Sincere Apology

How to Say ‘I’m Sorry’ in a creative way!

Being married, we all make our fair share of mistakes, right!? We’re here to help out when that happens!!Lisa - sincere apology - pinterest pic


Make an apology to your spouse by giving them some jerky. #apology #quickandeasy #jerkyapology”]We are excited to air this post a second time!! We have added an irresistible Printable to go with this easy idea that lets your spouse know sorry you are. Making mistakes in marriage seems to come with the territory, but saying sorry isn’t always as easy. This is a cheap and easy way to make the point clear to your spouse that you messed up and you are sorry! I love how meaningful this could be when used correctly. Grab a bag of jerky and print off our adorable Printable made by the lovely Leah Aldous. Then you are set to help make that little misunderstanding go away. Plus, your spouse will know how much you care, just by the simple gesture that you made. It is sure to be a win-win. Good luck and I would love to hear if your spouse liked the Jerky in the comments below.

Download Your Sincere Apology Printable Here

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  1. I agree with Becca – this printable is ADORABLE!! I’ve used this idea with my husband in the past & it was the perfect thing to lighten the situation. We both cracked up! 😉