50 White Elephant Gift Ideas

White Elephant Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year! Office parties, neighborhood get-togethers, and church activities galore! And there’s nothing worse than scrambling at the last minute to find a White Elephant gift for the party. I mean, there’s only so many times you can get away with only bringing a roll of toilet paper! So spare yourself a headache and don’t let yourself be caught unprepared… and heck, why not even shoot to have the BEST White Elephant gift that everyone will be trading up for!?

White Elephant Gift Ideas

Finding the Perfect White Elephant Gift

‘Tis the season for Christmas parties and that means you need white elephant gift ideas… and LOTS of them! But you don’t want to bring just another boring gag gift to your white elephant party; your gift needs to cause your friends to laugh out loud all night long! 

Not sure what a White Elephant party is, check out all the scoop HEREBelow you will find a lot of white elephant gifts you can buy, but if you’re in a crunch, short on money, or just have a knack for crafts, there are some quick and easy DIY ones too! After all, there’s nothin’ like a hand-made gag gift to get the crowd laughing!

White Elephant Gifts

We’ve organized them into several different categories so that you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Keep scrolling for the best White Elephant Gifts!

The Best White Elephant Gifts

Let’s start off with some of our all-time favorite White Elephant gift ideas! We love how simple and clever some of these ideas are. And most are sure to get a laugh! These are some of the absolute best White Elephant gifts out there.

Best White Elephant Gifts

DIY White Elephant Gifts

So many of these DIY White Elephant gift ideas are easy to throw together with things you have from home which makes it pretty easy to do it yourself.

DIY White Elephant Gift Ideas

  • Mounted Stuffed Animal Head – What a funny white elephant gift, right?! You could use a stuffed animal like this! HA!
  • “In Case of Emergency Break Glass” – Grab the vinyl, stick it on a 5×7 frame, and place some chocolate inside! I’d be pretty excited about this one! Or just order from Amazon!
  • DIY Boyfriend Pillow – Just because some of your friends are single doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have an arm around them while watching a movie or falling asleep!
  • Maxi Pad Slippers – Your friends are sure to lose it when they see these unconventional slippers!
  • Bra Purse – It’s hard to part with a favorite bra, so turn it into a fashion statement to make a splash at your next White Elephant party!
  • Fake Beard – A fake beard is a wonderful accessory which will give you the ability to change your look in just seconds! You know one of your friends needs this!
  • Hobbit Feet – While it might be a little more time intensive, nothing will wow like these comfortable and stylish hobbit feet!
  • Surprise Mason Jar Money Gift – While this jar at first appears like the lamest White Elephant gift at the party, it certainly has a surprise!
  • Tennis Ball Helper – Not just your average sidekick, tennis ball helper is cute as well as helpful!
  • Snow Man Toilet Paper – Some wiggle eyes stuck onto a roll of toilet paper, along with a bit of orange construction paper, makes actually a pretty cute little gift! And hey, you always need toilet paper…
  • Money Pizza – Give the gift that everyone always wants — MONEY!
  • Gift cards with a Remaining Balance – Round-up all your gift cards with small balances. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Easy White Elephant Gift Ideas

Party night has come and you forgot your White Elephant gift!! No worries, these easy White Elephant gift ideas are all gifts you can pull together the day of the party without too much extra effort or planning!

Easy Good White Elephant Gifts

Funny Gag Gifts for Christmas

A White Elephant party is the perfect place to give a gag gift at Christmas time! These gifts pretty much have no purpose besides making people laugh. It’s like the very best practical joke… check out these funny gag gifts!

Gag Gifts for Christmas

  • Donut Seeds – These cute “doughnut seeds” will definitely get a chuckle at your next party!
  • Dehydrated Water – This would be so useful to have in my emergency supplies!
  • Underwear Chip Bowl – This Underwear chip bowl will have the whole white elephant party laughing their heads off!
  • Snowman Poop – Grab some marshmallows, a bag, and a label, and you are good to go!
  • Fish & Chips – A couple of live goldfish and some chips — too funny!
  • “Lottery Winnings” – A clever card explaining the details of a “lottery winning” experience, along with a bit of cash. But hey, that money could always buy a lottery ticket, right?
  • Exercise Block – A simple piece of wood featuring this clever description is sure to make someone smile!
  • Snowman Soup – Poor snowman who melted away in my cup! (Hee hee!) This would also work really well as a neighbor gift!
  • Can Wreath – Eww, can you imagine the smell of this?! Blech! Funny nonetheless!
  • HO+ME sign – Yikes, give this one with caution!
  • “Redneck” Party Cup – Oh this is just “so classy”, isn’t it? A great gift for your favorite redneck!
  • White Elephant Towel – Watch the tutorial to give a great “white elephant” gift!
  • “Redneck” Bubble Bath – Just eat and make your “own bubbles”!
  • Slipper Genies – Clean and be comfortable at the same time!
  • Box of Chocolates – How nice, right? Well, not if you take a bite out of each one! Ha!

Funny White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas

These are some of the funniest White Elephant gifts you’ll find out there. The Poo-pourri might seem ridiculous, but it is one funny White Elephant gift that actually works!

Funny White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas

  • Nuts & Bolts – Grab a can and fill it with nuts and bolts!
  • The Toothbrush Treasure – Grab a large box, then fill it with progressively smaller boxes to reveal a used toothbrush!
  • Emergency Underpants – My grandma always used to say to pack up extra underwear, just in case! You would be such a thoughtful friend to give this!
  • Caramel Onion – Dip an onion in caramel for a “pleasant” surprise!
  • Potty Golfing – Perfect for that golfer in your life!
  • Phone Book Surprise – Cut the middle out of an old phone book and put a DVD inside! This one is a fun way to give something typical.
  • Yodeling Pickle – Doesn’t everyone need one of these in their lives?
  • Toilet Mug – Mmmm…nothing says delicious like drinking from a toilet mug! Great for a friend at the office.
  • Crib Dribbler – Could you imagine giving this to a new parent?!
  • Poo-Pourri – Mock all you want, this stuff actually works!
  • Pet Rock – Perfect for any “pet” lover!
  • Bacon Air Freshener – Getting into a car with this scent would be quite the experience!
  • NapSack – Well, this may be a great prank gift, but I have to say — I kind of want one for myself!
  • Unicorn Meat – The humanity! That poor unicorn! {WINK!}
  • Toe Tunes – A great way to listen to music on the go!

Creative White Elephant Gifts

Looking for a creative White Elephant gift that will stand out and make everyone scoot to the edge of their seat to figure out what it is, this section is for you!

Creative White Elephant Gift Ideas

  • Pickle Band-Aids – My kids would get a kick out of these!
  • Unicorn Farts – A perfect pairing with all things unicorn. We’ve got a few fun unicorn-themed gift options!
  • Belly Fanny Pack – Looking for a gift for someone who’s impossible to shop for? Done!
  • Belly Swim Suit – Swimsuit season is right around to corner! WINK!
  • Belly T-Shirts – For all those manly men in your life!
  • Tiny Hand Finger Puppets – Tiny hand finger puppets to applaud, play peek-a-boo, and give high fives!
  • Bag of Trump Hair – A funny white elephant gift that is also a delicious treat!
  • Pet Sweep – Just slip these slippers on your pup’s paws and as they walk, they clean!
  • A Christmas Story Leg Lamp – Why only laugh at the iconic leg lamp around Christmastime when you could bask in its glow all year-round?
  • Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush – Anyone else miss the younger Biebs? Well, you can have him serenade you 2-3 times a day with this singing toothbrush!
  • Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster – Even the most delicious hot dog is incomplete without a toasty bun, and this low maintenance toaster has got your back!
  • Hairy Stockings – These Hilarious stockings will certainly get some laughs and some comments!
  • Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser – Nothing will impress visiting friends and family like this shower gel dispenser gag gift!

More Creative White Elephant Gift Ideas

Oh my goodness! Some of these creative White Elephant gift ideas will knock your socks off. They are seriously so out there and will definitely catch some eyes at the Christmas party. I’m trying to choose a favorite gift from this section and I just can’t!

Creative White Elephant Gifts

  • Inflatable Unicorn Horn – This unicorn hat could perhaps be the best white elephant gift ever. So funny!
  • Wasabi Lip Balm – This Wasabi Lip Balm will make all future kisses fiery! {Wink!}
  • Emergency Santa Kit – You never know when you’re going to need to be Santa at a moment’s notice, so the Emergency Santa Kit is the perfect white elephant gift!
  • Booty Enhancing Underwear – These Booty Enhancers are going to make your booty look fantastic in your jeans!
  • Loafers – These edible shoes are a hoot! May take your friends a second to get it, but it’s well worth the wait!
  • Dachshund Hot Dog Slicer – What could be more adorable, and slightly disturbing, as a dog cutting your hot dog into slices?!
  • Bacon Flavored Candy Canes – BACON, yum! These candy canes will shock and amaze at the next White Elephant party!
  • Unicorn Sprinkles Shaker – This little Unicorn Shaker adds so much to a classic mundane decor!
  • Backwards Clock – Confuse your office-mates or family members with this Backwards Wall Clock! HA!
  • Santa Toilet Cover – The gift of a Santa toilet seat cover means that your friends will never have to feel lonely in the bathroom ever again!
  • Pooping Sheep Candy Dispenser – This Poopin’ Sheep gag gift will definitely appeal to your friends who stopped maturing in junior high!
  • Public Toilet Survival Kit – Save your friends and family from disgusting bathrooms like the one gracing the cover of this Public Toilet Seat Survival Kit!
  • Dog Butt Magnets – This gag gift?! HA! Dog butts and a fire hydrant hanging on your fridge!
  • Handerpants – For many of us, winter is a time of severe cold; so warm up your hands in style with these Handerpants!

Hilarious White Elephant Gifts

If you thought that last bunch of White Elephant gifts was funny, these will blow your mind! If your friends have a great sense of humor, these White Elephant gifts will be a hit.

Hilarious White Elephant Gift Ideas

  • Mullet Wig – Business in the front; party in the back! This mullet wig is a hilarious white elephant gift!
  • Crafting With Cat Hair – Crafting with Cat Hair is one of the most outrageous gag gifts out there – perfect for your cat-loving pals!
  • Inflatable Reindeer Ring Toss – With this fun white elephant gift, you get to throw rings at your friend’s head while he or she wears a bizarre hat… I’d call that a win-win!
  • Jane Austen Tattoos – Nothing expresses the decorum and charm of Austen’s work as these temporary tattoos!
  • Understand Men Breath Spray – Ladies, maybe you can steal this gift back after you bring it to the party to help decode your own man!
  • Macaroni and Cheese Soap – Fool your guests with this scented soap that look just like mac and cheese!
  • Giant Googly Eyes – Let’s be honest, life would be much better if giant googly eyes decorated our world!
  • Party Roulette – Filled with suspense, the Party Roulette will definitely keep you on your toes!
  • Slingshot Flying Monkey – Not only does this make an obnoxious screaming sound, but it also flies through the air!
  • Shakespearean Insult Bandages – What could help you feel better after hurting yourself more than sporting Shakespearean insults?
  • Waterproof Notepad – You never know when genius will strike, so be prepared with this waterproof notepad!
  • Gift Not Included – Just an empty bag with batteries! Hey, well, you always need those!
  • Pizza Cologne – A “scent”-sational gift for anyone who loves pizza 😉

Funny White Elephant Gifts

Looking for cute and funny White Elephant gift ideas? One of these might fit the bill… I am in love with that circular saw pizza cutter. I could really get some good use out of that. I’m sure a few of these other gift ideas would be perfect for your party! 

Funny White Elephant Gifts

  • Color Changing Magic Mug – Your mug is happy to see you! These mugs will make the perfect white elephant gift!
  • Circular Saw Pizza Cutter – Make cutting pizza a fun task with this cool circular saw.
  • Moldy Lunch Bags – These bags will ensure that no one steals your lunch ever again!
  • Funny Outlet Stickers – When decorating their home, many people often overlook their power outlets, but we’ve found the solution with these Creative Outlet Stickers!
  • Dont’s for Husbands – To ensure that all men are the model husband, gift this at every party this season! It is sure to be a hit with the menfolk!
  • Dont’s for Wives – Ladies, don’t think you get away that easily! You need to study up, too!
  • Unicorn Shower Cap – This shower cap will keep your hair safe from the moisture while being a magical unicorn!
  • Microwavable Smore’s Maker – With this microwavable s’mores maker, you don’t have to wait until you’re around a campfire for the perfect, gooey treat!
  • Batman Throw with Sleeves – Once your friends have this Batman throw gag gift, they’ll never watch another movie without it!
  • So Flippin’ Hot Spatula – Who says cooking can’t be glamorous?! Feel free to check yourself out while flipping some pancakes!
  • Nose Pencil Sharpener – With the Nose Pencil Sharpener you are now totally ok to stick something up your nose!
  • Bacon Soap – What could be better than smelling fresh bacon? Smelling like bacon all day long!

More Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas

Had enough yet? Well, we’re still plugging away with even more fun White Elephant gift ideas. Take a look at that polaroid toilet paper dispenser… That’s pretty great, am I right??

More Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas

  • Talking Belly Temporary Tattoos – These temporary tattoos will certainly make a statement the next time you change in front of your honey!
  • AMCO Rub Away Bar – Ever disgusted by the smell some foods leave on your hands? This bar will take care of that!
  • Flair Hair Men’s Visor – This Visor and Hair will allow your friend to cover bed head while still looking professional!
  • Pizza Hat – This fashion-forward hat will definitely turn heads! What a delicious and funny gag gift!
  • You Have Just Been Poisoned – Apparently innocent, this White Elephant gift will give the recipient quite a shock once the beverage is gone!
  • Camera Toilet Paper Holder – A gift to make the bathroom a little more hip! Perfect for a photographer friend.
  • Zombie Survival Drink – We should always be prepared for all possible outcomes, shouldn’t we?
  • Pig Snout Mug – The Snout Mug’s owner will be very confused by the sudden attention received when using this mug!
  • Twirling Spaghetti Fork – You won’t strain your wrist eating pasta anymore with the Twirling Spaghetti Fork White Elephant gift!
  • Electric Desktop Vacuum Cleaner – This cute mini-vacuum is perfect for cleaning up all those crumbly snacks you eat at your desk!
  • Foot Hammock -A white elephant gift everyone will fight over. Who wouldn’t want a cozy place to rest their feet?

Useful White Elephant Gift Ideas

This might just be my favorite section of White Elephant gift ideas! I love funny gifts, but they are even better if you can get some use out of them. That Nessie Ladle is pretty freakin’ adorable! I wouldn’t mind snagging that gift at a White Elephant party!

Useful White Elephant Gift Ideas

  • Tea-Rex Mug – A funny mug but perfect for holding your hot cocoa or tea!
  • Nessie Ladle – Do you believe in the Lochness Monster?! I like this monster cause it’s useful and cute!
  • Donut Yoga Mat – While working on your namaste, you can also think about yummy donuts! HA!
  • Frog Sponge Holder – This cute lil’ guy will hold your sponge and allow it to air out and dry! What a useful white elephant gift!
  • Bear Mop Slippers – Comfy, cozy, and functional! Walk around and mop your floor?! WIN-WIN!
  • Bearded Beanie – A cozy hat with a fake beard attached. Make others laugh while keeping warm!
  • Tinkle Hair Razor – Shave your face?! Yes, these are to shave that peach fuzz off your face!
  • Bathroom Guest Book – Allow your guests to check in, leave a little message, and have some good reading material while using the restroom! HA!
  • Unicorn Tape Dispenser – Who doesn’t love unicorns and rainbows?! Plus tape always comes in handy!
  • Big Mistake Eraser – For those really big mistakes a nice big eraser!
  • Elephant Salt and Pepper Shakers – These cute little guys are fitting for the party and useful in the kitchen!
  • Pizza Socks – Every time you look down you will be reminded of how much you love pizza!
  • Keychain Siracha – Never go without your hot sauce again! This makes it easy to always get your spice on!
  • Squatty Potty – Check out those reviews! Too good not to try, right?!

Aren’t these white elephant gift ideas HILARIOUS?!  You are officially set for all of the Christmas parties headed your way!

And ONE more thing! We love White Elephant parties SOOOO much, that we put together our own kit. Not only do you have the cutest invite, decor, yummy recipes, food printables… but you ALSO get 14 ADORABLE printable to pull off hilarious White Elephant gifts!!!! Including the “Shave & Play” Barbie!! Click on the image below to check it ALL out! 

White Elephant Party Pack

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  1. A quick gift in a pinch is a pair of tube socks with “Right” and “Left” drawn across the toes.
    No worries if there’s a hole. .pPlace them in a zip lock withe the heading Sunday Socks because they’re “Holy”

  2. Some of the ideas you’ve brought up here are really creative. White elephant gifts at their best! I love how you come up with the snowman poop idea. Maybe I’ll try it this year 🙂

  3. The rules at our party was to NOT spend money but to just bring something you already had at home, but weren’t using. The hubby and I went and bought a bag of adult diapers, opened the package, pulled out one diaper and wrapped up the package. It was a hit! 😀

  4. I LOOOVE this post, Chrissy!! I can’t decide which of these we wanna do! lol Hope none of my friends have seen this post… or we will all show up with the same stuff! 🙂