February 22, 2014

Thinking Of You



Do you find yourself daydreaming and thinking about your sweetheart when you are apart? One of our readers, Hester, found that when her husband was away, he was constantly on her thoughts. She came up with a cute way to let him know that he is always on her mind. Hester was kind enough to share with us and today we are sharing it with YOU!

What You Need: 
  • Thought Bubble printable (or a customized one of your own)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Camera with a Timer (or the enlisted help of a friend)

What You Do

Cut out the thought bubble printable OR create your own! I think it would be fun to cut a cloud shape from white paper and write the name of your spouse or tape a picture of him or her into the bubble. There are so many ways you can customize this to fit your spouse!
Photo Credit: Juanita B Photography
Pose throughout your house doing typical daily things with the thought bubble secured above your head (tape it to the wall, mirror, cupboards, etc.). Or, if you are technologically inclined, you can get fancy like our amazing photographer Juanita who took these pictures and then used photoshop to add the thought bubble in. 
Photo Credit: Juanita B Photography
Email or send your pics via phone to your loved one to let him/her know that you are thinking of them constantly while you are apart.
Photo Credit: Juanita B Photography
Easy right? And so cute! This would just make my day!


Photo Credit: Juanita B Photography

For other ways to show your love while your spouse is away try Missing You Very Much – a post with an adorable note and M&Ms or this cute card – Missing U.

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