December 23, 2013

Winter Date: Love You SNOW Much


Don’t let the chill in the air dampen your relationship spark!  This creative date is the perfect remedy for embracing those chilly temps and beating the winter time blues…

….Introducing The Snow Date!


Heighten the anticipation of your evening together by leaving this printable for your hubby to find at least a day in advance.  A big thank you to Tasha of Whimsicle Design Studio for creating such a fun invite– aren’t those heart snowflakes and polar bears just adorable?!



Part of this date is showing your sweetheart that you love them “snow much!”  Along with the invite, Tasha designed a cute greeting card that you can turn into an easy DIY gift for your hubby that is sure to leave a lasting impression.  Take inspiration from our Love on the Run tip and list out his best qualities from A to Z.  If you happen to have any scrap-booking sticker letters, use them to add some extra sparkle to your thoughtful word choices.  I also attached a fun heart to connect the 2 mittens on the front of the card!


Your agenda for the evening is to play in the snow!  You could:

  • have a snowball fight!
  • make snow angels
  • go ice-skating
  • build a snowman
  • use food coloring to create your own SNOW masterpiece!
  • go sledding or skiing if you live near the slopes
  • plan an outdoor scavenger hunt
  • check out our post 65 Fabulous Winter Date Ideas to spark your creativity!

If there’s no snow on the ground in your city, no worries!  Just follow this awesome idea from fellow Diva, Cami:

Create an indoor snowball fight using socks!


Before your date, gather as many pairs of clean socks you can find. Roll them up into snowballs and set aside a round of friendly ammunition for you and your hubby!  Fun, easy, and totally free!

After you’ve enjoyed some traditional winter festivities, warm up by a cozy fireplace.  You could drink some hot chocolate with your love or make some yummy s’mores.  Check out our free I Need S’More of You printable to add to your dessert station!

This date wouldn’t be complete, however, without enjoying a traditional “flaming ice cream snowball!”


I learned about this Holiday tradition from my mother-in-law, who prepared them for our family one New Year’s eve.  A later Google search revealed that these treats used to be a popular Holiday product from the Foremost Dairy company in the 1950s.  Here’s the “scoop” on making your own version of these delicious treats:


  1. Scoop out a generous serving of vanilla ice cream.
  2. Mold your serving into a ball shape.
  3. Roll the ice cream in coconut flakes or a favorite topping of your choice.
  4. Add candy holly to the top (berries: red hots, leaves: green sugar slices).
  5. Refreeze until you are ready to enjoy! (a muffin tin works great to store these snowballs)
  6. Before serving, add a candle to the top of each snowball and place in a glass dish.
  7. When you are ready to eat this winter treat, light the candle!

Challenge your hubby to see who can carefully eat around the candle the longest without the flame going out!  When it does, make a wish!

*Definitely be smart about an open flame- don’t leave your snowballs unattended!  Since they will become slightly topsy-turvy due to the melting/disappearing ice cream base, place them in a dish prior to eating!*

Cheers to cool winter ideas that create warm memories!

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