Try This Mini Golf Date With A Twist

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Mini-Golf Date With a Twist!

Playing a round of mini-golf is a classic date night that any couple would enjoy. No matter what your golf skill level is, an evening at the local course is fun and challenging. In true Diva style though, we have re-vamped the traditional mini-golf date and brought to you the ULTIMATE Mini-Golf Date – filled with unique mini-golf challenge ideas, silly twists, and memorable moments. And the best part? It is all done for you! Just grab our free printables and head out to your nearest mini-golf course for an evening that is guaranteed to be a HOLE lot of fun!

This epic mini golf date is sure to make you laugh! With such simple and enjoyable twists on these mini golf hole ideas, you're in for a real treat with this date! #MiniGolfDate #GolfDate #CouplesWhoGolfTogetherStayTogether

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A huge thank you to the one and only Cassia Leigh Designs who designed these cute and clever printables! We couldn’t have created this epic mini-golf date without her!

Invite Your Spouse on a Mini Golf Date

Start by inviting your spouse, friends, and/or family for this fun evening at the greens! To make your invite, just fold along the score lines making sure to keep the golf ball facing outward. When all folded, it forms a golf ball! How fun is that? But in all seriousness, my husband and I love some friendly competition, and mini-golf has been one way to really challenge each other. Throughout our marriage, we have played some pretty intense games of mini-golf, but because of these mini-golf hole ideas, it really took it to the next level. We had a blast completing all of these mini-golf challenge ideas and totally laughing at ourselves. In short, this simple game of mini golf just got a whole lot more fun with all of these putt-putt golf course ideas!

Mini Golf Date Invite

‘Up to Par’ Mini Golf Date Details

Competition, in our eyes, is like a fun game of flirting! We love the playfulness and the focus we have on one another when we are trying to beat each other! So, are you and your sweetie game to laugh and let loose on this mini-golf date night?! The good news is that putt-putt is pretty inexpensive and is enjoyable for all skill levels. So, you can make your match-up even more exciting with all of these mini-golf hole ideas! Below are some fun twists for your next miniature golf date night.

Mini Golf Challenge Ideas

How to Play Mini Golf Challenges

As part of this ultimate mini-golf challenge, we have 18 unique tasks to complete – one at each hole! Each card explains how the hole is to be played, so before heading out to your nearest miniature golf course, just print them out and take them with you. It is that easy! Your sweetie, friends, and/or family will be glad you did! Additionally, these fun mini-golf challenge ideas will have your group laughing for days. But lastly, be sure to check out before you go for any great deals on mini-golf courses in your area!

Mini Golf Date Night Idea Free Printables

Mini-Golf Challenge Ideas

Now onto the fun part of these mini-golf hole ideas! Before each hole is played, have a player select one card from the pile. There are two styles of cards the group will use throughout the mini-golf date night. Instead of just giving it a go with standard putt-putt rules, establish playful challenges for every tee and/or hole. These putt-putt golf course ideas will keep the group on their toes and focused on each other. Unquestionably, they will be laughing so hard seeing everyone do the silly challenges! It’s going to be a par-TEE throughout this epic mini-golf date!

Mini Golf Date Challenge Cards

Putt-Putt Golf Course Ideas

In short, the cute lime green cards will have you hitting the ball in unique and silly ways. For example, this Pool PAR-TEE card (pictured above) has you hit the ball as though your club were a pool cue! So, get down on your knees and hit that ball with the tip of your club – just like in the game of pool! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Now, how funny is that?! By the way, any miniature golf course at any putt-putt place will work for these fun challenges. Your group is going to have the time of their life because these putt-putt golf course ideas are totally on par with F-U-N! We can’t stop with the puns, obviously!

Date Night Idea at the Golf Course

Scoring With These Mini Golf Hole Ideas

Because the scoring to this game is, well, unique, we have a special scorecard just for the event! Use the scorecard to keep track of your strokes, penalties, and bonuses along the way. For example, with this FORE-tune Teller card, players will guess what their score will be. If they are right, they can then deduct 2 strokes from their overall score! Without question, these putt-putt golf course ideas make for an interesting score at the end of the date!

Putt Putt Date Score Card

Play Together, Stay Together

Once again, a game of mini-golf is a classic date idea and is perfect for any couple. But, with this fun spin on the night, your group won’t know what’s coming! Whether you and your date are golf lovers or not, thereโ€™s something about a miniature course that appeals to everyone! However, before sending this mini-golf date your way, I had to try it out. I can tell you with 100% certainty that it is one of the BEST dates nights we have done yet! We laughed so hard at our silly attempts at each challenge. We loved it so much that we played two rounds! Most of all, we made some pretty funny memories.

Date Night Playing Cards

To download the Mini-Golf Date, just click the link below and enjoy! And if you are looking for more fun and sporty dates, check out The Ultimate March Madness Date or our Year of Sports Dates.

Free Download

Mini Golf Date Night

Printables Designed by Cassia @ Cassia Leigh Design Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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  1. We loved this date. We ended up going to a indoor miniature golf course that was lit up with black lights, it made it even more fun. It was only a 9 hole course, so we played each hole twice. I added my own rule that if our ball’s touched (kissed) during play, we had to kiss. That made it a little more romantic.

  2. I’m so excited! Going to use this tomorrow evening for a double date! It’s my anniversary so my hubby has to play along ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I wish that I would have had this a month ago when I went to mini golf for a first date! This would have helped relieve some of the awkwardness and of course made it even more fun. I love your date ideas (even though I’m single). Keep them up!

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