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The BEST way to start your man’s big day off right is with some birthday DECORATIONS! Birthday decor is one easy (and usually cheap) way to let him know you want to make his day the best. Divas Kiirsten, Cami, Lisa M., Bridget, Wendy, and Kari have a few ideas to share with you for your man’s upcoming birthday.

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Birthday notes filled with sincere compliments and humor are a fun decor for any birthday. Leave the notes somewhere in the house other than the kitchen to help spread out the birthday feeling around the house.

The bathroom mirror is also a perfect place to leave a surprise message written in dry erase markers/dry erase crayons/lipstick or whatever you’ve got on hand. Add a little kiss mark to your art on the mirror for a sweet touch.

Remember to transform the Birthday Boy’s chair into a majestic Birthday throne with crepe paper and a “Reserved for the Birthday Boy” sign!

You know how it is impossible to resist walking through a doorway with hanging beads? Create your own birthday doorway fun with a cut up plastic tablecloth. I just folded it into quarters and zigzag cut it into strips. I grabbed a handful of change and taped some coins to the bottom of each strip to act as a weight.

The best part of the birthday doorway is that you can let the birthday boy (or your kids) remove the coins at the end of the celebration – and they are thrilled to have “struck it rich!”

Don’t have a plastic tablecloth lying around for your doorway? How about crepe paper?

Decorating the Birthday Boy’s door is just one more way to make them feel extra special on their big day. Just put streamers and balloons all over the door. What I love about this is their is SO much you can do with it! Add his favorite candy, small presents, stickers, party hats, confetti, etc. The list can go on and on!

No birthday is a party without the decorations! No matter your party theme (which we’ll get to later this week) make it a party with simple decor. Crepe paper streamers liven up any room, patio, or space to transform it to a real party. Choose a color scheme, pick up a few rolls of crepe paper at the Dollar Store, and get decorating!

If you’re looking for a fabulous decor idea aside from the normal balloons and streamers then this is it!! These are Pom Pom Balls and they are super easy to make. Would you believe me if I told you that these cute things are made from tissue paper?! They look great for a birthday parties, weddings, and even in nurseries. The ideas are endless! So choose the occasion and decorate with these babies! Here’s a little video tutorial for those of you who want to learn how to make them – they are SO easy!

Everyone needs a birthday banner on their special day! Looking for one?! Make one…don’t go buy it! Super easy and one of a kind. My cute sister made this one for the birthday’s in our family and it goes up on everyone’s special day.
1. Make a triangle shape for every letter in your banner. The ones pictured are made from a sheet of scrapbook paper (12×12) cut into a perfect triangle, 12 inches on all sides.
2. Then using a cricut machine, cut out the letters of the words you want to use. No cricut machine? No worries. Just trace a pattern or draw the letters freehand.
3. Glue the letters, one on each triangle.
4. Punch holes and run a string or ribbon through each corner of each triangle to make your banner. OR glue the top corners together and hang with tape.
Our last idea for decorations is to use a special plate. This plate has been in my family for as long as I can remember. All growing up my mom used to pull out this plate for every birthday or special occasion. I remember every birthday being SO excited and feeling truly special because I got to eat off the “special plate.” You know how these things just tend to grow on us? Well, a few years ago my mom and grandmother found these special plates and purchased one for everyone in the family. Now we can carry on the tradition with our families.
The really special thing about this plate? It has a very special meaning when you serve your spouse dinner on it. It is a constant reminder that they are special to you and you want to make sure they know it.
Want a special plate of your own? You can find one on for $29.
What decorations do you use/have you used for your man’s birthday?

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5 Responses to Birthday Decorations

  1. Oh thank you sooo much for all the ideas!! My husband’s birthday is coming in February but we will also be moving right in the middle of it so I am trying to figure out ways to make it special so that it doesn’t get lost in all the bustle 🙂

  2. Cute ideas! My husband’s birthday is in a month and I am excited to have some good ideas, thanks to you! We were given a “you are special today” plate for our wedding and I totally forgot about it 🙂 I’ll betcha my hubby did too!

  3. We also do the special place setting, but we call it “Blue Plate Special”. It’s just a blue set of dishes that we only use for birthdays or to celebrate a special accomplishment. You can do any color I’ve also heard of “Gold Plate Special”. We have a notebook that I store with it in the cupboard to record all the special times we use it!