January 30, 2014

Man Approved Valentines


Want to do something special for your hubby this Valentine’s Day?  Forget the frilly pink store-bought cards!  We have some Valentines that your manly man is SURE to appreciate.

Want to hear the best part?  They’re totally FREE!




Yep, FREE!!!  Sameeha, our talented designer behind The Inked Leaf Custom Designs, created….

TWENTY printable Valentines just for you!  

And they are all Man- Approved!!!

Just wait until you see her awesome drawings and designs!  I was seriously blown away with her creations.  All together, it’s 5 PAGES of printable perfection.

Wanna see a closer look of what’s included?  


Page 1- STAR WARS Valentines




Page 2- STAR TREK Valentines




Page 3- LORD OF THE RINGS Valentines




Page 4- HARRY POTTER Valentines




Page 5- HERO Valentines




If your man is a super- fan of one of these movies or TV shows, then you can print that particular page.  OR if your man is a fan of ALL of them (like mine is), then go ahead and print them ALL!   I’m planning to stick them all around our bedroom or car for him to find on V-day.  Can’t wait!

Well, what are you waiting for?  Go show some love…


And if you’re serious about creating the BEST Valentine’s Day EVER for your loved ones, then don’t forget to snag your own copy of The ULTIMATE Valentine’s Day Printable Pack!  That baby seriously has EVERYTHING you could ever want or need for Love Day!

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41 Responses to “Man Approved Valentines ”

  1. Alli says:

    These are awesome. Too much fun. Thanks so much!

  2. Michelle Michelle says:

    I’m loving some of these! My hubby will get a kick out of the majority! Too fun, thanks girl! xox

  3. Julie Julie says:

    Becca, these are so clever!! I love them!!

  4. Nicki says:

    These are hilarious. Thanks!

  5. Tara Tara says:

    These are darling! I am dyin’ over the Star Wars one!!!!! The wording cracks me up! Great job, Becca & Sameeha! XO

  6. Kristy says:

    These are AWESOME!!!!!! Thank you so much, can’t wait to give them to hubs and my lil’ guys!

  7. Rebecca says:

    These are the best valentines I have seen EVER!!! They are so awesome!! I can’t wait to give some to my husband! One a day until valentines day :)

  8. Tracy says:

    So excited to use these! My hubby will love them! I’m bummed though, when I printed them off the Lord of the Rings ones printed funny. The graphic was fine but the wording was jumbled up? The rest were fine. Any thoughts on what happened?

    • Becca Becca says:

      Hmmm…. I printed them off and they were all fine for me. No idea what might be causing that. Email me at becca@thedatingdivas.com if you can’t get it to work and we’ll get it figured out.

      • I had the same problem. As a designer, I think it is a problem with the fonts not being embedded in the pdf. The only fonts that rendered correctly in the printer were the ones I had installed on my system, from what I could tell. A few of them look really bad when I printed it too.

        However, These are so amazing. I love them anyway. :-)

  9. Sarah C says:

    These are fantastic. I might need to have a new Valentine for every hour so I can use them all!

  10. Jackee says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Thank you so much for sharing! I love the Divas!

  11. LOVE THESE! Downloading and printing now. The hardest part will be choosing which ones to use. 😉 Thank you lovely ladies!

  12. Breena says:

    We love these at my house full of boys!!! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity. I have a ? regarding printing…My son would like to use these as Valentine’s for his friends, and we don’t have a home printer that could handle printing that volume, could I save the download and have them printed at a commercial place, like Staples? I didn’t know if copyright infringements would stand in the way. Thanks so very much!!!

    • Becca Becca says:

      Hi Breena! Yes- you can definitely download them and have them printed somewhere. I just sent you an email with our copyright permission just in case you run into any trouble. Enjoy! Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!

      • Teresa says:

        Becca, these are amazing! Love them all!! I would also like to print them out at my local copy store and use for a Valentine’s Day party in my child’s classroom. If it isn’t too much trouble, can you please e-mail me a copyright permission? Thanks so much for all of your amazing ideas on the Dating Divas :)

  13. Sandy says:

    So AWESOME!! Thank you!!

  14. Jeni says:

    Love these! My husband and I love all kinds of cheesy, nerdy, awesomeness so these are perfect for slipping in his lunch box.

  15. Emily says:

    thank you! these are so perfect!

  16. Melyssa says:

    These. Are. Perfect. 😀 Thank you SO much! My boyfriend is going to love them! ♥

  17. Ran says:

    What a great idea! We don’t do anything special for Valentine’s Day but the Hubs went on two business trips and had a couple super stressful weeks before V-day, so I figured he need some extra lovin’. I printed out 14 of the Valentines that would appeal to his preferences and hid them some where each day. For the days he was out of town, I tucked them in his luggage (with numbered envelopes so he wouldn’t miss one). After he received all 14, the Hubs was disappointed that there weren’t more for him to find. Thanks for the printable – Yoda Best!

  18. lisa says:

    (pants) I’m a little late getting here, but there is always NEXT year!!!

  19. Lisa says:

    Thank for the free printable!

  20. You would mind if I included your post and an image in my round up? Of course with a link!

  21. Kate says:

    I really love these!! Too bad they’re labeled as “man approved!” I almost skipped the site because I was looking for valentines to give my friends and was turned off by the suggestion that they’re not for women. Glad that they’re geeky enough to appeal to both genders. Girls like geek stuff too!

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