Date Box – The Date Night Subscription Box!

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Have you heard of Datebox??

If you haven’t, be prepared to throw all of your excuses out the door and make dating your spouse easier and more FUN than ever!

Here at The Dating Divas, we are ALL ABOUT dating our spouses. I know, I know, you are totally shocked, right? {wink} But seriously, we have written countless articles on the positive effects that regularly dating your spouse has on your marriage, created HUNDREDS of darling printables to help you plan the perfect date night and put together an incredible creative team who brainstorm unique dates that you and your spouse will love to do TOGETHER! After all, that is the main mission of The Dating Divas—dating your spouse! But even we Divas know that sometimes life gets in the way and you just don’t make date night happen.

Date Box is the best date night subscription box out there delivered to your door!

Let’s just get real and throw those excuses out there, shall we?

Some of the excuses our readers (and we ourselves) have are:

  • TIME – Plan the date, make reservations, find a babysitter, get ready, etc, etc.
  • BABYSITTER – I don’t have anyone available/nearby that I trust, is free, or is willing.
  • LOCATION – “There’s nothing to do here!”
  • COST – The last time we went to dinner and a movie we had to go without AC for a week, kidding but the struggle is real.
  • CREATIVE FUNK –  I am so sick of dinner and movie night – of course, none of our readers have this excuse because we’ve got you covered here at The Dating Divas. {Wink}
  • MISCOMMUNICATION – “I thought you were buying the tickets?” “Wait, I thought you were buying the tickets!” I am sure this only happens with my hubby and I.  {Wink} Whoops!
  • DECISION MAKING – What should we do? Where should we go?

I mean, that’s all just real life, am I right? Seeing as we are pretty proactive around here, we didn’t want ourselves or our readers to feel guilty or discouraged or just give up on something that we KNOW is not only important but also something that brings joy to our lives! So we searched high and low for the very best solutions we could find, and guess what?! We found one we think you are going to LOVE as much as we do!

Are you ready to throw all of those excuses out the window? Because that’s exactly what Datebox does!

Imagine for a second—I would ask you to close your eyes but I need you to keep reading, so that won’t work—you have been home all day with the kids and you just a want a second to relax. Maybe friends invited you out but you don’t have a babysitter available and honestly, with everything you have going on in your busy life, with or without kids, the thought of all that preparation for another dinner at a noisy restaurant just leaves you feeling more exhausted than you already were.

But you know DATE NIGHT is important and you would sure love to spend a little time unwinding with your BFF, {aka your spouse, of course}, having some grown up conversation, laughing and maybe getting a few smooches in. {wink}

Then there is a knock at the door….

Who dares to disturb nap time? (cue the doomsday music)

Oh, wait! It’s Santa Claus, aka the delivery man, and he drops off a box. In that box is the most DARLING box that only hints at the goodness it holds. It is your monthly Datebox!

A Japanese themed date box with everything you need for a fun night in!

Now the only dilemma you are faced with is whether to peek before your spouse gets home or if you can stand waiting to be surprised together!

Date Box subscription will surprise both you and your spouse!

What is Datebox you ask?

In a nutshell, it’s the BEST subscription box service around that provides monthly, done-for-you dates, delivered straight to your door! Just look at all the goodies this box holds – not to mention the gorgeous packaging! Everything is just SO well-done!

Beautifully packaged date night box ready for you to enjoy!

There is nothing on your end to do other than wait for your box to arrive, snuggle up with your sweetie and be surprised TOGETHER as you open up your Datebox!

Don’t get me wrong, when I say done for you, I don’t mean you won’t be doing something, creating something or putting something together. A few of the dates actually had us getting pretty dirty! In ACTUAL dirt I mean.

Unique and creative dates delivered right to you!Subscription Box for Date Nights

Life is sweet when you get to make cake pops at home!

From painting on canvases to creating our own pottery to growing our own herb garden, those are just a few of the thoughtful and creative dates that we have been able to enjoy through Datebox.

Each month is a different themed box and so far I am not sure I could pick a favorite. They are all so fun and creative! And they are always so unique! Although learning to make our own sushi in the Japanese themed box was pretty memorable. What can I say? I love delicious food, and learning how to make our own was a skill that we will definitely use again and again (plus, now we have the tools to do it)!

Conversation starters to music playlists. Everything is thoughtfully planned out for your at home date!

A homemade sushi date night delivered to your door!

Datebox provides everything you need for an at-home date night

Datebox subscription box to connect with your spouse.

We’ve danced, we’ve tapped into our creative side, we’ve dug deep with the conversation starters they include from marriage experts around the globe (that’s right my friends, it’s not all fun and games) and most importantly we’ve connected and made that important investment of time and commitment in our marriage.

As one of my favorite quotes reads, “If you want something to last forever, you treat it differently.” ~ F. Burton Howard and Datebox is definitely just that! It is more than just a “fun” subscription box (although it is that as well). 

"If you want something to last forever, you treat it differently".

Making time to date your spouse puts that extra special something in your relationship. It can also provide a visible example to your kids (if you have any) that your marriage is a priority. One of the most special memories my husband has of his parents while growing up is that they NEVER missed date night. That time they committed to each other was a clear example of their devotion to each other and to their marriage, I am lucky enough that it has also been passed down to their kids!

By now I hope you are wondering how you can get started with your very own Datebox!? It’s SUPER easy and there are NO COMMITMENTS.

You can try it once, choose a monthly plan or they have a pre-pay that allows you to save on each date when you order a 3-month or 6-month plan.

With plans starting as low as $27.96 per date, Datebox is less than going to dinner and a movie and I think it’s more fun anyway!

You will find a unique play list in every Datebox

If all of that wasn’t enough we are BEYOND excited that Datebox has generously offered our readers a 50% discount off of their first month!

YEP, you heard right! 50% off your first month! So hurry on over and get your box(es) ordered today! You are going to FALL in love with Datebox, just like we did!


Give Datebox a try tonight! You will be glad you did!

Once you are signed up, you will receive an email with the delivery date so you know when to expect it as well as any items you need to pick up. USUALLY everything is included in your box but for example, the Homemade Ice Cream box needed ice and cream. The rest of the items from toppings to bowls and spoons to the curated playlist, were included. So if that was the box you were receiving it would let you know you need ice and cream on hand for your date.

You'll find time to reconnect with Datebox delivered each month!

Enjoy quality time together as you try every unique Datebox!

No other details about the contents of the box are given so it is a total SURPRISE!

Can I tell you how much I absolutely LOVE that feature! A surprise for me?! I am a planner, so by default, I am always the one who plans, prepares, and hosts, which is great BUT to have a date night that I did not even have to think about? AMAZING! It makes me relax and enjoy even more!

I really hope everyone has a chance to try out Datebox. With a discount of 50% off your first month, using code: DATINGDIVAS, there really is no reason not to dive in and open up YOUR first Datebox!

 Give it a try and let me know how much YOU love it too!


I am the luckiest lady alive to be married to my best friend and rockstar of a hubby. I love being a wife, mother and friend more than anything in the world! I am always up for any type of adventure, learning something new or a DIY project. A west coast girl now loving life on the east coast you can usually find me surfing or skiing depending on the season!

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  1. I was looking for a new date night subscription and cane across your post. I was very excited to use the coupon code but it is no longer valid. Is there another coupon code available? These date boxes look like so much fun!!

    1. Danielle, I can certainly ask them and will let you know what they say. They do a fabulous job and even made a great gift this year! XO

    1. Jennifer, it is SO much fun! Even as a Dating Diva it has made date night even more fun! Try it out (make sure you get the 50% off) and let me know how you like it! XO

    1. Sylvia, oh no! It does not expire yet. How strange it isn’t working for you. I just tried it out and it worked for me. If you try going through this url it will automatically apply it as well ( I hope that helps! I will reach out to them right now and find out if they are experiencing any technical difficulties on their end as well!

  2. TOTALLY ordered ours!! CanNOT wait!! Thanks so much for sharing this fabulous idea Melissa!! Also… you guys really are so cute!! AND PS I have those same canvases above our bed!! 😉

    1. Oh Amanda you are too kind! It is seriously my favorite thing! No babysitter and no work. Just enjoying! Win Win Win! XO