April 12, 2015

Essential Oils & Intimacy


Essential Oils in the Bedroom

Let’s get down to biz-ness today!

We’ve been telling you all sorts of reason WHY essential oils should be a staple in your home! WELL, have you ever considered the idea of essential oils being a HUGE part of your bedroom life? Yep, give your romance a swift kick in the behind! Let us tell you how – because you may feel like you are needing a boost in that area OR you are just thrilled to add excitement to that part of your life! Either way, it is a win-win!

Romantic Essential Oils


 {Ooooh-la-la, wink-wink, sizzle!!!}

One of the most commonly used oils for intimacy is one you may or may not have heard of. It is called Ylang Ylang!

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

It’s a powerful aphrodisiac, it increases sexual desire and boosts attraction between lovers! It opens emotions and encourages a more sensual and erotic experience during lovemaking!  Intriguing, huh? No wonder it has been used for centuries in wedding ceremonies and is used extensively in perfumes and aromatherapy.  Look what else it is ah-mazing for…

Ylang Ylang can be used to naturally: help balance hormones, boost libido, lift mood while having a calming effect, help with relaxation, increase sexual stamina, AND can be used in sensual massage blends to maximize your night!

Did you know that one of the MOST common sexual health issues among women is a low libido? What is low libido? It is a lack of sexual desire. So, what are the main causes for low libido?

1. Relationship & Lifestyle

2. Mental & Emotional Well Being

3. Taking Medications & Drugs

4. Anatomical (relating to the bodily structure)

5. Hormones & Metabolic (which includes weight, stress & aging to name a few)

Yep! All those things listed CAN be causing you to lack desire. Well, let’s talk about essential oils that WILL increase libido in MEN and WOMEN so you can start working on that!!!

Boost Libido

WOMEN Clary Sage, Geranium, Whisper & Ylang Ylang

Libido Booster

MEN – Clary Sage, Elevation, Sandalwood & Ylang Ylang

Applying any or all of these oils  on your big toes or inner ankles will get you the best results! And the best part is these oils don’t cost much AND last forever!

To get more information about doTERRA Essential Oils visit the DIY Happy Health Team on Facebook! You can also go


to visit our FAQ page to learn how you can get wholesale pricing AND score oils for free!!

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