Facebook Get To Know You Game

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A Unique Get To Know You Game Using Facebook! 

Usually, for a date night, we suggest setting down your cell phone and instead snuggling up to your sweetie. We would normally encourage you to forget about your Facebook feed to focus on your spouse. Surprise! Not this time! For this date night game idea, we are inviting you to pull out those computers and make sure your devices are fully charged because this date night is all about searching social media in a unique get to know you game!

Facebook Scavenger Hunt Get to Know You Game #groupdate #icebreakergame #partygame

The Dating Diva team is growing bigger and bigger and recently we did a fun scavenger hunt on Facebook to help us get to know our team members better! We had such a blast getting a peek into each other’s lives in this unique way. We realized that this would make a super fun date night for our readers so we worked with Carisa from Messes to Memories to create all the fun printables that you need to pull off this get to know you game.

Facebook Get to Know You Invitation

Searching through friends’ Facebook profiles is definitely a unique get to know you game that your friends will love! This game could be played as a couple or as a group date night. You can use these Facebook Event Invitations to invite your spouse and/or other couples. Pin this fun date idea on Pinterest!

To Play: Facebook Get to Know You Selection Cards

If you are playing in a group setting, write each person’s name on one of these name selection cards. Aren’t these designs so cute? I just love them! Then, have everyone choose a card to know whose Facebook profile they will be searching in the game. Save these printables on Pinterest!

Facebook Get to Know You Bingo Cards

Each player will have a bingo card and a set amount of time to find 5 typical Facebook posts in a row on their assigned person’s Facebook profile page (or whatever BINGO configuration you choose – like postage stamp, picture frame, blackout). The first to get their squares filled wins the game! Then, of course, you have to share some of the information you found (especially the embarrassing videos!).Facebook Get to Know You Bingo

Some examples of things they would be searching for:

  • A funny video shared.
  • A meme.
  • A post promoting a product.
  • A video of them doing something silly.
  • A picture they should probably be embarrassed to have on the internet.

Facebook Get to Know You Game

The goal is to get to know each other in a fun, unique way. Add a little scavenger hunt competition and you have a fun date night game! You could even switch bingo cards, change up whose Facebook profile you are searching and play again!

We hope you LIKE the game and SHARE it with all of your friends!

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Facebook Get to Know You Game

Printables Designed by Carisa @ Messes to Memories Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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