The Bachelor Premier Party Ideas

The Bachelor Season Premier Party Ideas

Refer to my earlier post here for the FULL explanation of our Bachelorette Premiere ideas. These pictures were generously shared by fellow Diva, Kristen! She did such an awesome job of preparing for the premiere that I couldn’t help but want to post the photos from her date! The guests were invited to dress the part.


 How fun are these chocolate covered strawberries! Just perfect for the event.
Check out this spread! Wine glasses, check. Sparkling Cider, check. The Bachelors themselves, check. Chocolate covered strawberries, check. Candles, check. Rose petals, check check!
Kristen is sooo clever! She had this FUN dessert idea!
Notice the paper roses? We handed these to our guests and asked them to “accept this rose” and return for next week’s episode! Same time, same place!
We would absolutely LOVE to hear about your own Bachelorette Premiere Parties! Please email us with any photos, details, or ideas from your party!

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4 Responses to The Bachelor Premier Party Ideas

  1. I LOVE this, Lisa & Kristen! Seriously! How adorable! The stud muffins are to die for…..and I want to learn how to make those strawberries! I have done the chocolate covered strawberries before, but the tuxedo ones look a little trickier. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, looks like such a blast. I wish I could have participated (of course Soccer got in the way…) But it looks Amazing!!!! Great job and way to be creative on the activity.

  3. How cute!! My husband hates when I watch the Bachelorette…so he'd never agree to do a party for one! haha! But VERY cute!!

    PS – I say go for Roberto too!!!