Family Camping Trip Kit

Family Camping Trip Made Easy

Be prepared for adventure with our new Outdoor Camping Kit! This printable pack will make everything about your camping trip so much easier and more fun. Some of our favorite memories as a family are ones that we spend in the great outdoors! Camping is an especially great way to bond since you get to let go of all the technology & cares of the world, and really connect with the people you love. Are you ready for some real family bonding time in nature!?

Family Camping Trip Kit

One of our favorite designers, Leah, worked her magic to create these fun and adorable printables. Her graphics are so bright and exciting! Don’t you just love her work

Now let’s get down to it! This incredibly fun Family Camping Kit includes:

  • Camping Binder with a Packing Checklist and To-Do List to help take the stress out of preparing for your camping trip!
  • Camping Menu to make meal planning a breeze!
  • Camping Games for some fun family bonding around the campfire.
  • Scavenger Hunt to keep the kiddos entertained around the camp site.
  • Campfire S’mores Kit to make the BEST part of camping an even bigger treat!

This kit will help take the stress out of preparing and help you create special family memories in the outdoors! Are you ready for some more details about the kit that will change the way you adventure!?

Camping Binder

Getting ready for a camping trip has never been easier! When you are out in nature, you want to make sure you have all of the tools you need to make life a little easier. If you’ve been on a camping trip and forgotten the utensils… you probably know that uncomfortable, stressed-out feeling! Never again!!! 

Use our checklists and to-do lists to help you plan, pack and prepare.

Camping Trip Binder

Camping Menu

Planning for food in the great outdoors can be exciting, but also a bit overwhelming! What can you cook with a fire?? We’ve put together an amazing menu for a weekend getaway to the mountains to help you make fun memories around the campfire! 3 days of meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner – with so much variety. This will make it so easy to shop and pack all of the food you need. We’ve also included a blank menu to help you plan your own!

Camping Trip Menu

Keep everything organized nice and neat in the camping binder so that its ready for your camping trip! If you place your printable lists inside sheet protectors, you can use dry erase markers to check things off, and then use them again and again!

Camping Games

Keep your camping trip exciting by bringing along some fun games. Most of these games can be played with supplies found around the campsite, so you don’t even need to pack anything extra. Be prepared for endless fun!

Camping Trip Games

Print out our pages of camping games and stick them in your camping binder for easy access OR cut out each card game and laminate them to keep them protected. Then, attach them all to a ring for easy packing! While you are enjoying nature, you’ll be able to make some funny new memories while keeping everyone happy and entertained.

Camping Trip Kit - Ring of Games

Scavenger Hunt

Send the kids to explore with these fun Scavenger Hunt Bags. We’ve included one for around the campsite, one for hiking, and another for camping at the beach! No matter where you go, you’ll be able to discover nature.

Camping Trip Scavenger Hunt

Use our design template to print straight onto a paper bag and voila – super easy entertainment for the kids! You would be surprised at how long the kids will enjoy exploring.

Camping Trip Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Campfire S’mores Kit

We all know that everyone’s favorite part of camping is the S’mores! This is an easy way to make cooking s’mores extra special for your camping trip. Simply attach our printable tags onto your s’more ingredients, throw the ingredients in a box or bag, and attach our S’mores Kit Cover.

Camping Trip S'mores Fun

Then during your camping trip, gather your family in a circle and place the S’mores Kit in the middle! In order to open the S’mores Kit, you’ll need to complete some tasks first! These tasks are open to your interpretation, but will spark lots of conversation and laughter around the campfire! Get ready for some scrumptious family fun!

If you are looking for some real quality family bonding time, a camping trip is exactly what you need. Our Camping Trip Kit is the best thing that could happen to your family this summer!!

This kit has everything you need to get organized and create lasting memories with your family in the great outdoors!

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If you can’t make it up to the mountains, you can still send your kids out to enjoy a little adventure with our Babysitter in a Bag: Camping Edition!

And just for you and your honey – remember your own adventures this summer, too! Whether your adventures are in the outdoors, traveling, or just the journey of life, make a darling memory Adventure Book of your relationship as a perfect gift or keepsake!

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  1. Husband has been wanting to go camping FOR-EVER but it stresses me out! This will help a TON! Now- anyone have tips on getting a baby to sleep in a tent?

  2. Hahahaha, after watching your video Aiden says, “If they do that again, I want to go with them!!!” Looks like you’ve gotten us into a camping trip obligation 😛