January 25, 2015

Why Every Family Needs doTERRA Essential Oils!


A question that has probably crossed your mind a time or two…’er maybe even TWENTY!…  ;-)

Why does my family need essential oils?

DoTERRA Oils The Dating Divas

Two reasons really… ONE-mostly because YOU would absolutely love them!! But TWO-because it gives you more control of your family’s health, AND believe it or not, THEY work! Quite a few of the divas have been using essential oils for years and we could tell you story after story about WHY and HOW they work so well! As a matter of fact, we decided to start our very own DIYHappyHealth Facebook Page where we can share healthy recipes, happy thoughts, and all sorts of other tips on healthy ways to live and be happy! Just a preface, I started to use essential oils in my daily routines about 5 years ago. My husband is self employed and with our health insurance, it is much cheaper to take care of what we can on our own! It is amazing how INCREDIBLE our bodies are and react so quickly to natural remedies!! This past week my hubby threw his back out and we used an oil for that! Deep Blue oil & Deep Blue Rub! He actually went back to work the next day! It was incredible! ALSO, my sweet 86 year old grandma has hip problems, so yesterday she drove out to see me for some of this amazing oil she called it! I put the exact same thing on her, and 4 hours later she is walking much better and feels good again! I love these and you will too!!

Let’s start with Nisha, you may recognize this girl from our meet the divas page. She is an absolute rock star and we just love her! Here’s her story on WHY she loves essential oils!

“For five years, I was totally undeniably aware of essential oils, but did not seriously consider them until a good friend of mine brought over 8 samples of commonly used oils.  I had held on to the belief for those 5 years that we were a “healthy family” and we didn’t NEED oils. And let’s face it – I was super skeptical and thought they were “woo-woo.”  Now that I know what I was missing out on and I understand scientifically how they work in the body, I can’t stop telling everyone else about them!

DoTERRA Keychain

It was winter time when my friend brought over those samples.  My toddler had not been sleeping well because he had the typical stuffy nose children get in the winter.  You know the kind – it’s around for weeks and weeks and you start to feel that mommy guilt and worry and you end up in the doctor’s office because “What if …?!”

Sick boy

 I don’t know if there is anything more tiring and emotional than NO SLEEP!  Motherhood and being “on alert” keep us from a fully deep sleep anyway, right?!  So imagine how I was feeling after a few nights of listening to my baby cough ALL.NIGHT.LONG.

Nine out of ten of our doctor visits were strictly out of mommy guilt – not being able to soothe my child who simply had your run of the mill virus.  I really despise the words, “just wait it out.”  This time though, I had a respiratory oil blend that I put on my son’s chest that night to help support his breathing and open his airways. And for the FIRST time that week… he slept great!!! (Which means I did too!) That was until my daughter woke up with GROWING PAINS the same night and I tried another essential oil on her – and BAM! She was instantly feeling better and I was finally able to go back to sleep!

I have had countless other experiences like this putting my new tools in my mommy toolbox to use.  We now use multiple oils every day for various reasons and we LOVE having them in our home at our fingertips. “

Can you relate to Nisha and her mommy experiences? With everything that is going around right now, I’m sure a lot of you are experiencing difficulties and heartbreak exactly like this! Your family is sick and you just feel helpless!

Our founder, Tara, doesn’t have kids yet but she has absolutely adorable FUR babies! I know you’ve all seen them floating our Instagram and Facebook page! Two of the most darling Yorkies ever and GUESS WHAT?? She uses oils on those cute ‘lil guys too!! Here is her story…

GUYS! Lemme just tell you that I wasn’t much of a believer until about a year ago, while at a blogging conference with Wendy, I started experiencing one of my usual head pains. Normally these happen at home, so I wasn’t prepared with what I usually use and a quiet dark room to retreat to! We were in broad daylight about to walk into a room full of lively {and chatty} fellow bloggers! Worst timing ever!! Wendy grabbed her Past Tense oil and I applied it topically to different points on my body and I could immediately tell the difference. Relief flooded over me as my issue began to let up. It was a miracle! I now carry my own Past Tense oil in my purse at all times.

Essential Oils for Dogs

My second experience happened just this past year, when one of our little yorkies, Jaxston {on the left}, started having health problems, his whole body would shake uncontrollably. It was terrifying and both my husband and I felt completely helpless! We contacted our Vet who told us that all we could do was wait until they were over…?? We made an appointment to go in and meet with her, but she wasn’t able to get us in for a few days. {We live in Colorado – the land of dog lovers – so vets are booked out for DAYS!} The thought of our sweet pup going through more of these scary experiences before we could get him in just wasn’t sitting well with me. Candice, another diva, suggested an essential oil combo to try {Frankincense & Serenity}. I quickly got my hands on those oils and when Jaxston had his next episode, I immediately applied the oils. The length of the episode was HALF the time of the previous one!! He snapped out of it much quicker. It was like night and day. Now, those are just a few of MY stories, and since diving into this new world, I have had the chance to hear so many more amazing stories of what they can do. I’m slowly building my collection of these life-changing oils and learning about each one. I’m even using a few on myself right now for health reasons!!

Couple in Lavender Field

You may have noticed Tara mention she is completely NEW to this world of oils! We know you have to start somewhere and there is SO much information out there! We don’t want you to be overwhelmed or to miss out on our fun! So come hang out with us over at DIYHappyHealth on Facebook, where you can WIN your own essential oils, share your personal stories, learn more, and find happiness in your health today!

Are you hoping to hear more? Do you want to learn more about how these remedies CAN and WILL help you in your own home in MANY different ways?? We’re talking chemical free cleaning, healing your body, making DIY pampering products, & even MORE energy and drive for you and your honey {wink-wink}!!  Plus, there is some real fascinating science to be learned about these essential oils. Nisha offers regular webinars teaching about the uses and incredible success stories of essential oils. Her schedule can be found at https://startmeeting.com/wall/463-003-769. Like I mentioned above, you can also find more information and lots of healthy life living tips over at our new Facebook page DIYHappyHealth! Come over and follow us and find awesome recipes, a community of  information on oils AND of course PURE happiness! We’d love to have you!

If you know you are ready to get oils in your home, you’re in luck because we have an amazing offer happening right now for ANY new wholesale members.


AND for information on how to find ways to Improve Your Mood With Essential Oils, click HERE!

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