February 3, 2015

The Ultimate Intimacy Pack: 12 Sexy Bedroom Games


Here’s the BEST New Date Idea:
Don’t Let your Date End at The Door!

Give a Gift That Will Spark Desire & Spice
With The Dating Divas’ NEW Ultimate Intimacy Pack!

The Dating Divas’ newest printable bundle is the ultimate way to add a little sass and spice to your regular date night routine– ALL YEAR LONG! From invitation to letting the games begin, we’ve put together 12 MONTHS of sexy date night ideas for you and your sweetie!

Here’s an overview of our DONE-FOR-YOU steamy Intimacy Mega-Pack:

Ultimate Intimacy Pack 12 Sexy Bedroom Games

This incredible mega-pack of hot date ideas and printables was designed by the talented Erin Williams of Strawberry Mommycakes. Just wait until you see all of Erin’s gorgeous designs! This mega-bundle includes 130+ pages of fun invitations, darling love notes, and unforgettable bedroom games for EACH month of the year. Erin truly out-did herself: these bright, colorful sassy printables will definitely turn up the heat in your relationship!

Ready for a whirlwind tour through each spicy date?  WARNING: It’s about to get steamy!! If this topic makes you blush, then you might want to skip the rest of this post. For those looking for tasteful romantic date ideas to kick up the spice, let’s dive in to what exactly each month will include:

FEBRUARY Intimate Date:
Vixen’s Love Shop

This a “Shop Til You Drop” date, where your honey can select items from a spicy menu of services!

Ultimate Intimacy Pack Vixen Love Shop

Remember: Your love is truly priceless! That’s why your exclusive Credit Card has NO LOVE LIMIT and NEVER Expires!

Ultimate Intimacy Pack Vixen Love Shop2

MARCH Sexy Date:
MAD About You!

Ready for a little friendly competition?! This month, you and your sweetie are going to face off and see who has skills… on the court AND in the bedroom!

Ultimate Intimacy Pack March Madness Bedroom Game

APRIL Bedroom Date:
Eggstra-Steamy Treats

Easter isn’t just for the kiddo’s anymore!!! Make Easter week something the two of you will look forward to with these steamy egg treats! You will be creating an unique, DIY Easter tree with sassy suggestions on it.

Ultimate Intimacy Pack Eggstra Steamy Treats

MAY Date Idea:
Master of Bedroom Arts

School is still in session during the month of May and sexual tensions are rising between you and your sweetie in preparation for a big, final exam! Tonight, you both will be earning your “MASTERS in the Bedroom Arts” degrees!

Ultimate Intimacy Pack May Bedroom Game

JUNE Intimate Date Night:
The Sweet Spot

Welcome your sweetie to The Sweet Spot, a DIY lemonade stand with a twist! Your spouse can purchase his or her favorite treats off the menu.

Ultimate Intimacy Pack Sweet Spot

We’ve also included 2 scrumptious recipes from Divas Gabby & Michelle to make your evening truly delectable! Just remember, your sweetie will be paying with affection! And, how darling are these love notes that Erin created? They are sure to heighten the anticipation of your romantic rendezvous!

Ultimate Intimacy Pack Sweet Spot2

JULY Sexy Date:
Spark the Night

It’s getting hot in here! This month include a ton of HOT date ideas including spicy conversation starters and a flaming game of twister!

Ultimate Intimacy Pack Spark the Night

Erin’s smokin’ love notes will be sure to get your sweetie’s heart racing!

Ultimate Intimacy Pack Spark the Night2

AUGUST Intimate Date:
Sassy School Schedule

Brrrrring! Did you hear the alarm? Class is officially IN SESSION! You and your honey are going to hit the books this month and your schedule is packed with lots of intimate learning activities! This date night gets an A+ for sexy date night ideas!

Ultimate Intimacy Pack Sassy School Schedule

And, here’s a sneak peek of your official uniforms (wink!):

Ultimate Intimacy Pack Sassy School Schedule 2

SEPTEMBER Bedroom Date:
Glamping with Your Sweetheart

As the temperatures begin to change, take your sweetie on a camping date… in your own living room! Yes, you heard us right- you will be setting up a luxurious oasis for you and sweetie to cuddle, smooch, and reconnect!  It’s what we call romantic camping at its finest!

Ultimate Intimacy Pack Glamping Invitation

Under the soft glow of twinkle lights, enjoy a thrilling round of Glamping Bingo!

Ultimate Intimacy Pack Bingo

OCTOBER Date Idea:
Naughty Haunted Night

The moon is bright with love and light. This month, cast a spell for love, as you and your spouse enjoy a haunted naughty night! A sizzling anatomy lesson is included!

Ultimate Intimacy Pack Naughty Haunted Night2

Your spouse will love his or her own grown-up Trick-or-Treat basket and adorable love notes.

Ultimate Intimacy Pack Naughty Haunted Night

Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude is the name of the game during the month of November. Your sexy date night will have you showering each other with love and reminding each other of your wonderful qualities—specifically traits that leave you hot and bothered!

Ultimate Intimacy Pack Gratitude Challenge

DECEMBER Bedroom Date Idea:
Naughty or Nice!

We’ve created a fun game for this done-for-you date to set the mood AND determine who made the NICE or NAUGHTY list this year!

Ultimate Intimacy Pack Naughty Nice List2

We’ve also included cute little “report cards” that you can leave your love all month long! …and the winner of our game gets their own personalized certificate.

Ultimate Intimacy Pack Naughty Nice List

JANUARY Intimate Date:
Steamy Love Calendar

Kick start the NEXT year by taking our steamy challenge of putting intimacy at the top of your to do list! With this date idea, Erin and the Divas have included beautiful calendars, “Honey-Do” lists, sassy suggestions ideas, and love note cards.

Ultimate Intimacy Pack Steamy Love Calendar

This beautiful collection will help you both start the New Year off with a bang of a date!

Ultimate Intimacy Pack Steamy Love Calendar2

The Dating Divas’ Intimacy Date Ideas Mega-Pack contains everything you need to pull off a sexy date every month of the year! It features GORGEOUS designs and FUN ideas so you won’t ever have another dull moment in the bedroom! (…we bet it might even take you back to the Honeymoon phase of your relationship …you won’t be able to keep your hands off of each other…wink!)

Ready to give your sweetie the perfect birthday, Valentine’s Day, or anniversary gift? We promise, this is one gift that will keep giving all year long! Our Mega-Pack contains SO MANY amazing new intimate date ideas that will help you plan a memorable date or romantic anniversary. Our hot date ideas are sure to transform any typical at-home date into a sizzling adventure for 2!

Get 1 YEAR of Sexy Bedroom Games
For Less Than $2 Per Month!

Add to Cart

Our intimacy pack pairs perfectly with our Year of Dates Binder Set (read what’s included HERE). If you are searching for the perfect bridal shower, bachelorette, or anniversary gift, then look no further than these 2 amazing products! The Year of Dates binder will set the stage for romance and the Ultimate Intimacy Pack will fan the flames of desire and spice- it’s the perfect combination for any bride! What could be a better gift than a whole year’s worth of romantic and sexy date night suggestions?!

….and, who says you have to plan a full date to make your sweetie’s heart race? Check out our 365 Love Text pack– it contains an entire section on spicy love texts to surprise and delight your spouse. You could also leave him or her suggestive Post-It’s… the options are endless for sparking spice with products from The Dating Divas team.

Cheers to putting couple time on the calendar!

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