October 3, 2014

70 + FUN Halloween Traditions



 We have collected only the best Halloween traditions that your husband and children will love! Make this Halloween season full of traditions that will create lasting memories your whole family will cherish for years to come.  

  The Best Halloween Traditions

Look no further for Halloween traditions! We have collected only the best ideas. You will find a tradition or two in this collection that you and your family will fall in love with! In this round-up you will find:

  • 24 Halloween Traditions For Couples
  • 16 Halloween Traditions for Families
  • 15 Halloween Traditions for Kiddos
  • 16 Halloween Night Traditions
  • More EXTRA Special Halloween Tradition


Traditions For Couples

24 Halloween Traditions For Couples

Halloween isn’t a time just for the kiddos! The season is full of ideas that can be enjoyed by just the two of you! Hello festive date night!

Halloween Traditions For Couples

1. Fall Bucket List – There are SO many fun ideas for Halloween on here that you are going to want to try. So… why not write them down and check ‘em off your list one date night at a time?!

2. Hocus Pocus Movie Night – We watch this movie every year together- it’s the PERFECT Halloween date

3. Make a Bewtiching Dessert For Him – Cook up some frightful fun with our new cupcake topper and love note free printable. This cute witch themed dessert idea can be completed in a matter of minutes, but is sure to leave a lasting impression!

4. Inside Trick-or-Treat –  Trick or Treat….. INSIDE, with this FUN date night! You’re hubby will have a blast and feel VERY loved with all of your sweet notes!

5. Halloween AFTER Party for Two – Make it a tradition to have a sexy “after party for 2″ once the kiddos are in bed on Halloween night. Who said costume parties are just for kids?

6. Play Halloween Peek-a-boo for 2 – If you’re looking for more of a “intimate” date to surprise your man, then you’re gonna want to take a peek at this Peek-a-boo game for 2.  

7. Host a Costume Party –  This is the perfect time of year to host a little costume party. This Clue-themed date night should give you some inspiration!

8. Make Pumpkin Dip – Speaking of treats, how about a little fall dessert date for two with this festive pumpkin recipe? It would be the perfect treat to nibble on while you snuggled up to watch a movie.

Couple's Halloween Traditions

9. Have a Ghostbusters Movie Night – This 80′s Halloween blockbuster is perfect for an at-home movie night.

10. Have a Pumpkin Baking Party – There are SO many fun pumpkin recipes to try out in the fall. It’s one of my very favorite parts! Why not make a whole date of it together and cook up a storm in the kitchen? Check out the link for lots of festive pumpkin recipes.

11. Halloween Bash – You are going to love these spooky game ideas for your Halloween group date night! 

12. Give a Love Brew Gift – Make your Halloween Hottie smile with their favorite brew and a deliciously sweet note attached!

13. 10 Free Halloween Love Notes – Send each other love notes during the whole month in honor of Halloween. 

14. The Day After Halloween Sexy Shopping – Make it a tradition to go shop the sales together the day after Halloween- stock up on sexy costumes you can use throughout the next year. 

15. Candy Guessing Game – Make good use of all that candy with this guessing game for two! 

16. You’ve Been Boo’d – Who say’s you can only boo the neighbors? Take turns leaving this little love note for your hubby or wife to discover all month long!

The Best Halloween Traditions For Couples

17. A Candy Love Message – Don’t know what to do with all the Halloween candy? We do…leave your spouse a Halloween message made with candy!

18. Watch a Scary Movie… on the Move –  Yep, taking your laptop and a bag of popcorn into a dark field or an abandoned building totally takes the thrill level up about a billion notches! Are you brave enough to try it?

19. Cast Some Love Spells –  This can of Love Spell Treats is way too clever. Why not turn it into a whole date? Take turns choosing a treat and casting a “love spell on each other.”

20. Who Dunit? Group Mystery Date Night – Put your detective skills to the test with this super fun group date night! We have EVERYTHING you need to host and play your very own murder mystery game.

21. Romantic Fall Picnic – Enjoy the beauty of the fall season with your picnic date!

22. Make S’mores – Yummy… the perfect after-dark dessert date. Grab those Halloween themed peeps and you’re set! Whether you roast your marshmallows over a bonfire in the woods or a candle in the living room, it’s the perfect excuse to cozy up close. (And Angie’s hooked you up with the perfect S’mores love notes to complete the date.)

23. Go To A Haunted House – Why not turn this little love tip into a whole date? Head to the Halloween aisle at the store and pick out a sexy costume for each other- for bedroom use only!! *wink*

24. Go Halloween Costume Shopping – Make shopping for costumes a family tradition. Gather everyone together to start the costume hunt. 


Traditions for Families

15 Halloween Traditions For Families

Some of my fondest memories are making and keeping traditions with my family. Children cherish the time they spend having fun and making memories with their family. Create traditions that your children will remember and carry on once they create their on families.

Family Halloween Traditions

25. Halloween Bucket List – So many ideas, what do you choose? Check out this bucket list for a few ideas. 

26. Choctoberfest Party – You can’t have enough chocolate during the month of October! Become the hostest with the mostest and throw the best fest ever! 

27. Dinner In a Pumpkin – A fun, festive family dinner idea. 

28.  Fortune Cake – Make a fortune cake! Cut out little charms using parchment paper and bake them into your cake. Each charm has a symbolic meaning!

29. Haunted Gingerbread Houses – Gingerbread houses AREN’T just for Christmas! Turn this into a fun Halloween tradition by making your houses HAUNTED! 

30. “BOO” a Neighbor – Spread some halloween fun as a family!

31. Go to the Corn Maze –  You can even make a whole corn-themed night of it, like Lisa did, with a corn chowder dinner and candy corns to top it off.

32. Eat Dinner out of Pumpkin Bread Bowls –  Okay this idea is SO easy but SO much fun! Did you know most bakeries sell pumpkin bread bowls around Halloween? 

Fun Halloween Traditions For Families

33. Thankful Pumpkin Tradition – This family tradition will start the Halloween season off with a grateful heart! 

34. 25 Family-Friendly Halloween Traditions – A great list of family Halloween traditions that your whole family will enjoy for years to come!

35. Play a Game of Halloween Mad Gab –  Mad Gab always gets everyone laughing and here’s a free, printable Halloween version!

36. Glitter Pumpkins – Tired of carving pumpkins? Try this glitter twist and fall in love! 

37. Pumpkin Caramel Apples – A fun fall family night

38. Halloween Fun Run – Organize a Halloween Fun Run like this one.

39. Halloween Traditions – 7 ideas for families to celebrate Halloween

40. Dia De Los Muertos – Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead is a two day Mexican festival celebrating the lives of the deceased with food, drink, parties, and activities the dead enjoyed in life. This is the perfect time to teach your children about their ancestors and celebrate memories together. 


Traditions for Kiddos

15 Halloween Traditions For Children

 Your little kiddos are going to love these Halloween traditions! Keep them entertained with crafts, fall outings, and activities that will get them excited about Halloween. 

Fun Halloween Traditions for Kids

41. Top 10 Fall Traditions {Kid’s Co-op} – Host a Halloween carnival, decorate the lawn, host a pumpkin play date, and much more can be found in this kid approved round-up!

42. Halloween Games With Skully The Skeleton – A Halloween themed spin to the loved elf on the shelf idea! Your kids will love searching for Skully!

43. 10 Halloween Traditions for Kids – Childhood memories will last a lifetime. This round-up will give you several ideas that your kids will surely love!

44. Halloween Breakfast Buffet – Putting together this Halloween breakfast buffet is quick and easy, on top of that your kids are going to love the surprise! 

45. Halloween Sugar Cookie Decorating Kits – This darling decorating kit will make decorating fun and organized. 

46. Ghost Rockets – These rockets are so easy to put together and they fly high into the air. SUPER FUN Halloween AND Science project for the kids. 

47. 5 Kid-Friendly Halloween Traditions – Create memories that the kiddos will love with these 5 ideas. 

48. No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas – Sometimes carving pumpkins can be tricky for the little ones. Here are some great “no-carve” pumpkin ideas to try out! 

Fun Halloween Traditions for Children

49. Halloween Fun House – Entertain the kids with games and activities that they will go crazy over! 

50. 13 Freakishly Fun Halloween Games – You know the kiddos love games and this is going to be right up their alley. 

51. Pin the Heart on the Skeleton Halloween Kids Game – A cute Halloween twist on pin the tail on the donkey game. 

52. Witch Pitch – Darling game for kids to toss candy corn into cauldrons.

53. Halloween Books – A list of fun Halloween books to read in the days leading up to the Holiday.

54. 31 Ways to Start a Halloween Tradition – A fun list of activities to do with the kiddos during the Halloween season!

55. Mummy Treat Containers – Wrap up your kiddo’s treats in these creatively cute treat containers. 

On Halloween Night Traditions

16 Halloween Traditions On Halloween Night


Before you send those kids off trick or treating, spend the early evening celebrating Halloween with dinner, movies, and treats. 

Halloween Night Traditions

56. Dracula’s Diner – A silly halloween dinner that will have you ordering eyeballs, skeleton bones and Dracula’s blood! 

57. Pumpkin Bowling – Knock over the “ghosts” with a pumpkin! 

58. Pumpkin Patch Date – Invite, pick out pumpkins, carve pumpkins, and bake seeds.

59. Rock Jack O Lanterns – Painting rocks with the kids. 

60. Create Halloween Dipped Tableware – Get into the spirit of Halloween with this crafty idea. Make it a tradition to create a new dipped creation each year. 

61. Building a Skeleton – A great learning and fun activity for the kiddos! Cut out skeleton pieces with paper plates or paper and put them together. 

62. Black and Orange Party – Don’t leave all the partying to the kiddos this Halloween! Get in on the fun with these cleverly Spooktacular Halloween treats and recipes.

63. Family Photo Date – Gather the family together and fill in prompts on signs for a fall photo shoot. 

Traditions On Halloween Night

64. Hay Ride Date Night – Invite your Halloween date for a hay ride and end the night rolling in the hay!. 

65. Apple Orchard and Bake Cider Donuts – Go to an apple orchard, pick apples, use them to make these donuts.

66. Fall Picnic – Skip dinner at home, instead have an adorable fall picnic with home made sundaes. 

67. You Have Been Boo’ed – Start service around your neighborhood by sneaking treats to a neighbor and challenging them to serve as well! 

68. Some Mummy Loves You Card – Make a festive Halloween card for your hubby. 

69. Halloween Photo Booth – Add a little spark to your Halloween photos with this DIY photo booth printable props!

70. Trunk or Treat – Organize a trunk or treat for your neighborhood! 

71. Go on a Halloween Scavenger Hunt – The search is on for various Halloween -themed items. Be the first team to find these items and return with a picture for proof and you win!


More Halloween Traditions

There was one more tradition that didn’t quite fit into any of the categories above. Sometimes us ladies forget that we get to celebrate the season to.  This idea is going to help you do just that! 

Girls Night Out Halloween Tradition

72. Ghouls Night Out – Are you ready to host a girls night out? Try our awesome Halloween-themed Ghouls Night Out for some fabulous spa-themed fun!

The time to start making traditions is now! Make this Halloween season memorable for you, for your marriage, and for your kids. 

Happy Halloween!

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