October 13, 2014

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Date Night


Fall is here and all around us are signs of the Halloween holiday. Halloween has always been a huge hit at our home and we are always looking for fun activities! This Halloween Date Night everything you need for an amazing Halloween Scavenger Hunt that can be played as a couple, with a group, or as a family! 


Here Is How You Play: 

Thanks to the amazing designs of our Diva Designer, Leah Aldous, all you have to do is print off the Halloween challenge printable located at the bottom of the post. She did an excellent job of incorporating all of the challenges and scavenger items while maintaining a classic halloween theme. I just love all her work! 

Halloween Scavenger Hunt pic7 - Web Sized

Print off Leah’s beautiful printable for each team that is playing. This game can be played as a couple working together, couples vs. couples or as a family! There are so many options! 

The Halloween Challenge is divided into two sections. From either section, teams can earn points for completing the tasks listed. Each team can strategize HOW they want to earn their points, but the ultimate goal is to be the first team to earn 300 total points.  

Photo Scavenger Hunt 

Halloween Scavenger Hunt pic5 - Web sized  

The first section, the photo scavenger hunt, allows the teams to earn points by photographing a specific halloween item. Each Halloween item listed is worth a set number of points. 

Halloween Scavenger Hunt pic2 - Web Sized

For example, taking a picture of a real graveyard is worth 25 points but finding a tombstone with a birthdate before 1890 is worth is 50 points!

Halloween Scavenger Hunt pic3 - Web Sized  

As you race along taking pictures, use the printable to mark off the tasks as you go! 


Halloween Scavenger Hunt pic6 - Web Sized  

In the second section, teams complete various Halloween-themed challenges in order to earn points. Rather than just taking a picture of an item, team members must DO something (usually embarrassing) to earn their points. The harder the challenge, the more points earned!

Halloween Scavenger Hunt pic8 - Web Sized

For example – writing the phrase “Trick or Treat” in candy corn and then having one team member stuff all the candies in their mouth is worth 30 points, but having your entire group dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller (as close to the real moves as possible) is worth 45! And for any of you who have an inclination to cheat, video documentation is required as proof of these challenges!

After teams have earned their 300 points, have a meeting point where everyone can have some cocoa and share their pictures and videos together.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt pic1 - Web Sized   

You could even have some fun halloween pumpkin recipes available for when everyone returns or maybe have everyone make a haunted gingerbread house

So – let the race begin! Gather up your spouse, your friends or your family and have a night of Halloween fun. This might just become a new Halloween tradition! 

Get your

Halloween Challenge Printable Here 

AND – make sure to stop in to Leah’s site to thank her for this FREE printable! 


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