Sweet Home Alabama Date Night

Sweet Home Alabama Date

We are SO excited to be partnering up with Amanda from Kevin and Amanda today for this month’s Dinner & a Movie!

If you haven’t checked out her site yet- you really, really should.  It is seriously one of our very favorite blogs.  She shares delicious recipes, stunning travel photography, and easy DIY tutorials. Among the diverse content of her site, you’ll also discover her latest fashion and shopping finds, home decor projects, and even the free handwriting fonts she makes from her readers’ submissions. Amanda loves interacting with her online audience and works hard to make Kevin & Amanda an entertaining and educational place to visit, learn, and check in on her life and adventures.

And now that we’re introduced our {totally fabulous} food blogger, it’s time to introduce this month’s movie…
When it comes to comedy and romance, few movies hit the mark like Sweet Home Alabama.

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It’s the quintessential romantic comedy that both men and women love! So naturally, it’s at the top of our movie-must-have list!  We love it so much that we’ve put together this list of fun and easy date night ideas to knock this date out of the park!  That’s right, we’re going to hook you up with lots of romantic and fun date ideas for your next movie date night, and Amanda has created a yummy dessert to go along with your night. Read on, because you’ve got one fun & fabulous date night coming your way…

 First and foremost, print off these DARLING printables created by Whimsicle Design Studio. They are adorable! Tasha is a truly talented digital designer who can make all of your whimsicle dreams come to reality. Check out her website to see all the magical momentos she can create for you! For this date night, you’ll have one invitation to give your spouse to start your Dinner and a Movie Date night off right. Plus, you also have 2 place-cards for the dinner portion of your date night to ensure you both remember your southern manners.

Complexions Photography

Complexions Photography

Young Melanie: What do you want to be married to me for, anyhow?

Young Jake: So I can kiss you anytime I want.


  1. Dress to Impress!! Melonie is a fashion designer on the rise, so put on your best runway attire and look smokin’ HOT for your date tonight! {Check out our SexyModest Fashion Formula complete with our Ultimate Fashion Formula Printable to make sure you’ve got the look.}
  2. If you want to put more ‘strut’ in your evening, then go ahead and put on a fashion show!! Use a box of random items from your own closet and walk the runway to your favorite songs. Make it memorable by snapping pictures of each other in your best poses.
  3. In the south {and in the movie *wink*}, they reenact the Civil War. So take up arms! Go for a round of target practice or even set up your own Nerf Gun War at home.
  4. One of my all time favorite parts of this movie is when they go country dancing. I love country dancing! So why not grab your spouse and head to your local country dance place or even have a more intimate dance in your back yard, like our Patio Prom Date. Decorate your back patio with white lights and put on your favorite songs.
  5. In the movie, Jake is very successful at selling southern glass. Why not take your hubby to a really cool art gallery or glass store and admire your favorite pieces? It will make for a different adventure for both of you!
  6. A dog is truly a man’s best friend… as this darling movie proves. Jake and Melonie’s dog play a big part to their relationship. Naturally it would be only appropriate to take your own furry pal to a park to play some catch or frisbee. Don’t have a dog? Head to a local pet shop or pound (i.e. Dog-Gone Day Date) to get a little one-on-one time with those big puppy dog eyes.
  7. Be a pool shark. Shooting pool is where the friendships head south in this movie, but where the truth is told. Try your hand at beating your spouse at a game of pool. Make sure the stakes are high (WINK) and be sure to flirt heavily every time you pass your hubby to make a shot.
  8. Have a cook out! Invite some friends over and have a good old fashioned cook out. Relax and enjoy some sweet southern cooking and conversation. Follow dinner with the Sweet Alabama movie in your backyard.
  9. Replan your wedding. Melonie pulls out all the stops for her wedding planning now that she has the funds to make it all happen. Dream big with your spouse! Pick up some wedding magazines or peruse Pinterest and pick our your wedding favorites. If you got the chance to marry your spouse all over again, with no budget limit, what would you plan?!
  10. Don’t you just love Melonie’s dad’s ‘new’ chair! It’s hilarious! So why not scout out a few places for your own chair!? Go shopping for a ‘new’ chair at a second hand store or garage sale and see what special items you can find.
  11. Don’t you love how Melanie gets proposed to?? She gets to pick out her own engagement ring… so why not take a quick trip to a jewelry store to look at engagement rings? See what the latest ring fashion is, maybe even try a few on for good measure.
  12. Memory Lane. Fun times are always a crowd pleaser when you reminisce about stories from the old days. Share some of your own stories with your spouse… whether you’ve already told the same old stories over and over again, or your sharing some new ones, it’s a fun way to share some laughter.
Complexions Photography

Complexions Photography

Jake and Melonie’s Memory Lane

Jake: What about that incident of vandalism in the stockyard… totally her!
Jake: I supposed shoplifting steaks from Winn Dixie’s okay?
Sheriff Wade: The law is the law and she has done nothing wrong.
Melanie Carmichael: Oh, Oh! I took ’em back and you know it!
Melanie Carmichael: Like I could tip a cow… by myself!
Jake: Wade, isn’t there some outstanding for whoever drove your mama’s tractor into the fishing pond?
Melanie Carmichael: OH!

The Food

 Don’t these cookies look absolutely divine!? This sweet treat recipe was made specially by Kevin and Amanda for this dinner and a movie date night. Sink your teeth into this sweet treasure by picking up this Soft Batch Double Fudge Brownie Cookie recipe for your Sweet Home Alabama date night. You will make your man’s mouth melt over this dessert! What a way to end an evening of southern bliss!




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6 Responses to Sweet Home Alabama Date Night

  1. I LOOOOOOVE this movie!!!! “Why do you wanna be with me anyway?” “So I can kiss you anytime I want.” AHHHH! Best. Lines. Ever. What a fun date night & delicious food from Amanda!! She is ah-mazing!

  2. This is such a cute movie and I love all of your fun date ideas!!! The line, “So I can kiss you anytime I want,” if definitely one of my all time favorites!!! The printables are gorgeous and the dessert looks fantastic! So much fun! xox

  3. Great movie pick!! I love your idea of ‘Memory Lane’ my husband LOVES to do this, and it’s so fun to hear each other’s perspectives on the same event years later:) Those cookies look amazing too- oh yum!!

  4. We love this movie too. I would love to make it a “formal” date night. But I was really hoping for some good dinner tips. Anything Southern would work, I suppose, like fried chicken and okra! Any other ideas?