August 11, 2014

Taste Testing Date Night


Sample the Best Date Night!

taste testing date

Ever been at the grocery store and wondered which brand is the best to buy? Does the store brand cereal taste the same as the ‘real’ kind, how about the vanilla ice cream, or what about those tortilla chips? If you’ve ever wondered if different brands are worth the extra money then this taste testing party is for you! This free sample date is even better than a trip to Costco… on a SATURDAY!! Got ya hooked now, don’t I?!?  {wink!}

tate testing date papers

If trying out lots of foods wasn’t enough incentive for this date, then these gorgeous FREE printable invitations and event organizers should be! Kristin at CdogLove Design created these one-of-a-kind items just for us {squeal!} You are gonna love how these bump your event up a notch from pretty awesome to downright Ah-mazing!!! I love working with Kristin and her designs are always top-notch!!

taste testing date invitation

Brainstorm with your husband some fun couples to invite to this date. The more the merrier I say with this date because more couples = more samples to try! Assign each couple you invite to bring 4 different brands of the same item.

Some suggestions are:

  • 4 brands of microwave popcorn
  • 4 brands of tortilla chips
  • 4 brands of cheddar cheese
  • 4 brands of strawberry yogurt
  • 4 brands of pretzel sticks
  • 4 brands of hot dogs
  • 4 brands of tomato soup
  • 4 brands of anything tasty {wink!}

taste testing date popcorn

I went with 4 brands of butter popcorn for mine. We bought Orville Redenbacher’s, Market Pantry (Target brand), Pop Secret, and Kroger brand.

taste testing date choices

Have each couple write the 4 brand names of the items they chose on their Item Sheet {there are 4 numbered item sheets as well as blank ones in case you invite more than 3 other couples}.

taste testing date samples

Put your samples out on the Choice Papers- they have A, B, C, and D. One spot for each brand to go on. You can use little cups like the ones shown, these fun tasting spoons, or have larger bowls and people can serve up onto their own plates.

taste testing date night results

Each couple needs a Taste Testing Results Sheet for each food item they taste. Write down which choice you think matched with the brand options. You can do this by couple and let everyone hash out their options, or let each individual have their own Taste Testing Results Card.

taste testing date night awards

Once everyone has had a chance to sample the items tally up how many each couple got correct. Winners receive the Best “Buds” Award- and bragging rights!!


If you have a great time on this date you may want to set up your own Monthly Couples Date Night!  Try out our Couples King of Cakes Date Night and our Progressive Dinner Date for even more fun!

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