July 24, 2014

DIY Back to School Gift Basket


Summer is on the downward turn and school is in sight! 

While you’re out gathering items of this year’s supplies list, pick up a few extras with the husband in mind! 

Create a playful, DIY Back to School Gift Basket for your man!

DIY Back to School Gift Basket

It’s as easy as 1,2,3!
DIY Back to School Gift Basket Plus Printables
Couldn’t you just DIE over these darling printables!?! AHHH! The super-duper cute Courtney with All Things Bright and Beautiful was the creator behind these. Have you checked out her site? If not – put ‘er on your “To-Do” list because you are going to want to browse her amazing site! 

Supplies List for the Back to School Gift Basket Tags:

  1. You’re a Cute Above the Rest: Scissors
  2. You Rule: Ruler
  3. You Brighten My Day: Markers or Crayons
  4. Let’s Add One More Page to our Love Story: Notebook
  5. Our Love is Written on my Heart: Package of Pens
  6. Our Love is Permanent: Sharpies
  7. I’m so Lucky to be Stuck With You: Post-it Notes
  8. You’re a Smartie: Box of Smarties Candies
  9. You are the Apple of my Eye: Apple
  10. I’m Glued to You: Empty container, orange ribbon and orange M&M’s for a tasty glue stick

DIY Glue Stick Candy Jar

For the glue stick, find an empty container, like a spice or glitter jar.  Measure, cut and adhere orange ribbon along the lid {and if your jar is large enough, along the bottom edge}.  Paste the “I’m Glued to You” printable on the front of the jar and fill it with orange M&M’s!

DIY Back to School Gift Basket

To turn this gift basket into a fun date night by adding our Head of the Class Couples Game!  Remember all those get-to-know you questions you asked during the early dating days!?  Do you remember the answers!?  I hope so!  Spend the evening seeing who is the relationship smartie!

Printable Couples Game



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