August 1, 2015

School Supply Scavenger Hunt


Free Back to School Printables

Summer is flying by and it’ll be time for back to school before you know it.  If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to get the kids excited to go back to school, you’ve come to the right place!  Use our free printables to send the kids on a…

School Supply Scavenger Hunt!

Free Printables for a School Supply Scavenger Hunt

You have to buy school supplies anyway, so why not make it into something fun?!  Our FREE printables make it SO easy to throw together too.  

Back to School Scavenger Hunt

Our lovely and talented designer, Kensie Kate, even designed TWO different versions!

(Because she’s amazing like that.  Feel free to stop by her site, check out her darling work, and say thank you.)

School Supply Scavenger Hunt- 2 versions!  Printable clue cards for older kids AND a picture search and find for younger kids.

Just wait until you see all the gorgeous photos our AMAZING diva, Chrissy snapped of these fun printables! Yep, not only is Chrissy  one of our creative divas, but she is also the talented lady behind the camera at Christine Naomi Photography!  (You should totally like her on Facebook and check out her work.)

Version 1:  For Younger Children

For younger children who don’t know how to read yet, we’ve included a picture “search & find” scavenger hunt.  All you need is a bag, our printable bag cover, and the school supplies pictured on the printable.

School Supply Scavenger Hunt Supplies

Just print out our scavenger hunt bag cover (on page 1) and attach it to your bag.  Then send your kiddos on a hunt to see if they can find the school supplies that are pictured on the bag.  You can hide the supplies around their room, around the whole house, or wherever you want.  You could even take the bag to the store and turn it into a shopping game – hunting for school supplies to buy.

School Supply Scavenger Hunt- Back to School Search and Find

Version 2:  For Older Children

For older children who know how to read, we’ve included two pages of printable clue cards to go along with their scavenger hunt bag.  The idea is that each clue card will lead them to a new school supply surprise until they finally find their “big prize” at the end.

Printable School Supply Scavenger Hunt Clue Cards

The best part is that it’s totally customizable to your child and their needs.  You can choose which surprises and prize you want to hide!  You can use all 13 clue cards OR just a handful – it’s up to you.  The only clues that need to be in order are the first and last clues.  Here’s an idea of how it works…

Attach the bag cover (on page 2) to your bag and set it out for your child to find, along with the first clue card which says…

Summer is almost over-time just flies!  Soon you’ll be needing new school supplies.  So I did some shopping- just for you… and planned a little scavenger hunt too!  With each clue you’ll find a new surprise… and at the end is waiting a really fun prize!  So grab your bag- it’s time to start.  It won’t take long- ’cause you’re so smart!  To find the first clue I’ve hidden for you, you might want to look inside of your shoe. 

Printable Clue Cards for a Back to School Scavenger Hunt in Search of New School Supplies

You’d, of course, hide the first school supply surprise inside their shoe along with the next clue card of your choice.

Scavenger Hunt Clue Cards

Then continue choosing and hiding clue cards along with your school supply surprises…

Back to School Scavenger Hunt Printable Clue Cards

… all around the house, wherever the clue card indicates.

Free Printable Back to School Scavenger Hunt

There’s even a clue that will take them outside the house to the car…

Clue Cards for Back to School Supplies

After you’ve hidden all your school supplies, you’ll want to hide your BIG prize.  We think a new backpack is perfect for this, since they can put all their new school supplies inside it.  But you can use whatever you want- a new lunchbox or some back to school clothes would be fun too.

Back to School Surprise Gift Idea

Along with your prize, make sure you set out the last clue card which says…

You did it!  You found your prize!  I hope you enjoy your surprise.  Now you’re ready to go back to school.  With all your new things- you’ll be so cool.  Do your best and learn all that you can.  And always know- I’m your biggest fan.  Hope you have the best school year ever!  I love you forever and ever!

Fun Idea for Back to School

Super fun, right?  And SUPER easy!  Just print and cut and you’re ready to make your kiddos feel super special.



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