September 17, 2014

Choose Your Own Birthday Date



The search is over!!!! Whether you are looking for a surprise birthday idea, romantic birthday idea, or a birthday gift idea, you’ve landed on the perfect post! We’ve taken the guess work out of birthday planning! Let your spouse choose how they want to spend their birthday! This is the best birthday date idea ever!!! 

Choose Your Own Birthday Adventure Date

I’m wishing it was MY birthday we were celebrating with this idea, I know you are all thinking the same thing, too! My hubby and I don’t usually go crazy for birthdays,  but this year I’m kicking it up a notch! I am totally going to surprise him with this birthday idea. I’ll have to assure him I’m not getting batty in my old age, he will love it!  

This birthday date is similar to the Choose Your Own Adventure Date, but with a twist! 

Choose Your Own Birthday Adventure Printable Book

The Set-Up

First of all, aren’t these printables soooo darling! A very warm thank you to C Dot Love for putting these together so beautifully. Check her out, you will love her work!

Although most of us will be giving this surprise birthday gift idea to our hubbies, this is perfectly cute for the ladies, too!  So ladies, give those hubbies of yours a link to this post as a HUGE hint! 

There are 35 pages in this adventure book, yes 35 pages that make a true whole day adventure. Trust me, you are going to want to use a paper trimmer. If you don’t own one of these babies yet, run and get this $6 trimmer asap! 

The pages in the book are numbered, which makes putting them in order easy peasy! Once you have all the pages in order place the title page on top. Now, it’s time to put this birthday book together, but no worries, it’s easy!  Make a hole punch on the top left-hand corner of each page. Bind with a ribbon or with a ring. Voila!

Choose Your Own Birthday Date Invite

The Plan

Your spouse gets to choose how they want to spend their birthday. We are letting your spouse PICK out what they want to do all day from lots of choices of their favorites! 

You have three options for presenting this birthday date:

1. Give to your spouse the week of their birthday. Let them look through the different categories and pick their favorites. They will then tell you their picks and you can start preparing for their big day. 

2. Or you can give them their book the morning of their birthday as a surprise. Ahead of time, plan out possibilities for each category. Look at your local listings, see what’s showing at the theater along with times, if there is a game in town find out when and where… I think you get the idea!  The fun part about choosing this option is that you both get to be surprised and spontaneous! 

3. There is a lot involved in this date and fulfilling every adventure in one day can seem overwhelming! Another idea would be to have one adventure take place each day of their birthday week. You would give your spouse one category from the book per day.  This would give you two plenty of time to complete each category without being the least bit rushed. Another perk of this option AKA having a birthday week is that your spouse gets a new surprise each day. Who doesn’t love being spoiled all week long?!

Choose Your Own Birthday Adventure Printables


The Birthday Date

Your spouse does not have the option to bow out of this birthday date idea, isn’t that fabulous?! 

There are several categories that will take you through a whole day of adventure! The categories included in the book: breakfast, fun, dinner, more fun, sweet treats, and night cap. Whew, it’s going to be quite an adventure! Most categories have 3-4 options, definitely something that will please everyone! 

The both of you are taking a “ditch” day… so send the kids to grandma’s and call in sick to work! Today is all about celebrating your spouse, so get rid of all other distractions! 

The Birthday “Night Cap”

Remember this is their BIRTHDAY! So you’ve got to celebrate just right! Don’t just have any old night cap, make this one special!

Choose Your Own Birthday Bedroom Games

First grab all the printables/ideas from these posts:

1. Simon Says

2. Strip Trivia

3. Name That Treat

4. Truth and Dare

5. Game of Love

Prepare for your spouse to choose from one of these ideas by putting the games together, grabbing any needed items, and setting up each game individually.  If your spouse is more visual, they may choose a game based on your presentation.

Second, prepare your bedroom for romance by setting the mood. Tidy the room, set out candles, prepare a happy birthday bubble cupcake bath (these cupcakes are my favorite!!!), get dressed up in your favorite lingerie, and turn on the music.

Third, let go of those inhibitions and celebrate! Just think – whatever games your spouse DOESN’T choose… just means you get to do them another night! You’ll have 4 more nights of flirty fun all ready to go! 

If you love choosing your own adventure ideas, you need to check out Choose Your Own Adventure DateChoose Your Own Father’s Day Adventure, and Mother’s Day Adventure Date

Grab your Choose Your Own Birthday Date printables Part 1 and Part 2

Happy Birthday Celebrations You Two!!! 

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