September 14, 2011

Seven Days Of Love



Who likes a good surprise? I know I do! Well, how would you like to give your spouse SEVEN days of love surprises?  Today, we have a fun printable that contains seven tiny notes you can have ready for your spouse within minutes!  This fun printable contains love quotes, messages, and a few even allow you to write personal love notes.

Shadeleaf Studios


The three things you need:

1: A standard Monday-Sunday pill box

Shadeleaf Studios

2: Candies such as M&M’s, Lemonheads, gum, etc.

3: Download the Seven Days of Love printable here

Shadeleaf Studios

Once you have printed the Seven Days of Love printable, cut out each love letter and place one in each box Monday-Sunday.

I decided to put mine on my husband’s nightstand.  Each night, he will be able to end his day with a little love.  Sometimes in life, it is the simple things that make us happy!

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135 Responses to “Seven Days Of Love ”

  1. Brynlie says:

    I have a question. Where can I find/buy a standard Monday-Sunday pill box? If possible, please reply via email. Thanks and this is one of the cutest ideas I’ve ever seen!<3

  2. Courtenay says:

    This is so great. Hubby has to take many pills daily, how fun to turn a have-to chore into a fun & loving thing! I will probably refill this prescription often!!

  3. OMG this is the cutest idea ever! I found this link through Happy Wives Club as I’ve been wanting to do something out of the norm for our anniversary this week (and hubby is not big on receiving gifts). I’m going out tomorrow to get everything I need. Thanks a bunch! I’ll be spending lots more time here :)

  4. Cindy says:

    This won’t allow me to view the printable, is there a trick to this?

  5. Norma says:

    these are great. They would also be terrific for children, maybe like the week before Christmas or birthday, when they want to know ” How many more days until…?”. And definitely would be great if traveling several days in a car, to have something to look forward to. I made something similar once for a car trip, and included a word a day that made up a special message, along with other small things, candies, etc. thanks for this great idea of using the pill container.

  6. Rachel says:

    Cant download the printable. How can I get it to download and print. HELP

  7. Kat says:

    I also cannot open the file. :-(

  8. natalie says:

    how do we open the printable?

  9. Lindi says:

    Absolutely great idea! I love this! I really want to give this to my boyfriend who I do not see during the week – kind of like a love note every day that we are not together.I cannot seem to print the printables. I’ve tried saving the document to my computer and tried printing then – but only a blank page come out – even if the print preview shows the content??? Any idea what I might be doing wrong??

  10. Lisa says:

    Thanks this is great! My husband goes to work very early and goes to bed early, and I go to work late and get home after he is in bed. This little bedside treat keeps us feeling close even when we’re not together.

  11. Can someone type the 7 little papers for me i cant open the page :( and ive tried everything!!!!

    • Tara Tara says:

      Daniela – right-click on the link and when the pop up box appears, select, “Download Linked File”… it should work for ya!

  12. Lisa says:

    The document will not print for me. Frustrated!

    • Chrissy Chrissy says:

      Hi Lisa! Let’s see, does it download? You have to open the zip file and then get it loaded in to your printer program. From there, it may just be a printer issue? Also, try clearing your cache. Sorry for the trouble! Hope that helps!!

  13. Becky says:

    I have downloaded link, I am unable to print anything. I get only a white page. Love this link!!! Would appreciate any and all help! Thank you in advance!!

    • Chrissy Chrissy says:

      Hi Becky! I’m so glad you love it! I’m actually not sure what the problem might be… other than maybe you might be out of printer ink? Might just need to check the settings on your computer/printer and make sure everything is ok. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

  14. Alia says:

    I LOVE this idea and did a little spin off of it to gear it towards my kids while I was away on vacation. I linked to your idea on the post, I hope that is OK! Love your site and all the great ideas.

  15. Wanita says:

    I have three granddaughters ages 7-10 and I think this would be ‘sweet’ to do them, making up my own little notes of love & encouragement of course.

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