Anniversary Idea “Four” You

Celebrate your Fourth Anniversary!
Using the number 4, we’ve created this fun and unique anniversary idea for you to recreate! You’re spouse will feel so ‘fourtunate’ to be married to you after you pull of this darling gift idea.
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My husband and I just celebrated our Fourth Wedding Anniversary a few days ago. It was a fabulous day, albeit low-key as he is taking finals! When he got home from school, I had this on the table:

A Chinese takeout box (but the cute kind you can buy from the craft store.) I attached the note to it that said, “So ‘Four’tunate to have been married to you FOUR years!
Inside were FOUR felt fortune cookies. I made them from the tutorial here, except I made mine bigger. (You could do real fortune cookies if you wanted, but I liked the idea of felt and letting my son play with them afterwards.)

Then I typed up four different messages and placed one inside each fortune cookie.

Hope this helps give some ideas if you are happening upon your FOURTH anniversary…or 14th, 24th, 34th, 40th, etc.

About the Author: Erika

I married the love of my life and enjoy being with him and our son. We love to try new things - traveling, food, games, and everything in between.

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7 Responses to Anniversary Idea “Four” You

  1. I used the “FOURtunate to have you” ideas, combined with the breakfast in bed idea for our 4th anniversary this morning. My note said, “I’m so FOURtunate to have you. Enjoy a FOUR piece breakfast in bed and look forward to a new version of Connect FOUR tonight.” (wink) He saw the breakfast tray and said, “You’ve been reading the Dating Divas.” HAHA! I sent the site to him in case he was ever at a loss for ideas, but I wasn’t sure he’d actually use it! I also used your Wordle idea to make a framed picture for him. Thanks for all the great tips. I really enjoy the website and the fun ways to make my husband feel more loved. Thank you!

  2. Vee, that is SO great that he reads the site! πŸ™‚ Tell him we are impressed. Glad the \FOUR\ idea worked for you and congrats on 4 years!