May 23, 2014

50 Creative Pregnancy Announcements



Have a bun in the oven?  

Oh, BABY!  Such BIG NEWS!  It seems pretty anti-climatic to just tell your closest family and friends in casual conversation.  Don’t you think? So…

Here are 50 funny, cute, and SERIOUSLY CREATIVE ways to break the exciting news to all of your family and friends.  

 {Pssst… make sure you scroll allllll the way to the bottom.  I’ve also included some BONUS IDEAS especially for telling the hubby and grandparents.} 

1. Announce with Baby BooksGrab a children’s book to help prepare the kiddos for their newest sibling AND spread the word at the same time.  OR if you don’t have any children yet, snap a photo with some baby naming books or “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”


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2. Announce with Baby Shoes-  Who can resist the cuteness of itty bitty baby shoes?  Why not take a picture with a tiny pair to let the world know your “family will be growing by 2 feet!” 


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3. Announce with a ChalkboardChalkboards allow for so much creativity when writing out your exciting news.  Just look at all of the cute and clever ideas below.  I’m loving the chalk baby bump!


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4. Announce with BalloonsGrab a couple of balloons and add your due date to let your friends know when you’re “Expected to POP!”


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5. Announce with # Signs- If this isn’t your first child, here’s a great idea!  Make some number signs to count the kiddos.  The baby’s sign can go over your tummy or in an empty chair.  


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6.  Announce with your Birth YearsHere’s another easy idea.  Just write down the birth year for each member of your family.  You can use paper or chalkboard signs OR even write on the bottom of your shoes.  


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7.  Announce with a “Bump Ahead” SignHow clever is this?!  Announce your growing baby bump by taking a picture next to a “Bump Ahead” road sign.  


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8.  Announce with a Countdown- Here are three different pregnancy countdown ideas that would also be a FUN way to announce the news.  Use countdown blocks, a countdown paper chain, OR a countdown maternity shirt.  


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9.  Announce with a “Baby on Board” SignYou can buy these “Baby on Board” signs almost anywhere.  Simply stick one on your car and snap a pic or just pose with it like the examples below.


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10.  Announce with a Calendar- If you don’t want to be in the picture yourself, here’s a great option.  Just circle your due date on a calendar and take a quick pic.  You could also add your ultrasound and a pair of baby shoes to the picture. 


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11.  Announce with a “Bun in the Oven”- “A bun in the oven” is one of the most well-known pregnancy expressions.  So why not take a picture of a bun in your actual oven?  Or order a hand-sculpted salt dough “bun” to be delivered to family and friends to announce the news!  What a keepsake that would be.


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12.  Announce with an Eviction Notice-  If your youngest is still sleeping in a crib, here’s a hilarious idea.  Take a picture of an eviction notice letting them know that they must “vacate the premises” for the expected “new tenant” around your due date.  


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13.  Announce with your Cravings- Craving pickles and ice cream lately?  Taking a photo with your bizarre cravings is a fun and unique way to spill the beans.  


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14.  Announce with Family CupsFor a fun photo op, line up a cup for each member of your family.  You can use a tiny tea cup or a baby bottle for the newest addition. 


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15.  Announce with an Empty ChairIf you’d rather be in the picture you can use chairs, instead of cups.  Just have everyone take a seat, and make sure to leave a little empty chair for baby.  


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16.  Announce your New Family Size- No matter how many people are in your family, you can use a simple sign to announce your NEW family size. 


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17.  Announce with a Family Math Equation- I’ve never been a huge fan of math but these family equations are just darling!  When a little love is involved 1+1 can equal 3! 


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18.  Announce with a Prego JarThis idea is a Pinterest favorite!  Just grab a jar of Prego brand spaghetti sauce and let your family fill in the dots. 


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19.  Announce with a Movie PosterThis has to be one of my favorite ideas!  With a little help from Photoshop you can create your own movie poster featuring baby as the star of the show. 


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20.  Announce with “Ice, Ice Baby!”I laughed pretty hard when I saw this one.  Any Vanilla Ice fans out there?  Just grab two bags of ice and let the popular 90’s song lyrics spread the news for you.  


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21.  Announce Your Morning Sickness- I love this next one because it’s totally funny and totally honest!  If you spend the first trimester with your head in a toilet, maybe announcing the news this way will get you a little {much-deserved} sympathy.  


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22.  Announce with New “Genes”Here’s a fun idea for the word nerds out there.  String some jeans out on a line for each member of your family to announce that your family will be getting new “genes.”  Get it?! 


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23.  Announce with a Onesie- Onesies are staple garments in any baby’s wardrobe, and the perfect way to announce the news.  Add some text to the onesie {or just leave it blank} before gifting it or snapping a pic.  


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24. Announce with Your ShadowIf you’re handy with Photoshop, you should totally try this clever announcement.  See how long it takes your friends and family to notice the baby bump in the shadow.  


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25.  Announce an Only Child Expiration DateIf you’re expecting child number 2, here’s the perfect idea!  Use a sign or T-shirt to announce the expiration date on the only child status.  


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26.  Announce your Hero’s New SidekickIf you already have a little Superhero at home, let him announce the news in costume.  After all, “Every Superhero needs a sidekick!” 


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27.  Announce with the Pregnancy TestIf you like keeping things simple, just announce with the pregnancy test!  I’m loving the funny reactions on these first two examples, and the last one is pretty dang sweet. 


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28.  Announce with your UltrasoundAnother super simple idea is to announce with your ultrasound.  After seeing baby’s first picture, chances are, you’ll want to show it off to the world anyway.    


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29.  Announce with your PetIf you have your own little fur babies at home, why not let them announce the news?  The “Baby Guard Dog” and “Official Baby Toy Tester” signs are the perfect photo prop.


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30.  Announce with a Stork DeliveryAnnounce the news to close family or friends with a special stork delivery!  Fill the package with baby clothes, an ultrasound, a baby book, or anything that screams “Baby!”  You can even buy custom stork pregnancy announcements with a real feather on etsy!  


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31.  Announce with a “To Do” ListHere’s another great idea if you already have a little one at home. Take a picture with your little cutie’s “To Do” list.   Just make the last item on the list “Become a BIG SISTER!” or “Become a BIG BROTHER!”  


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32.  Announce with Scratch-Off CardsIf you’re looking for something a little more outside-the-box, these cute Pregnancy Scratch-Off Cards might be just what you’re looking for!  Send them to family and friends in the mail with a penny for scratching and wait for some excited phone calls of congratulations! 


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33.  Announce with a Drink Label- Let your family and friends celebrate your new little bundle with a bottle of bubbly!  Just put your announcement on a drink label and wrap it around the bottle. 


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34.  Announce with LaundryLet your family and friends know that “More Laundry is Expected” with this clever photo announcement.  Just string some baby outfits up on a clothes line in the backyard.  


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35.  Announce K-I-S-S-I-N-G in a Tree- This next one is another one of my very favorites!  We’ve all heard the playground song, “… sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!  First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes… A BABY IN A BABY CARRIAGE!”


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36.  Announce a Middle ChildHere’s a fun idea if you’re expecting baby #3!  Use chalkboard or paper signs to announce the new birth order and the addition of a middle child.  


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37.  Announce your New TitlesThis one is PERFECT for first time parents!  First they were boyfriend and girlfriend, then they were husband and wife, and now they will have the titles of Daddy and Mommy.  


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38.  Announce with Boxing Gloves- Any boxing fans out there?  This one was made for you.  Put on some boxing gloves and let the world know that you are “Knocked Up!”  The tiny boxing gloves for baby just take it over the top. 


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39.  Announce with a Gift  Let your close family or friends know that you have a special gift for them!  Then surprise them with a DIY gift voucher good for 1 baby, or wrap up the ultrasound in a gift box.  If you’re long distance, just send them a picture of your belly tied with a bow.  


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40.  Announce at DisneylandIf you’re a big Disney fan or have a trip planned to the Happiest Place on Earth- then this idea is for you!  Buy a new pair of little Mickey Ears to announce the news.  OR pick up a “1st Visit” badge and pin it next to your baby belly to announce your little Mouseketeer in the making. 


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41.  Announce with Scrabble TilesSigns aren’t the only way to convey your message in a picture.  Why not spell it out with Scrabble Tiles?  


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42.  Announce with a “Priceless” AdEveryone’s seen the old MasterCard commercials, so why not announce the news with your own spin on the “Priceless” Ad.  The caption could say:  Photo paper $5, Postage $0.44, Envelope $.05, The look on your face when you realize there are three of us in this picture… PRICELESS!  Arriving [due date].”


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43.  Announce that you will “Trade for Crib”- If you’re looking to add some humor to your announcement, here’s a funny idea!  Snap a picture with your prized possessions and caption it, “Will Trade For Crib!”  


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44.   Announce with Thing 1 & Thing 2Here’s a fun idea for the Dr. Seuss fans out there.  Make your own Thing 1 shirt and Thing 2 onesie!  Perfect if you’re expecting #2, or just keep on adding Thing 3, Thing 4, etc.  I’ve even seen a darling maternity shirt with “Thing 2″ over the belly. 


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45.  Announce with a Fortune CookieHere’s a sweet surprise for an after-dinner announcement. Put your good news on a slip of paper inside a fortune cookie!  You can purchase a box of them on Amazon, or simply replace the original fortune cookie messages with your own.


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46.  Announce a New Recruit to the TeamIf you have a sporty family, this one’s for you.  Announce a “new recruit” to your team with family jerseys!  


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47.  Announcement in a BoxIf you’re looking for more than just a photo to put up on facebook, then why not give a special gift in a box to announce the news?  Check out each of the links in the sources below for some cute poems and lots of ideas for spilling the beans! 


Sources: {A} {B} {C} {D} {E}

48.  Announce the Next GenerationThis one is for all the Trekkies out there!  Use a Star Trek onesie to announce “The Next Generation!”  


Sources: {A} {B} {C} 

49.  Let the Big Sister or Brother Announce the News- Here are some fun sign ideas to let the big sister or brother announce the news!  {The top idea is even a printable you can purchase!}


Sources: {A} {B} {C} {D} 

50.  Announce with PeanutsHere’s a clever idea to announce your little peanut.  Buy a little peanut onesie or just announce with a box or bag of peanuts!  


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Ready for your BONUS IDEAS?!  As promised, here are…

7 Creative Ideas to Announce your Pregnancy to your Husband


5 Creative Ideas to Announce Your Pregnancy to the Grandparents




While most of the 50 ideas above could also be used for breaking the exciting news to your husband, here are 7 extra ideas especially intended for the hubby.


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1.  Announce while you take a PictureThis is such a fun idea to capture your husband’s reaction on film.  Just set the self-timer for a family shot (make sure it’s on sequence) and tell him “I’m pregnant!” right as the first flash goes off.  

2.  Announce with Dad’s Brand RootbeerBuy dad a big case of Dad’s brand rootbeer to pair along with your pregnancy test or a personal note.  Then you can snap a picture of your hubby with his Dad’s rootbeer to announce the news to everyone else.  

3.  Announce with a Flirty CardI’m loving this flirty card that says, “You’re my favorite person to make a person with.”  See how long it takes him to connect the dots after reading that one.  


Sources: {A} {B} {C} {D}

4.  Announce with a Letter from BabyHow cute is that little letter?  “Hi Dad!  I can’t wait to meet you.”  Pair it with your pregnancy test or ultrasound and hide it where you know he’ll find it.  

5.  Announce with a T-ShirtBuy your hubby a brand new T-shirt that announces the news- “Who’s Gonna be a Daddy?  This Guy!”

6.  Announce with Candy- I had to laugh when I saw this cute free printable from Craftaholics Anonymous.  Just grab a bag of candy and pair it with the printable note, “If I’m going to get fat, so are you!”

7.  Announce it on His Dinner PlateHere’s a fun idea that’s been floating around Pinterest.  Just use a ceramic paint pen to write “We’re Pregnant” on his dinner plate.  When dinner time rolls around, cover it up with his favorite meal and wait for him to discover the news.  



Again, while most of the 50 ideas above could also be used for breaking the exciting news to your parents, here are 7 extra ideas especially intended for the grandparents.


Sources: {A} {B}

1.  Announce with a Pacifier- Wrap up a pacifier and include a note from baby.  Here’s what The Bratzes wrote:  “Dear grandmomma & granddaddy, please hold this for me in case I need it when I come visit!  Knowing mom, she’ll probably forget!  See you in June!  Love, Baby Bratz”

2.  Announce with a Message at the bottom of a Cup- Just pretend like there is a drink in the cup and serve it… then wait and watch the surprised and happy face.  


Sources: {A} {B} {C}

3.  Announce with New MugsThese custom ceramic mugs are the perfect way to announce a pregnancy!  Just imagine serving your unsuspecting mom and/or dad a cup of cocoa in one of these- and then watch out for some excited spills!

4.  Announce with Countdown BlocksThese darling countdown blocks are the perfect gift to announce your pregnancy!  Not only do they announce the news, but grandma will get to use them the rest of the 9 months to countdown to grandbaby baby!

5.  Announce Inside a LocketGift your mom a brand new locket, but hide your secret news inside!  (How perfect would this be for Mother’s Day or her birthday!)


And there you have it- 62 Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas! Good luck picking just one.

For even MORE IDEAS check out Kiirsten’s 40 Ideas for Announcing Baby on Board!

Did you announce your pregnancy in a creative or clever way?  We’d LOVE to hear about it in the comments!


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