Breakfast & a Bucket of Balls


Often times Saturday mornings are spent running errands, cleaning and doing yard work, or taking kids to ball games. I decided we needed a break and the perfect break would be with a casual Saturday morning summer date. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so we started with that. I left the invite out for my husband the night before so he’d know my plans for the next day.

It looks like a golf score card and gives him the info he needs to know for our date.


The morning of your date, pick your (or his) favorite breakfast! Try out a local diner or bakery that you’ve been eyeing. If that won’t fit into the budget, make a delicious breakfast at home. Anything to get you fueled for the next part of the date.

Now my husband loves to play golf, but me…not so much. I decided instead of doing a round of 9 we would opt for hitting a bucket of balls. This is much more cost friendly, less time consuming, and in my opinion more fun! You could also play a round of mini-golf which would be fun for the whole family.

Don’t forget some snacks! (I know we just ate breakfast, but these were too cute not to include. You could always use them after as a cool down treat.) I found cute tin pails and attached a “His” and “Hers” tag to each. Inside are the treats with the appropriate golf tags. After downloading, just cut a part, punch a hole, and attach to the treats.

Enjoy a friendly competition and being out together!

About the Author: Erika

I married the love of my life and enjoy being with him and our son. We love to try new things - traveling, food, games, and everything in between.

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13 Responses to Breakfast & a Bucket of Balls

  1. I LOVE this idea, Erika! Obviously…..with Jamie’s career choice….we will definitely be working this in! In fact, I just might print off these tags for his birthday this week! We are going to be hitting the golf course for a birthday round! He will be golfing…..I will be cheering….and taking pics. lol πŸ™‚

  2. Love this Erika! Great job! Neither of us are golfers…but that would just add to the hilarity of the date, right? Love the pictures too!

  3. SO Cute!!! Joseph is NOT a golfer, but we both love to hit balls. We might just have to do this on our next date night! Thanks Erika!

  4. My dear husband is going to love this date looks like we will be having two dates this week a kid free and one with all three kiddos. My husband loves golfing I really can’t stand it, but the snacks make me want to do this date thanks for the idea

  5. My hubby and I are planning on golfing for our anniversary this week. I love the idea of the bucket of snacks. That will be a great addition for our golf date.