7 Days of Spoiling Challenge

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7 Days of Spoiling Challenge + 7 Days of Giveaways!

(You read that right, 7 GIVEAWAYS! Read to the end to know how to enter, then you could win one of 7 AMAZING GIVEAWAYS!!)

It’s about that time of year again! (Our favorite time of year around here!) It’s the time of year where anyone in a special relationship gets to focus exclusively on their significant other and give a little extra attention and a LOTTA extra love…What day are we talking about?? VALENTINE’S DAY!

Okay, we may have a thing or two for Valentine’s Day around here {wink!} But can you blame us when we live and breathe for all things romance, date night, and happy MARRIAGES??

We like to celebrate V-day BIG, and we can’t leave all you lovely couples out of the fun either! So how about joining us on an EPIC love challenge this year that will absolutely make you (and your spouse!!) feel SPOILED??

Check out our hot off the presses, brand new, full of spoils, just in time for Valentine’s Day…


7 Days of Spoiling Printable Kit

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. To learn more about ’em, click here.


We challenge YOU to spoil your spouse for 7 STRAIGHT DAYS leading up to Valentine’s Day with this amazing 7 Days of Spoiling Kit designed by the beautiful Courtney from Paperelli! Think you can handle that??

We know you absolutely can and we’re making it SO EASY for you to do so with this ready-to-go spoiling kit!

Why spoil your spouse on just Valentine’s Day when you could spoil them for a FULL WEEK and make your relationship really sizzle and shine?? We believe a little extra love and spoils is NEVER a bad thing!

Why spoil your spouse on just Valentine’s Day when you could spoil them for a FULL WEEK?!

This kit includes absolutely everything you need to create 7 days of spoils for your spouse, and you’ll love the ease of putting it together, along with the amazing suggestions it has for you to do some simple, thoughtful, and romantic spoiling!


  • A Unique Envelope Pocket Countdown
  • Activity Cards
  • Suggestions From Our Site
  • Digital Anticipation Texts

7 Days of Spoling Surprise for your Sweetie

We know that coming up with 7 days worth of ideas to spoil your spouse can be hard to do on the fly, so we’ve done all the prep work for you so that you can focus exclusively on spoiling your sweetie for a week! Not only will THEY love the extra spoils, you’ll have fun giving them extra attention that they weren’t expecting until the big V-Day!

Each of the 7 days will include a suggestion for an easy way to spoil your spouse, like spoiling them with their favorite dessert…Or a sweet and meaningful love note! (See! Easy things to show them some extra spoiling!)

A Week of Romantic Surprises

7 full days worth of spoiling ideas will surely make your sweetie feel AMAZING come Valentine’s Day.

Simply click, buy, print, and fold, and you have 7 days of spoiling cuteness to deliver for a week before Valentine’s Day!

Now read on for more details about our 7 Days of Spoiling Challenge PLUS 7 Days of Giveaways!

7 Days of Spoiling for the week counting down to Valentine's Day

BUT, that’s not even the BEST PART.

When you’re doing all this spoiling, who’s going to spoil YOU??



7 Days of Spoiling Challenge PLUS 7 Days of Giveaways

If you participate in our 7 Days of Spoiling Challenge, you could win one of 7 GIVEAWAYS! That’s right! A giveaway prize for one lucky winner every day for the 7 days leading up to Valentine’s Day!

See?? You spoil your sweetie and you could be spoiled in the process!! Wink, wink!


7 Days of Spoling Challenge

We want you to spoil your sweetie in any way shape and form this Valentine’s Day and we’re going to spoil our’s too! Each day from February 8th through February 14th, The Dating Diva’s are spoiling our honey’s like CRAZY over on our Instagram Account!

7 Days of Spoiling Flirty Texts

To participate in our challenge AND be eligible to win one of the 7 giveaways, simply follow our Instagram page and like, comment, and share our giveaway posts DURING the 7 days! Each day that you participate throughout the 7 day challenge, you’ll be eligible to win that day’s giveaway! (Which will be announced the FOLLOWING morning on @datingdivas stories on Instagram!)

AND SHOW US HOW YOU’RE SPOILING YOUR SWEETIE!! During the challenge, snap a pic of your spoiling efforts and tag #7DaysofSpoilingChallenge and @DatingDivas so we can see your spoiling in action! Every tagged post get an extra entry into the giveaway!

Speaking of giveaways, WHAT COULD YOU WIN??

We have 7 AMAZING Giveaway Sponsors lined up to spoil 7 lucky winners each day of the challenge. We can’t tell you what day’s you could win one of these giveaways (that a surprise!), but here’s what you COULD win!


7 Days of Spoiling GIVEAWAYS

#1. Roolee  – $100 Gift Card for 3 winners!


#2. Pink Desert– $50 Gift Card!

Pink Desert

#3. Freshly Picked$175 Gift Card!

Freshly Picked

#4. Lily Jade Co. – $350 Store Credit!

Lily Jade

#5. The Date Crate – 6 month subscription!

The Date Crate

#6. Poppy & Dot – $75 Store Credit

Poppy and Dot

#7. Whimzical Woods Barn$150 Store Credit!

Whimzical Woods Barn

Ahhhh!!! Are you so excited to potentially win one of these?? They are all SO AMAZING!!

So to re-cap:

7 Days of Spoiling Valentine Challenge

  1. Purchase the adorable, easy, and PERFECT Valentine’s Day 7 Days of Spoiling Your Spouse Kit ***IF YOU BUY BEFORE VALENTINE’S DAY, YOU’LL ONLY PAY $5!!! (After Valentine’s Day, price jumps up, so don’t miss out!)
  2. Go follow @datingdivas Instagram Account to participate in our 7 days of Spoiling Challenge from Feb. 8th – Feb. 14th!
  3. Each of these days, find our challenge post, like, comment, and SHARE the post with your friends (so they can win too!!)
  4. Make sure to follow the instructions on EACH challenge day post (simple stuff, like following the sponsor account too!)
  5. Spoil, spoil, spoil your sweetie and show us how you did it! Post the pic to your personal account and tag @datingdivas AND #7DaysofSpoilingChallenge (Then we can see your efforts and reward you for it!!)
  6. Come back EACH DAY of the challenge to see if you’ve won the PRIZE GIVEAWAY OF THE DAY! (Winners will be chosen by random selection. Extra entries can be submitted by tagging friends in the comments — each comment counts as an entry, tagging posts of your spoiling using the hashtag — each post counts as an entry, AND sharing our challenge posts! — Each share counts as an entry!)
  7. MAKE SURE to watch for the end of the challenge GIVEAWAY on February 15th! It’s a super secret Valentine’s surprise that you’ll just DIE to have!
  8. ENJOY YOUR WEEK OF SPOILING and have fun!! Have a Valentine’s Day unlike any other this year!

We can’t wait to watch you SPOIL HIM and in turn, SPOIL YOU! Huge thanks to our amazing sponsors for providing this awesome set of giveaways!

7 Days of Spoiling with The Dating Divas

Now, get ready for the best Valentine’s Day celebration you’ve EVER HAD!

Click below to get your 7 Days of Spoiling Your Spouse Kit! Remember, it’s ONLY $5 Now until Valentine’s Day!



Besides my amazing husband, I love a good book, sappy love songs, chick flicks, musicals, cute crafts, and all things chocolate. I have four kiddos at home and they definitely keep life at home FUN!

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  1. When is your next giveaway ? I judt Found you and your past giveaways and challenges are fantastic. But there has not been one since January. Any coming soon

    1. If you haven’t already joined our private facebook group for wives, For Better and Forever, you might want to! There just might be some giveaways coming to that group soon.

  2. Are these customizable? For instance, it looks like there is a date night “on the town”. However, we have a new baby and I can’t promise him that right now. I wanted to ask before I bought it. Thanks.

    1. Hi Kristy! I’m so glad you asked. There are LOTS of different options and you can choose which 7 to pick and use. (So if you can’t do a date night out on the town- there are still plenty other options for you to choose from.) There are even some blank ones in case you want to customize one of your own. Hope that helps!

  3. I’m excited to participate in this! The cost on post is $5 but when added to the cart it is $7. I’m willing to pay either just want to know!