hi! I am so glad you found this post, such perfect timing for you to stumble upon it!!! Your plans to meet at the grocery store couldn’t be better for this date! He is in for a fabulous surprise!!! You are going to have to fill us in on how the date turned out, did he love it, did he find all the notes, and how surprised was he? xox

  4. What a great idea! I’m making a date basket to give my husband for our anniversary and I will be including this one. One modification I am making is that my cards are used as clues for the next item. For example, instead of putting the banana card on the bananas I will give it to him to start the hunt. On the bananas will be the berry card, and so on. Thanks for your amazing date ideas! My husband and I love date nights!