June 13, 2015

The Marriage Masters Program


The Divas have been cooking up something special just for you!  

Although we may not be chefs, we do have the ULTIMATE recipe to creating the ideal marriage.

It all boils down to DATING your spouse! Dating gives you the quality time you “knead” to “tenderize” your marriage! (Okay, okay enough of the cooking puns!)

Let’s hear it?!  Those endless excuses like my job, my kids, “I’m so tired,” etc.  Excuses can go on and on, but just like making dinner at home, your marriage requires various amounts of ingredients, time and attention to make it just right!

We’ve created the “Done-for-you” Way to Date Your Spouse!

Introducing our Marriage Masters Program!

Done for you way to date your spouse

So maybe you’ve heard of this, but you obviously don’t know just how amazing it is or you’d be mid-way through this spectacular program right now!

Let us start from “scratch” (sorry, just had to do it!) and include you in our secret recipe!

What is the Marriage Masters Program:

The Marriage Masters Program Recipe for Success

The Marriage Masters Program is an easy and organized way to connect, communicate and cheer up even the best of relationships!

This program takes you through 26 different marriage topics with:

  •         Inspiring articles
  •         Applicable assignments
  •         FUN date ideas
  •         Silly “just because” printable options
  •         Sexy intimacy suggestions
  •         Informative audio recordings
  •         Simple weekly challenges, adapted from our 100 Day Love Challenge
  •         AND MORE!

Sound like a lot?!

NAH! We’ve laid it all out for you, week-by-week, with click and print checklists! This program is not designed to add more stress to your relationship, it is designed to take the stress out of planning dates and time to have fun or discuss those “not-so-fun” marital topics!

Throughout this program you’ll hit on various issues marriages face, sometimes daily.  Some topics you might breeze through, while others you might take a little extra time on!  No worries, you can’t rush greatness!

Who should participate in the Marriage Masters Program?:

Please acknowledge, that if your marriage is “burnt toast” (oops, I did it again!) then this program is not exactly a fit for you.  We are looking for couples who feel they have a good relationship and are looking to turn it into 5-star!

Even the best of relationships have their ups and downs.  So, when we say “burnt toast” we mean you’ve reached a point in your relationship where dating, communicating and working together are beyond the realm of possible.  This might mean you are on the verge of seeking counseling, intensive marriage programs and have even thrown out the dreaded “D” word, divorce. **Please note, that for couples in this situation, the Diva’s have been working INTENSIVELY on a special project just for you! Keep your eyes peeled for our Reclaim Your Marriage Program coming SOON!

THIS program is geared for those marriages where the flame is still burning but could use a little guidance on how to turn up the heat! Your marriage might fall under the category of recent empty nesters, lacking passion, looking for a new way to date and engage your spouse, or other similar situations.

Why the Marriage Masters Program?:

Why not?!  It’s like getting a cookie in a jar, all the ingredients are in there for you, all you have to do is mix it together and bake!  Similarly, we’ve done all the prep work, all you need to do is engage yourself, as a couple, and reap the benefits!

Dating is key to keeping your marriage fun and exciting. What occurs while dating is what keeps the marriage intact and strong.  Think about what you do on dates; talk to each other, learn from one another, laugh together and grow closer!  When you stop dating, you are eliminating one of your key opportunities to strengthen your marriage.

So now, you tell me why not?!

And the added BONUS!:

Oh, the 5-star marriage isn’t enough!?  Just kidding with you!  We have an added BONUS or SIX for you when joining the Marriage Masters Program!

Bonus 1: When signing up for the full Marriage Masters Program you’ll receive a FREE copy of our A to Z Guide: 26 Ways in 26 Days to a Happier, Healthier Marriage.  This is MORE than perfect, because we reference the readings and topics discussed in this book and break them out over 26 weeks!  What a perfect go-to read!

Bonus 2: A gorgeous and inspirational piece of wall art that reads, “We Still Do.” What a great reminder piece to hang or place out in the home!

Marriage Masters Exclusive Wall Art

Bonus 3: An EXCLUSIVE audio recording by Kirk Voss titled, “Keeping the Spark Alive.” Kirk Voss is a licensed marriage and family therapist and personal friend of the Divas.  His recording comes with FREE printable worksheets, allowing you to get the most out of his inspirational piece.

Bonus 4: An EXCLUSIVE date, designed specifically for this program.  It’s a playful spin on Jenga that will have you and your spouse recapping on significant topics you’ve touched upon so far.

Marriage Masters Exclusive Date

Bonus 5: This maybe the best one yet! A *FREE product of your choice from our Diva Store.  Now is your chance to grab that Birthday Printable Pack or the Who Dunnit Couples Date Night Pack you’ve had your eye on! *Up to $10. $10 coupon can be used on any item featured in our store.

Bonus 6: Upon completion, receive your Marriage Masters Diploma and recap worksheets.  This allows you to recognize your hard work and dedication as a couple, and review the good and the bad that you experienced while baking your 5-star relationship!

Marriage Masters Diploma

*Please note, bonuses 2-5 are sent out every 5 weeks throughout the duration of the program.

Here’s How to get Started!:

Join the Marriage Masters Program today and start baking your recipe for the ULTIMATE marriage!

For just $9.97/week, you’ll have EVERYTHING you need to building, strengthening and reigniting the flame to your beautiful marriage!

Upon registering, you’ll receive your FIRST bonus, The A to Z Guide: 26 Ways in 26 Days to a Happier, Healthier Marriage directly in your inbox!

Diva Central Signup!

 The How Do You #ViewYourSelfie as a Couple Contest has ended!

Thanks to all who participated. 

The lucky winners are @cynthia_williams_, @siennalg, @jlyoungplus3, @liz.laws and @fear.lessbri.

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