Go Picasso!

Black Light Fun in the Bedroom

The kids are tucked in bed and the house is finally quiet for the evening.  Your Mr. wraps up what he’s been working on and comes to find you.  As he goes upstairs, he notices it’s even more quiet than usual… where are you and why isn’t your bedroom light on?  Did you go to bed without him?  He approaches the bedroom quietly, wondering if he’s just imagining the luring glow coming from inside… and a grin sprawls across his face as he opens the door, revealing his stunning wife (you, of course) dressed in WHITE under a BLACK light, casting an incredibly {dare I say seductive?} glow!

Dating Divas Intimacy Disclosure


There is something sooo appealing about the way a black light makes certain colors jump!  Once you surprise your man with this stunning atmosphere, invite him to join you!  Beside your bed, have a couple fluorescent yellow highlighters ready.  If you’re really into it, give yourself a beaded necklace beforehand by simply drawing connected, filled in circles in a ring around your neck, which will glow like crazy under the black light!

This is what I have coined “PICASSO-ing” …and it is totally FUN!

TIPS:  A bigger black light (such as a strip light) works better than a small bulb such as for a lamp.
Don’t forget to position your light so it’s not super far away from the bed.

Wait.  You’re not already on your way to the store to find a strip light?


You don’t believe me?

Check it, girl!  You’re gonna LOVE this!  Not to mention HE is gonna go wild about YOU!

Here I drew a kiss mark on my cheek with my regular ol’ yellow highlighter.  See it?  Barely!

And look at me under the black light even with the bedroom light still on.
HOLY CRAP!    I KNOW!   It really does glow this much!

So what can you look like with just the black light in the dark?  Hold on, girl!

I drew “I *heart* U” on my arm.  Here it is with the lights on…

Ready?  Lights off!

Now is where you let your imagination go!  Grab your highlighter and begin by drawing a kiss mark on his neck followed by a trail of real kisses.  Or draw a treasure map to his heart on his chest…  Give him the other highlighter and design your own swimwear!  Even better – “highlight tattoo” your name on your hubby’s muscle.  Then let him flex for you…
Ohmyheck, can you imagine what ideas your hubby will come up with to do to you?  You totally are wondering now, aren’t you!?  You should find out tonight!


Want an even easier way to Picasso Him?
Simply color him up with washable markers! You probably already have these lying around or you can easily get a new set for just a few bucks.

Give each other a theme and let your spouse decorate you with his interpretation of it…  OR try to draw one of your favorite memories together on him and see if he can tell which one it is.  Once I drew a target on myself since my hubby is so into target practice… just different ammo!

Build his curiosity by leaving the markers in the shape of a heart on the bed.

Have fun with that!


Oooh, and one more idea…

Body paints!

They are definitely more messy, but sometimes that’s the fun you’re going for!

Finger painting will never have the same ring to it again.  Ooh, I KNOW what you’re thinking… you DIVA, you!!

~ Washing the art off together in the shower at the end of the night would be a sweet finale! ~

I was totally thinking the same thing!

“Surprise Picasso” Him tonight!

About the Author: Kiirsten

I am a vivacious diva with a passion for life and my roles as a wife, a mother, and friend.

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27 Responses to Go Picasso!

  1. Ooh, ooh, ooh, I LOVE this idea! I’ve been trying to find a unique idea for Valentines day and I think this may just be it! However, I think I will start by giving him the blacklight and markers that morning and make him wonder what they are for all day! He’ll find out that night! Love it!

  2. You girls are gonna LOVE IT!! Not to mention make your hubby smile every single time you toss him a highlighter! I got my black light at good ol’ Walmart. It was near the fluorescent lighting, and the actual light is sold with a regular white light in it, so don’t forget to look right next to it, where the extra fluorescent bulbs are are choose the BLACK LIGHT BULB that has the same number to fit the light fixture you’re getting. Enjooooy!!!

  3. I got my black light at Walmart. It came with the black bulb in it. It was $9. I am doing your hostage date for Valentine’s. We’ll eat our take out on a mountain overlooking the city lights. Then we’ll do this idea later that night. I’m so excited!! Thanks Kiirten!!

  4. LOVE THIS!!!! The hubby and I have a ball (yes a real ball) to attend this month. We always get a sitter and make it a weekend event. I am thinking I might just have to pack some markers! Do you think he will wonder why I am packing a black light??? hmmmm. I will have to think about this one. We usually just pack one bag. I have a couple of weeks, I can make something work 😀

  5. I did something similar a while ago. I gave birth to our first daughter 2 weeks before my husband’s birthday, and I was so tired, I didn’t do anything for him. To make up for it, I took him to a hotel the next year.

    The Anniversary Inn has a space themed room full of black lights and glowing planets. My husband LOVES Star Trek, so it seemed like a match made in heaven. I bought glo-in-the-dark body paints (You can get them at Backstreet Boutique). I made him close his eyes when I brought him up to the room, and I was wearing white lingerie under my street clothes, so when he opened his eyes I was a sexy space alien! It was totally fun, and I’m excited to try the markers so we can recreate the date at home!

  6. Best idea ever!!! What a simple way to spice up any night! He will never look at highlighters the same again!!
    I just happened upon your blog & I absolutely adore it! I’ve read a zillion post & can’t wait to use the ideas! Thanks! I love finding a blog that is ‘safe’ & contains so many real marriage helps!

  7. We’re going out of town for New Years, leaving our son with a friend and getting a hotel room. This will be so much fun. Off to find the black light, highlighters & body paint..

  8. My husband actually found this post several weeks ago and he put it into action last night. We used black lights in our overhead fixture and highlighters with great results. This post is definitely going on my “pinned” list. 🙂

  9. Quick question – with just the regular highlighters, how easily did they wash off? Loving this idea, but I’m not up for any leftover ‘evidence’ for the rest of the week. 😉 Thanks so much!

  10. Just an FYI for those who haven’t tried this yet……
    The brand of highlighters makes a difference. “Sharpie” highlighters don’t glow very much and are hard to wash off. (Thankfully I tested it on my hand first! lol) “Bright” highlighters glow amazingly bright and are super easy to wash off.

  11. OMG! This was an amazing idea! I bought two black lightbulbs are the dollarstore, and screwed them into the light fixture in the ceiling of our bedroom. I used yellow highlighters as, when I tested it, some of the other colors didn’t glow. I wore a white top that clicks together in the front and a thong. The outfit has foil red colors in sort of a tattoo pattern, which really popped when the black lights were on. Needless to say, “Picasso Night” was a hit! So grateful to have found your website. You gals are amazing!

  12. This was SO much fun!! My husband and I laughed so hard and had so much fun drawing dumb stuff all over each other :). We used only the yellow highlighters because they were the only ones that showed up well enough and you couldn’t see them with the lights on in case we missed washing off any evidence lol.