May 20, 2014

National Dare Day


I DARE you to a day FULL of dares!

Paige - Dare Day - Pinterest


June 1st is National Dare Day!

And what better way to celebrate then to challenge your hubby to a day FULL of wild and crazy dares!

Here’s How:

Create a set of dares for your spouse, using the fun-tastic printables by the talented Ana at Falala Designs!  Start by adhering the 4 dare labels to envelopes and placing the corresponding dare cards inside! 

There are two sets of dare cards; Red – for the hubby to give to the wife and Yellow – for the wife to give to the hubby!


On the morning of “Dare Day,” lay the invite on top of the stash of dare cards for your hubby to fill out and give to you!


Then, fill out his dare cards and pack them in his suitcase and see just how daring he is when you’re not around?!  Will he complete his dare… or chicken out!?  I suggest labeling the bottom corner of each envelope to notify your spouse of when they should open up their next dare card!


Really put your man to the test by leaving the best for last!  For his evening dirty dare, challenge him to a bedroom round of Sizzling Truth and Dare!


If your man is a true risk taker, you can save the famous Deal or No Deal Bedroom Game for another night!


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