January 11, 2014

“Hot For You” Punch Card



 Valentine’s, just like birthdays and Christmas, comes and goes way too fast! Don’t you all agree? You plan and plan for months to make the decor, food, and gifts as special as possible! The day you’ve been longing for finally arrives and these special occasions are over in hours.  

For this very reason I have become the master at drawing out every special occasion. I’m done with short lived special moments! Birthdays come once a month every year, Christmas lasts all month, and Valentine’s Day lasts 14 days in our house!  Now that’s something to celebrate! 

Do you remember The Punch Poster: 12 Days of Christmas? I’ve totally done this and I’m sure a lot of you have too! I put a little intimate twist on my punch poster for Christmas last year. All of the slips were intimate deeds to be fulfilled. My hubby got this as a gift on Christmas day and he was allowed one punch that day and one punch each month to follow. Clever, right?! (Remember I like to draw things out, haha!!!)

My sassy Christmas punch poster gave me an idea…why not do one for Valentine’s Day? The one rule we have about Valentine’s in my house is that the gifts we buy/make are geared to strengthening our relationship, gifts for the two of us, or spicy items for us to enjoy together! Not a bad rule, right! Valentine’s Day AKA the Day of LOVE is about expressing our love and we really, really have that down!

I am going to help you express your love this Valentine’s and draw the lovin’ out!  Is it getting hot in here?!


I am going to help you create a punch card, a mini version of a poster, for your spouse. You can either linger this over a year, one punch each moth with two bonus punches, or draw this out 14 days up to Valentines, with one punch per day. Either way, the two of you are going to be spending a lot of time in the bedroom! 




The printables are to-die-for gorgeous! Thank you to Leah Aldous for making these printables! She is amazing and we just love her! Head on over there and tell her thank you!

Page 1 - Includes two hearts, one with a “You Are Hot” banner and the other with a romantic little instruction note.

Page 2 & 3 - 28 intimate deed slips with 5 blank slips. Pick 14 of your favorite! If you need help coming up with ideas to fill in the blank cards take a peek at our Intimate Moments section. There you will find a list of games that would be perfect to fill into the blanks and for a steamy night in!

Page 4 - A ton of darling hearts to help decorate the card.  Use them anywhere you’d like. Add a cute little touch by placing them over the tissue paper on the cups. 

How To: 

I would highly recommend taking a peek at The Punch Poster:12 Days of Christmas. Becca has explained how to make a punch poster in easy understandable steps!  Hurry on over there and take a peek! Thank you Becca!!! 


Now you’ve got the gist of it right?! We are going to do a few things a little differently.

1. Grab a white or black poster board and cut out a square with a fourth of the board.

2. Use mini paper cups, the ones you see in dentist offices, instead of the big red ones.


3. No need to draw on the poster, unless you want to, we have printables for decorating.  

4. Place “Hot For You” slips into the cups.

5. Grab a color of tissue paper that matches your card to place over the cups.

6. Instead of making ornaments with the cups we are making a heart. Trace a heart on the backside of your poster. Make sure the big printable heart fits in the middle of the heart you’ve traced. Place your cups on the heart line and draw a circle around each cup.

The rest is all the same!

Punch Card 


Isn’t this darling?! Follow the steps above and your punch card will look just as fabulous!

If you choose to use the punch poster on the 14 days before Valentine’s Day, give this card to your sweetie on Feb. 1st. Allow one punch per day.  If you choose to draw this out even longer, you could give this gift ON Valentine’s Day and allow one punch per month… with two bonuses.

Encourage your hubby to punch out one slip in the morning and to hand you the card in order to redeem his reward. This will give you plenty of time to set up the evening’s enjoyment!

Remember this is good all year long, not just as a Valentine’s gift. Every man loves a lot of lovin’!

Snag the Hot For You printables & go rock his world!

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