Frankly, My Dear…

Lately, it seems like someone’s been lookin’ over my shoulder everywhere I go…  Yep, Frankenstein, ghosts, Dracula’s, bats, mummies and jack-o-lantern faces are literally in every store and in every shape and size.  Once in a while you come across some really cute items, and that is what this quick & easy idea is all about!  From a Frankenstein pen to a ghost candy dispenser, any frankie/ghost/bat items work for this.  And thanks to Aileen {ohmigosh, she’s got some of the cutest designs for seriously every occasion on her site} at Lil’ Buckaroo Designs, we’ve got a dang cute and flirty printable for you to download and put with your choice fun tricks or treats for your man!

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It says, “Frankly, my dear… I’m batty for you!  Love, your Boo”  {Aawww! You looove him!}

My quick canvas?  Our bedroom door.

I tend to enjoy making a game of things like the $2 little Frankenstein toy will be perfect to hide somewhere unexpected each day until Halloween, and the ghost trick-or-treat bag will be great to refill and leave in my honey’s work truck for a little treat during his commute.  Sure, there’s no shortage of candy this time of year, and it occurred to me that there’s different ways to mix it up even in the candy aisle.  For example, if you like old fashioned candy, you can always try something like this 80s Retro Candy Gift Box.

SO – grab some of the Halloween decor/treats you have lying around your house OR be sure to pick a few things up on your next trip to the grocery store, pair it with the adorable printable, & you have a SUPER easy “Halloween” way of telling your sweetheart you love him!

Just watch though… you’re gonna find yourself extremely aware of every little bat/ghost/Frankenstein item that  you see the next time you’re at the store!  Sorry, but it’s bound to happen, LOL.  Where will you leave your husband’s “batty for you” surprise?

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